Capucinne Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Capucinne is a jewelry retail brand that deals in fine jewelry. Their specialty is one of a kind pieces and custom made pieces. Their aim is to create jewelry that expresses the stone beauty within their customers. They do this by maintaining high standards of production and meeting the specific needs of their clients. They produce quality rings using high quality gemstones that are individually and carefully sourced. This company is growing fast and this Capucinne review will give you all the information you need about this company.

Capucinne uses expert jewelers to skillfully set their rings. These experts have a rich tradition in making jewelry from precious gemstones. These include topaz, sapphires, moonstone and so much more. The company has skilled workers that work together to bring their designs to life. The rings are designed and handmade in Slovania using high quality materials.

History of Capucinne

Capucinne comes from a small country in Central Europe called Slovenia. It was founded by Maja who is not just the founder, but also the lead designer in the company. She began making jewelry while on maternity leave after having her second child. The first jewelry business she started was MinimalVS back in 2013, which is now the sister company to Capucinne.

MinimalVS focused on selling handmade gold filled pieces and later grew after they brought in solid gold pieces. This is where the idea to start Capucinne came from. Primoz Majeric now owns and manages the company. He works with Maja and a team of other people to offer their customers stunning rings.

What makes Capucinne stand out?

One of the things that Capucinne stands out for is their focus on customized items. They love bringing together different gemstones to create an item that is unique. They pay close attention to what the customer wants and needs, and only make products that fit these needs. Their custom pieces can be from choosing the stone design you want for your ring from their existing ones. You can also send them your own stone and have it crafted into a customized piece of jewelry.

The diamonds

Capucinne prides itself on openness when it comes to their production process. They hope to change the traditional jewelry industry while giving back to the larger society. They offer conflict free diamonds, recycled precious diamonds and giving back to the community. Capucinne diamonds have a GIA certificate to prove that they are high quality and real. A GIA certificate is from the Gemological Institute of America. It holds unbiased information on the stone such as its quality. All their diamonds above 0.3 carat have this certificate, which shows that they are high quality diamonds.

Cryptocurrency payment option

Another thing that stands out about Capucinne is that you can purchase rings from them using cryptocurrencies. This is as modern as it gets for any jewelry retail website. This company has chosen this method of payment so as to stay ahead of other jewelry brands. It is also a way to keep up with the changing times. This is one aspect that is definitely unique and gives them a competitive edge. Some of the cryptocurrencies that they accept include Ethereum, DAI, Bitcoin, USD coin and Litecoin.

Easy to navigate website

One thing we cannot fail to mention in this Capucinne review is about the company website. Capucinne has gone for a minimalist approach when it comes to their website, which works great. The site is not cluttered and gives a customer a calming effect when going through the pages. Their homepage is linked to several different pages. It has a section at the bottom that lets you shop by stone. This is really easy if you already know which stone you want on your ring.

Capucinne Refund Policies and Customer Service

Capucinne offers a free shipping policy for all their orders which can be shipped across the world. They use DHL courier for shipping and a signature is required upon delivery. If a package has been shipped and you change the address, a charge of $20 is required. Their production time is 4-5 weeks which means that this is the time frame you will have to wait for your order to be worked on. This time period only applies for items that are not ready to ship.

Warranty Options

Capucinne also offers a warranty guarantee for their products which is justified within 6 months of making the purchase. They also offer free of charge replacements and repairs for items that are returned. This is if the product is proven to have an issue from the its production. Items that get damage from the buyer cannot claim the warranty. In this case, the buyer will cover the product replacement and settlement costs.

Capucinne also gives special attention to their customer service. The specialty of this company is on customized items, which means they listen. They take note of customer wishes and requests to produce products that the customer will approve.

Is buying diamonds online safe?

Purchasing diamonds online is better than doing it physically because it is safer and cheaper. Not only is the process smooth, but you also get to save on time that you would have spent driving through different stores to view their ring samples. The important thing about online purchases is that you buy from a reputable company that is credible.

Is Capucinne a reputable company?

Capucinne is a company that retails high quality jewelry. Their diamond stones come with a GIA certificate, which authenticates the quality of the stone. They also have a return policy, warranty and guarantee that makes them a reputable company. They also have great customer service which makes them a good choice when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring.

Is Capucinne good for engagement rings?

Capucinne offers a wide range of custom designs for engagement rings. These designs are unique and can be connected to your own personal vision to produce the perfect engagement ring. They place their focus on listening to you, the customer, and producing a ring that you will absolutely love.

