Alexandrite Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


An alexandrite stone is produced through a natural process that adds iron and chromium to a chrysoberyl gemstone. This is a beautiful rare stone that has high for its ability to change color. The first discovery of alexandrite was in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the mid-1800. These gemstones were in large quantities then, but they are not becoming rarer by the day. There has also been alexandrite from India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

An alexandrite stone will sparkle in different shades of green when under a fluorescent light or in daylight. The gemstone is usually shades of red during the night time and turns shades of purple when placed under incandescent light. An alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June. It has a link to fortune and good luck because of how rare it is. There is also a belief that it brings love and pleasure to the person who wears it.

Alexandrite has excellent durability, with a score of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. It has a specific gravity of 3.68 – 3.80 and a refractive index of 1.746 – 1.755. This stone has fire and flash characteristics, though it does not have unique cleavage characteristics. This means that cutting this stone might be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, some synthetic alexandrite, and in some cases color change chrysoberyl is passed as genuine alexandrite. Check the color properties of the stone and have the cost of a genuine stone in mind when buying.

Choosing an Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Alexandrite is available in either high-quality or low-quality.

Low quality alexandrite stones can go for about $500 for each carat, while the high quality ones will be at between $5,000 and $10,000 for each carat. It could even go for as high as $15,000. The cost of the stone will depend on the 4 C’s which are the color, carat, cut and clarity of the stone.

For this gemstone, color is very significant to the value of the stone. An alexandrite gemstone gets value for its color and its color changing properties. The ones that have high value are those that have a true green color under daylight which is similar to the color on an emerald. They are also the ones that when under incandescent light, they change to a red to purplish color. Alexandrite’s that have a blue green or a light green color are not costly. Those that have a color change in a lower percentage under different lights do not have a high value also.

The carat size of an alexandrite ring will also determine its cost. The alexandrite engagement rings that have less than a carat of alexandrite is within the $2,000 – $5,000. This is one that has a nice cut, good clarity and quality color change. A ring that has a high rating on clarity will cost more than one that has imperfections on it. Purchase your ring from a trusted retailer with a credible background on rings.

Best Places to Buy Alexandrite Engagement Rings


Kay Jewelers have some of the perfect jewelry pieces that you need to complete your look. They have great service and a wide range of engagement rings that you will love, some of them being the alexandrite engagement rings. Their rings are not just beautiful, but they are also authentic and affordable.


Capucinne is a leading jewelry store that offers some of the highest quality engagement rings you can find. They are clear about being transparent about their production process to bring you unique pieces that are crafted specially for you. They have some of the most amazing alexandrite ring pieces that are guaranteed to make the love of your life very happy.

Alexandrite Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings might be the most conventional engagement rings for the longest time, but alexandrite engagement rings are a mysteriously compelling alternative. An alexandrite ring is a unique engagement ring that would look completely stunning. The fact that these stones are rare and have an ever changing hue make them special over the traditional diamond engagement rings. For a bride looking for something that stands out, an alexandrite engagement ring is for you. The best part about it is that alexandrite’s are as durable as diamonds with a score of 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes them long lasting.

Alexandrite Engagement Rings Metal Options

Alexandrite engagement rings are unique because the stone changes color under different lights. This should be a major consideration when choosing a metal because it should be a metal that will blend in with all the different color variants of the alexandrite. Yellow gold is a great option because it brings out the warm tones of purple and red on the stone. The metal you pick will depend on whether you prefer a stone that has warmer tones or cooler tones. It will also depend on your taste and preference which should be the priority when choosing a metal for your ring.

Common Setting Styles for Alexandrite Engagement Rings

A strong and secure setting would be ideal for alexandrite engagement rings. One common setting style that would be ideal for this ring is the prong setting. This may be one of the most common setting style that people go for, but it is actually a great setting for an alexandrite. Another common setting style for an alexandrite engagement ring is the bezel setting which may either be full or partial. A full bezel setting has the metal wrapping all over the alexandrite stone while the partial bezel setting has some part of the sides of the stone uncovered which makes the alexandrite stone more visible.

