How to Wear Rings on Both Hands and Keep It Classy


Written by Brianna


The tradition of wearing rings can be traced as far back as the early BC ages. There are various reasons why we wear rings, as a token of marriage, as a promise, as fashion, and many more.

There are many types of rings with different designs. Some rings are better suited for official purposes, and some are more casual. In some instances, particular fingers have been designated for some rings, like the ring finger. 

But what about the other fingers? Or even the other hand?

In this piece, we’ll be addressing some issues for our ring lovers, and we’ll show you how to wear rings on both hands. 

How to Wear Rings on Both Hands and Pull It Off Well

The way the body is created, the hands are a mirror image of each other. Both of our hands tend to be precisely the same: the left and right hands have the same length, shape, and size of fingers. 

Any ring you use on a finger on the one hand will work perfectly well for the same finger on the other hand – although you might want to mix it up a bit. 

Before looking at some of the essential factors you should note when picking out your rings, let’s take a look at the different fingers and the type of rings that can be worn on them. 

Rings and Your Fingers 

Pinky Finger 

The pinky finger is the smallest finger on your hand. A ring on the pinky finger should not be too overpowering, and it should also be the appropriate size for the finger. 

Due to the small size of your pinky, it’s better to get a ring that is slim and well fitted. If you wear a big ring on your pinky, it might turn out heavy and stress the small finger.

Of course, you can decide to wear large pinky rings if it suits your personal style. 

Ring Finger 

The ring finger is the finger immediately after the pinky finger, and it is the finger that we all know for wearing rings that tell marital status. The ring finger is the one that automatically takes the wedding ring in most traditional formats of marriage.

Also, the ring finger is the one that signifies bonds, and most rings or bands that are centered around forming a bond go around the ring finger. 

With the ring finger, you can experiment a little. You can wear a wide range of ring types on the ring finger. Most times, people go for rings with precious stones or other high-class rings. 

It’s also possible to wear multiple rings on this finger, i.e., the engagement ring and wedding band. You might want to wear your other rings on your opposite hand to allow your more meaningful rings room to shine.

The Middle Finger 

When wearing a ring on your middle finger, you want to avoid a big ring if you’re already wearing multiple rings. 

A big ring on your middle finger might be too much, because the middle finger is already the boldest finger, and it could get in the way of your other rings. Not to mention, the middle finger has the largest width too.

How to Wear Rings on Both Hands

If you wear a big ring on your middle finger, then your other rings should go on your other hand to balance things out. 

The Index Finger 

The index finger can also be called the power finger, and most royal articles and signs of wealth are worn on the index finger. 

Any ring you wear on your index finger should resonate with dignity and power. Family heirlooms are a natural choice for your index fingers. 

If you wear one ring on your index finger, place another on the ring finger of your opposite hand for a more harmonious look. Wearing rings on both index fingers could just be too much power for one person.

The Thumb 

The thumb is another finger with a large size, and a smaller ring will probably serve best. Thumb rings don’t usually have a special meaning ascribed to them, so you can use simple bands.

Wearing two thumb rings on opposite hands could be an interesting look, but it could also clash. Choose another finger on one hand to give the one thumb ring some space to stand out.

Factors to Note When Getting Your Rings

It’s really not difficult to learn how to wear rings on both hands. You mainly just have to follow your own personal style. Instead, the main lesson should be picking the right ring out first. 

Other Accessories

When getting a ring, the first thing you need to consider is how it compliments the other accessories that you will have on. 

Apart from the rings that serve an official purpose, like an engagement ring or a wedding ring, other rings compliment your clothing and other accessories that you have on. 

Ensure that the design and effect of the ring go with your other things. Most times, it’s advisable to go for a ring with a simple design. It’s easier to match up with rings with a simple design. 

The Size of the Ring

After you’ve decided which finger you want to use the ring for, you need to ensure that you get the perfect size for that finger. 

If the ring is too large, it will keep slipping off your finger, and you might end up misplacing it. However, if it’s a smaller ring, it might not fit onto your finger, or if it does, you will have a difficult time removing it. 

There are two ways you can confirm the correct ring size for any of your fingers. The first is with a ring-sizer, which is a piece of plastic material with different size options. 

All you need to do is slip your finger into each one until you find the perfect size for your finger. Then, using the measurement from the ring sizer, you can find a ring that fits perfectly.

Another way to get your finger size is by measuring it yourself. However, the human body doesn’t maintain a constant shape all day, and our body responds to changes in temperature and the environment. To measure your finger, it’s advisable to do it multiple times throughout the day and find an average. 

Your Outfit 

The types of outfits you wear also affect the types of rings you wear. If you wear corporate outfits, you need to get a professional-looking ring that’s compatible with them. 

For example, wearing a large ring with a lion head on it with an official outfit will be strange. Instead, something more straightforward and slim will appear more professional. 

Wrap Up 

When wearing rings, remember that your fingers and hands are mirror images, and you don’t have to wear all of your rings on the same hand. Instead, you can mix them up on both hands to get a nice effect. 

We’ve shown you how to wear rings on both hands and some things to look out for when buying rings. Try not to overcrowd your fingers, and when in doubt, just keep it simple.  

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