Capucinne Vs James Allen

The key differences between Capucinne and James Allen is around gemstone selection. For traditional diamond settings, James Allen has the largest selection of diamonds at very low prices. No one competes with them on either front in the online market. This is because they are an online only company. They cut costs on brick and mortar stores, paying store jewelers, and inventory. Capucinne by contrast, caries far more non-traditional gemstones such as Alexandrite, Topaz, Opal, and more. If you are interested in these types of rings, Capucinne is absolutely your best bet on the market today.

Capucinne Vs Zales

One of the differences between Capucinne and Zales is that these two companies are owned by different parent companies. Capucinne operates under the parent company MinimalVS while Zales operates under the parent Company Signet Jewelers. Signet Jewelers is one of the biggest jewelry retail companies in the world and has several brands under it. This means that it is much larger than MinimalVS, under which Capucinne operates.

Another distinction between these two companies worth mentioning in this Capucinne review is that they get their diamond certifications from different institutions. Capucinne gets its diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Zales on the other hand gets its diamonds certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). A GIA certificate is considered more valuable than an IGI certificate because of the accuracy in their grading.


Another difference between the two is in terms of the pricing. Zales offers it’s jewelry at a higher price in comparison to Capucinne. Capucinne also places a higher focus on customized items than Zales does. This makes it a great option for someone who wants to customize their engagement ring. One of the most significant differences between the two is on the payment options. Other than the standard payment methods, Capucinne also has an option of purchasing and making payment using cryptocurrencies. This is an option that Zales and other jewelry retail companies have yet to offer.

Our favorite engagement rings from Capucinne

There are a wide range of Jewelry pieces available at Capucinne. Their items vary from necklaces, bracelets, earrings to rings. They have ready-to-ship engagement and wedding rings but you can also customize your own ring to suit your wants. They have both diamond rings and gemstone rings that have diverse metal options to go with. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings from capuccine that we think you would also love.

This elegant classic oval cut engagement ring features a genuine diamond or moissanite as the center stone. The ring can be crafted in platinum, rose white and yellow gold. The center stone has a total carat weight of 0.17ct and the gold on the ring weighs around 3 grams. Read more...
This lovely vintage inspired engagement ring is a one of a kind statement ring. The center stone is a round moissanite that measures approx. 5mm. The side stones are round white diamonds that measure approx. 1.5mm (2), 1.1mm (2). Read more...
This beautiful Barbara cluster diamond ring has diamonds that sparkle all the way to the end. The center stone is a princess cut diamond diamond that weighs 0.4ct set in a four prong. The dimensions are approx. 4x4mm and the accenting diamonds stones are approx 0.25ct. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a 2ct pear cut moissanite that has side diamonds which look completely amazing. The center stone can be a 2 carat pear shaped moissanite or diamond. The accenting stones are 2 white diamonds that are approx 0.18ct. Read more...
This beautiful ring features a diamond halo and an Oval peach-pink sapphire at the center. The ring is crafted in 14k or 18k gold and it has a weight of approx. 0.75-0.77 ct. The halo stones are 16 white diamonds that are approx. 1.2mm. The band measures approx. 1.6mm wide and approx. 1.5mm thick. Read more...
This is a bold and sophisticated diamond engagement ring. The stones on this ring are marquise round diamonds that are 5x2.5mm, 4x2mm, 3x1.5mm respectively. The round diamonds on the ring are 1.35mm. The ring can be fashioned in 14k or 18k gold /platinum. Read more...
This beautiful Ophelia engagement ring features a teal sapphire and diamonds that accent the band of the ring. It is a lovely ring that is delicate enough but also strikingly beautiful. The oval sapphire at the center has a weight of approx. 0.8-0.9 ct and is set in a prong. Read more...
This elegant ring features a unique round natural diamond that is accented by 2 diamonds that are white kite shaped. The center diamond has a weight of 1.2ct and is approx 6mm - 6.3mm. The kite white diamonds accent stones have a total ct weight of 0.24ct. Read more...
This exceptional blue sapphire ring has a beautiful deeper blue sapphire and diamonds on the side. A dark teal blue green sapphire is the main center stone and it has a weight of approx. 2ct. The white diamonds on the side of the band measure 6x0.85mm, 6x1.00mm. Read more...
This stunning double stone ring features moissanites/natural diamonds/white sapphires for a total ct weight of 1.6ct. The ring can be fashioned in 18k rose/white or yellow gold. Read more...