15 Beautiful Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas For Couples


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Diamonds are forever, and so are wedding ring tattoos. Despite lacking the sparkle, wedding ring finger tattoo ideas give that vibe of next-level commitment to your forever love. And indeed, they cost much, much less.

Instead of wedding bands, brides and grooms can ink their devotion to each other to scream to the world that they are taken –and they are both cool. If you are on the fence if you’ll get a wedding ring tattoo, we give you a quick guide and some wedding ring finger tattoo ideas to help you decide.

Pros And Cons Of Wedding Ring Tattoos

So, are you warming up to the idea of wedding band tattoos? Before you decide, let’s weigh the pros and cons of wedding ring finger tattoos for couples.

Pro: You Cannot Misplace A Ring Tattoo

Surely, wedding band tattoos for couples are really convenient. You can’t misplace them, obviously. They are perfect if you don’t like worrying about a piece of jewelry whenever doing something at home, at work, or while engaged in sports or outdoor activities.

Con: Wedding Band Tattoos Can Fade Over Time

If there’s one important thing you need to remember about wedding ring finger tattoo is firstly, they can fade, and secondly, you will need to get them touched up after some time. This applies to any kind of tattoo you get, as the ink will be subjected to sweat, the elements, and things like soap and detergent. Furthermore, the skin on your fingers is thin, which is a factor.

Pro: Wedding Band Tattoos Are Wallet-Friendly

Getting married can be quite expensive. For example, couples in the United States typically shell out around $30,000 for their weddings. A good chunk of this goes to the cost of wedding rings. Surprisingly, wedding rings can set you back between $2,500 and $6,000, depending on your preferences. Meanwhile, wedding ring tattoos range between $50 to $350, and it could get higher depending on the intricacy of the design.

Con: Not All Employers Like Tattoos

Tattoos are wonderful expressions ofoneself, however, no matter how picky you’ll be with your wedding ring finger tattoo ideas, there’s a good chance a tattoo on your finger may actually turn off some employers. So it is important to think about it hard if wedding ring tattoos for him and her will harm your career.

Pro: Wedding Band Tats Are Unique And Personal

Wedding ring finger tattoos are unique. They are personal expressions of creativity and individuality . While that’s the case, such tattoo is also an excellent symbol of the couple’s strong bond.

Con: Be Ready For Pain

You have a ton of nerve endings on your fingers. They’re some of the most sensitive parts of your body, and we’re warning you that needles dancing on your skin is just a mellow way to say, be ready for a lot of pain.

Tips When Getting Wedding Ring Tattoos

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of wedding band tattoos, here are some practical tips to keep in mind if you’re determined to get inked:

  • Find Unique Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas: You are in control of what design to get to symbolize your love. So, find the best design that will represent you both.
  • Work With The Best Wedding Tattoo: Do your homework and get an experienced artist to do your wedding ring tattoos. Also, don’t forget to ask for samples of previous works to know if the artist can turn your vision into reality.
  • Test Run Using Henna: Unless you are 100 percent sure about the design, do not rush to get inked. Instead, ask an artist to try it with henna first. This allows you to see if it looks good or if you need to tweak the design.
  • Get Inked A Few Weeks Before The Wedding: The wedding finger tattoo takes around 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely so, plan well if you want to get the tattoo before your wedding day.
  • Take Care Of Your Wedding Band Tattoo: Finally, after getting inked, make sure your hands are always clean to avoid infection. Moreover, avoid exposing the tattoo to chemicals that can make it fade in the long term.

15 Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas

Now comes the fun part– choosing the best design that suits you and your partner. Here are some beautiful, fun, and unique wedding ring finger tattoo ideas you can consider:

1. Initials Wedding Band Tattoos

When you ink the first letter of your name on his finger and your initials on his is a sweet expression of commitment.

2. Wedding Date Finger Tattoo

Getting a wedding band tattoo that shows your wedding date is a great way to immortalize it (And surely, you’ll never forget your anniversary, too!).

3. Sun And Moon Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas

A sun and moon tattoo perfectly symbolizes that you will be there for each other no matter what. When you exchange vows in front of an altar or a court of law, you promise that you will be there for each other for the rest of your lives.

4. Meaningful Words

One unique wedding ring finger tattoo idea to consider is getting inked with the sweetest words or promises to each other.

5. Infinity Sign Wedding Ring Finger Tat

Getting inked with an infinity sign puts spotlight on the promise that a couple will love each other– that is to say, forever.

6. Minimalist Wedding Band Tattoo

Consider a minimalist design If you’re the kind of couple that doesn’t want attention. These designs can consist of elements such as lines, dots, or scripts.

7.  Unmatched Couples Tattoo

You can get wedding finger tattoos that are not too matchy-matchy as a bride and groom. One can get inked with your wedding date, while the other can get a heart tattoo, for instance.

8. Pixelated Heart Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo

Get a matching pixelated heart if you want to inject some fun into your wedding ring tattoo idea. Similarly, you can get matching Star Wars tattoo or anime tattoo.

9. Mr. and Mrs. Tattoo

What better way to scream to the world that you just got hitched than getting a Mr. and Mrs. wedding ring finger tattoo?

10. King and Queen Tattoo Design For Couples

As the traditional vow goes, “For richer or for poorer, until death do you part.” This serves as compass for couples, it simply means you need to treat each other the best way you can. To explain, it connotes how the husband should treat the wife –like a queen. Moreover, the wife should treat her husband like a king. This tattoo is clearly shows how you will thrive with the help of each other despite hurdles life presents.

11. Anchor Finger Tattoo For Couples

An anchor tattoo is a perfect symbol of how you should handle life’s rough dealings while staying on each other’s side. This suggests that couples should “enjoy the ride” but more importantly, ensure they will be strong for each other whenever they hit rough waters that may test their relationship.

12.  Ampersand Ring Finger Tattoo For Bride And Groom

Ampersand represents conjunction. Similarly, in marriage, the ampersand symbolizes how you and your bride complement each other.

13. Heartbeat Marriage Tattoo

You need to know why you wake up every day and push hard to improve things overall. Getting matching heartbeat finger tattoos is a great way for couples to tell each other that they are one another’s “why.”


14. Celtic Knots

The Celtic Knots finger tattoos for newlyweds can be likened to the infinity symbol. What’s more, the tattoo helps illustrate how you’re committed to a lifetime of love, loyalty, and service to your partner.

 15. Nature-Inspired Symbols

When couples show matching ring finger tattoos, it says you’re working toward a common goal. To illustrate, couples can get tattoos like those inspired by nature. Besides leaves, trees, your favorite animals, you can practically get whatever that connects you to your natural surroundings.


To summarize, wedding ring finger tattoo ideas are amazing expressions of love. Remember the tips we outlined above and make sure to explore beautiful designs that perfectly symbolize your love for each other. 

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