Beautiful examples of Alexandrite Engagement Rings

A custom cut will also add to the value of an alexandrite engagement ring, especially if it accentuates the stone and makes it look more brilliant. When looking to purchase an alexandrite engagement ring, keep in mind that alexandrite’s are some of the rarest gemstones and therefore some of the most highly valued ones. You may have to be willing to spend quite an amount for a genuine high quality alexandrite. Here are some of 10 pieces of beautiful alexandrite engagement rings that we think would be a great fit on you.

This gorgeous cluster ring has a created lab or chatham alexandrite ring with side diamond accents. The center stone is a round 6mm alexandrite - lab or chatham creation set in claw or round prongs. The side stones are 1.5mm: 4x salt pepper diamonds and 2x white diamonds. Read more...
This beautiful alexandrite and diamond ring features color change Chatham alexandrite + side diamonds. The main stone is 5mm and the accented stones: are round white diamonds with measurements of approx. 2.3mm, in prong setting. Read more...
This beautiful vintage inspired round lab alexandrite ring features diamonds with a matching diamond band. It is available in 14 and 18k gold, platinum. The round lab alexandrite is approx. 5mm and in a six prong setting. The round white diamonds are also in a prong setting. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a pear shaped alexandrite lab or Chatham as the main gemstone with measurements of approx. 9x6 mm. The side stones on this ring are white diamonds that have a total weight of 0.11 ct. The band is approx. 1.8 mm. Read more...
This beautiful Dora ring has a oval shaped 7x5mm lab alexandrite and round diamonds that are paired with a matching curved diamond band. The main ring is also available with natural alexandrite. Read more...
This unique kite shaped alexandrite ring is the perfect engagement ring to make a statement. The center stone is a lab created color change alexandrite that has measurements of approx. 12x7mm and is set in a prong. Read more...
This pear alexandrite ring features a lab created alexandrite. This ring can be paired with chevron or curved band perfectly. The pear alexandrite lab created displays 2 color effect and is crafted in 14k/18k yellow metal in a bezel setting. Read more...
This alexandrite and diamond cluster ring has a gorgeous color changing 10x7mm - 2.27ct lab alexandrite. The band width of the ring is approx 1.7 mm and the marquise shaped white diamonds are approx. 4x2mm (2), 3x1.5mm (4). Read more...
This captivating ring has a marquise lab-created alexandrite that tilts coyly at the center. There are round diamonds that are sprinkled along leaf and circle shapes of sterling silver to complete the botanical look. Read more...
This captivating ring has a stunning lab-created alexandrite at the center. It has a frame of lab-created white sapphires and textured sterling silver to complete the look. The round alexandrite is in size 6 and is set in a prong. Read more...


Is alexandrite good for engagement rings?

Alexandrite is a great gemstone option for an engagement ring. This stone is beautiful, durable, high quality and has such a captivating color. Since it is a tough stone, it does not need special care and can be worn every day.

Is alexandrite more expensive than diamonds?

Diamonds can be quite expensive and the good quality ones may cost more than alexandrite. Alexandrite is a rare stones that can pricey too, with an authentic 0.30 carat stone going for more than $1,000. If an alexandrite engagement ring costs significantly less than this, then it may not have a genuine alexandrite stone.

How can I tell if my alexandrite is real?

A genuine alexandrite is a fine example of a gemstone that changes color under different lights. If the color change on an alexandrite is less than 30%, then it is not alexandrite. The color shades of green/blue and those of red/purple will guide you when evaluating your alexandrite stone. A genuine stone has also not been enhanced in any way.


Alexandrite engagement rings are beautiful and will blend in well with almost any outfit. The best thing about this stone is that it is a tough stone with a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is durable though it is recommended that you avoid inflicting hard blows on the stone because it does not have a cleavage and may get damaged. These stones are also quite rare, which is why you should be on the lookout for fake stones when looking for an engagement ring that has an alexandrite stone.