Gothic Engagement Rings – Guide & Where To Buy Gothic Rings


Written by Mariana


When thinking about gothic engagement rings, dark and macabre elements often come to mind. Actually, the style dates back to the 1300s, is very broad, and can be romantic or darker. Gothic engagement rings feature nature or animal-inspired designs, beautiful gemstones, and unique setting styles. If you love the edgy and dark look there is a gothic engagement ring for you. Additionally, if you love the more romantic side of this style, there are also options for you.

The two main types of gothic engagement rings are horror and romantic. The first features dark metals and gemstones, animals, skulls, and anything macabre. The second features vines, leaves, and delicate filigree. The beauty of gothic engagement rings is that the style is so broad. However, each ring inspired by the style is extremely unique.

Best Places to Buy Gothic Engagement Rings 


Zales was first opened in 1924 in Wichita Falls, TX. The company now has over 700 stores all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Zales offers a wide variety of high-quality jewelry for all budgets, free shipping, store pickup, and even a 30-day risk-free return in case you do not love what you got. All Zales diamonds have a lifetime guarantee and are replaced at no extra charge if they are lost. The store also offers fully customized rings and jewelry repairs and services.

James Allen

James Allen has a wide variety of engagement and wedding ring options. The company allows you to fully customize the ring that you envision by allowing you to select the specific stone type, size, and shape, as well as the metal and the design of the band. James Allen has everything from affordable to luxurious engagement rings.


Kay opened its first storefront in 1916 and the company has lived through many changes over the years. However, the love and exceptional service has continued to shine through. Kay has unique selection from amazing designers and offer great customer service online and in-person. Kay also offers lifetime guarantee on their diamonds to make sure that your ring lasts as long as your love, forever.


Jared offers an incredible selection of beautiful jewelry in all price ranges. The company is a founding and certified member of the responsible jewelry council and ranked as one of the non-governmental organizations most committed to responsible sourcing of gems and mining. Jared also offers free lifetime guarantee on their diamonds and gemstones so you can have peace of mind.

Gothic vs. Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings 

Gothic engagement rings are much more unique than the traditional diamond ring. Gothic engagement rings come in a wide variety of styles. You can find them featuring colorful gemstones, rubies, the dark onyx, or even diamonds. The romantic goth features delicate and intricate metalwork and beautiful nature-inspired designs. The gothic horror features the darker stones and animal-inspired design.

Gothic Engagement Ring Metal Options

Gothic engagement rings come in a variety of metal options. Nowadays, you can completely customize an engagement ring, so choosing the metal option you like is very easy. A lot of the darker gothic rings feature a black rhodium plating which gives the band a beautiful gunmetal shade. Others are in the more traditional white or yellow gold colors. Rose gold is not a very popular metal color for this engagement ring style, since it looks a bit more modern.

Common Setting Styles for Gothic Engagement Rings 

Gothic engagement rings stray away from the traditional solitaire. Because this engagement ring style feature intricate metalwork, the traditional settings, such as the halo, three-stone, and solitaire, are not seen much. Gothic engagement rings often feature leaves or vines metalwork, or even animal-inspired designs. There is the occasional halo design with a deep red ruby as the center stone or even one that feature beautifully crafted filigree all over the band.


Gothic engagement rings are for the woman who loves the uniqueness of this style. Most people think of gothic engagement as dark, often black, rings that feature either a black stone or a ruby. However, there are many options out there for the people who love the gothic style.

What does a black engagement ring symbolize?

Black engagement rings are unique and edgy. These rings are often associated with eternal commitment, strength, and power. Black rings are for women who want a unique and bold engagement ring that strays away from the traditional look. Furthermore, the onyx is a very common black gemstone. It symbolizes self-control and strength.

What does the average man pay for an engagement ring?

Truthfully, it all depends on what the bride loves. But, on average, American couples spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on an engagement ring. There are engagement rings that are way above that price range. Additionally, there are some that are below the price range. If you want a more affordable ring, lab-created stone are a good option. They look just as beautiful as the natural ones, but they are more affordable.  

How many carats should a gothic engagement ring be?

Usually, engagement rings are around 2 carats on average. Carats are used to measure the physical weight of diamonds. This means that the bigger the diamond, the more carats it will have. One thing to consider when purchasing an engagement ring is how much you will be investing. It is never a good idea to spend all your savings on a ring. It is good to really plan ahead and stick to a strict budget. If you don’t have the budget for a 2 carat diamond, there are many options out there that are more affordable.

Beautiful Examples of Gothic Engagement Rings

Gothic jewelry came into play around the 1300s and can come in two types that are very different from each other.

Gothic Horror

The gothic horror style is the one that usually comes to mind. This style features dark metals and stones, skulls, spiders, serpents, spikes, pentacles, and dragons. This darker style is often symbolic of “till death do us part”.

Gothic Romance

On the softer side of the spectrum, gothic romance features delicate details often inspired by nature. These rings have colored gemstones, filigree patterns, flowers, leaves, vines, and even Celtic-inspired metalwork.

The gorgeous oval-shaped red ruby is the center stone of this beautiful engagement ring. The stone is surrounded by a halo of glistening white diamonds. The prong setting of the halo adds a vintage touch to this beautiful ring. Read more...
The oval onyx looks beautiful accompanied by two snakeheads. The sterling silver in black rhodium band covered in diamonds makes this ring look edgy and unique Read more...
This beautiful ring features a cushion sapphire as the center stone. The band features beautiful leaf designs and encrusted diamonds that bring the romantic side of the gothic fashion. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring features a round moissanite as the center stone surrounded by dazzling white diamonds. The filigree of the rose gold band pays homage to the gothic style engagement rings in a romantic and delicate fashion. Read more...
This breathtaking yet delicate ring features a beautiful leaf design covered in diamonds. The sterling silver band is simple which allows the leaf to be the center of attention. Read more...
For a more delicate and romantic engagement ring, the leaf design of this engagement ring is beautiful option. The leaves comes to life with the sparkling round diamonds and the 10k yellow gold band. Read more...
This unique ring is a beautiful choice if you love the darker side of the gothic style. The beautiful snake wraps around your finger, features dazzling white diamonds, and a 10K white gold band. Read more...
This black rhodium-plated engagement ring features a beautiful snake design cover in dazzling white diamonds. The snake wraps around the finger creating a beautiful yet macabre engagement ring. Read more...
This dark yet romantic engagement ring is crafter in sterling silver and plated with black rhodium. The beautiful black rose creates a captivating look and glistening black diamonds adorn the gorgeous engagement ring. Read more...
This beautiful ring features the darkness of the black onyx and the romance of the filigree band. This is a great choice for the woman who likes the dark look of the black stone and the romantic feel of the filigree detailing, Read more...