Wedding Bands Sizes: 7 Tips For Couples


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During a wedding proposal, everyone is usually focused on the reaction of the couple. This is expected, it is one of the most exciting days of their lives. Before popping the question or saying “I do,” couples must first find the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Sadly, it’s not as easy as pointing at a pair of rings and being on your merry way. There are important details to consider such as getting the correct wedding bands sizes, width, and style.

Haven’t you considered these details yet? Don’t worry. You’ll find everything you need to know about wedding and engagement rings here.

What’s The Average Wedding Band Size For Men And Women?

To anyone wondering if there is an average wedding band size, there is. The average size for women is a Size 6, while for men, it’s a Size 10. At first glance, wedding band measurement doesn’t seem too complicated, but there’s more to wedding rings than just the size. 

When learning how to measure a wedding ring size, it is also important to consider the width. No, the size of the ring is not the same as its width, but it is easy enough to understand. Ring size refers to the ring’s diameter or your finger size. The ring width, on the other hand, deals with the band’s actual thickness. 

Choosing the right width has more to do with personal style, taste, and comfort. However, women often get wedding bands ranging from 1.6 to 4 mm, while men choose between 4 to 7 mm.

How Should Your Wedding Ring Fit?

The main reason why it is important to wear the right wedding band size is the fit. Obviously, rings that are too small will be uncomfortable to wear 24/7 and may even be hard to remove and cause serious physical injuries. Meanwhile, a ring that is too big may easily fall, slip off, and get lost. So it is essential to ask yourself: how should my wedding ring fit?

The fit of the ring varies because people have different finger shapes and sizes. However, a general rule is that a ring should be able to slide over the knuckle with slight friction and fit the finger snugly but not too tight. When removing, there should be a little resistance when passing over the knuckle, but not more.

Tips On How To Get The Best Wedding Bands Sizes

Now that you know the basics of wedding bands sizes, it’s time to find ways of wedding band measurement that will ensure you get the correct size without ruining the surprise for your future spouse. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to size a wedding ring:

1. Use A Strip Of Paper

A straightforward method that doesn’t require a lot of preparation or materials. All you need is a strip of paper and one of your partner’s rings. Take the strip of paper, and measure the ring’s diameter by marking it on the paper. The jewelers can then get the size of the ring from your measurement. 

2. Use A String

Another simple method is to use a piece of string. Although it may not be as accurate as other methods, it will give you a good estimate of the wedding band size. To do this, take a piece of string and wrap it around the inside of one of your partner’s rings, and cut the string on the end where it meets the starting point.

3. Borrow One Of Their Rings

Of course, there is always an option to quickly borrow a ring and get this sized at the jeweler. Make sure you bring it back before your partner notices it’s gone. Also, check that it’s a ring they still wear and not something they no longer use because it’s ill-fitting. This would defeat the purpose of learning how to size a wedding ring correctly.

However, remember that using any rings your partner regularly wears isn’t the perfect solution as they probably don’t wear it on their ring finger. There will be size discrepancies, but it is a good estimate. 

4. Ask Friends, Family, Or The Pros

If you’re in a tight bind or if your partner doesn’t wear any type of ring, you can also try asking their close friends or family members to help you determine the size. If you’re lucky, one of them may know the answer, and you can find the perfect engagement and wedding rings that will fit. The safest way to ensure that the ring fits perfectly is by asking the pros for help. Set an appointment with a jeweler to get measured and try different ring samples.

5. The Soap Method

For those who have partners that don’t take their rings off unless they’re working out or taking a bath, there’s another easy and perhaps more accurate on how to measure a wedding ring size. A simple bar of soap is your best friend for this technique. Take the ring, press it down on the soap enough to make an imprint, and bring this to your jeweler. They have seen every method of how to size a wedding ring that they won’t even bat an eye with this method. 

6. Print Out A Ring Size Chart

Yes, there are ring-size charts that you can print and discreetly use at home. Simply place the printed chart on a flat surface, and use one of their rings to find a circle on the chart that matches the ring’s circumference. It’s best to do this when your partner isn’t home or is occupied with something else to avoid ruining the surprise. Likewise, there are virtual ring sizers provided by reputable jewelers such as James Allen.

7. Go Big And Resize Later

If you’re struggling to guess their ring size accurately, it’s okay. You can always resize a wedding band later on. However, when guessing their ring size, it’s recommended to choose a bigger size instead of a smaller one. Resizing a bigger ring to make it smaller is easier than trying to make a smaller ring bigger.


There’s no foolproof way to get the perfect wedding band size unless you and your partner get fitted for the rings in person. However, by following the few tips and tricks mentioned above you can get close to the size that perfectly fits your partner’s finger. And don’t forget, you can always resize a wedding band if you need it. So don’t stress out too much. Just make sure to enjoy this moment with your partner. 

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