Blue Topaz Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by James


If you have found true love and happiness in your current relationship, chances are you are ready to put a ring on it. Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we would recommend that you present something unique to make your partner feel loved and valued. The romantic in you might be eager to surprise your partner with chocolates and balloons. However, if you pop up the question with blue topaz engagement rings, you will get nothing but a yes (and some happy tears and excited screams). 

Like every genuine, precious stone, Blue Topaz is more than just a piece of rock. Experts in this field think that Blue Topaz has been a part of human history for over 2000 years. The name ‘Topaz’ comes from the age-old Sanskrit word Tapas which means fire. It is believed that this stone is blessed by nature with the power to cool down hot boiling water, which is why it is called Blue Topaz. 

Ancient Egyptians held this stone in high esteem because it was considered to be a source of growth and sincerity in relationships. Jewish people revered Blue Topaz as a true medal of honor and hence it was only awarded to senior priests. 

So if you want to make a lifelong promise of love, commitment and companionship then there is no better way to do it than with a Blue Topaz engagement ring.

Choosing A Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

The hunt for blue topaz engagement rings is not an easy one to carry out, but we will not let your endeavors fail. We would recommend that you keep in mind the following factors when selecting a Blue Topaz engagement ring:

Decide The Shape You Want

Ring shopping requires strong instincts and creative thinking. Therefore you must have a clear idea about what ring shape your partner prefers. Just remember that blue topaz is available in beautiful shapes like round, oval, heart, and pear cuts. Whichever shape you select, make sure that the carving technique has not damaged the overall look of the stone. Most jewelers guarantee that an exquisite oval or pear-shaped blue topaz ring is ideal as it looks good on everyone.

Choose The Size

The bigger your engagement ring is the better it is. Generally, small-sized blue topaz rings are pretty cheap and affordable. However, if you want your selected ring to be the talk of the town then you should get a big, chunky blue topaz ring. Don’t forget that a large-sized ring will not go easy on your budget – but hey, everything is fair in love and war! 

Decide The Color Shade

Initially, most BlueTopazes have no color or are just pale blue. Either way, these stones are subjected to a heat and radiation treatment which then gives it various shades of blue. You will find three types of blue topaz stones in the market namely London Blue, Sky Blue, and Swiss Blue. 

Keep in mind the color preference of your partner to select the appropriate shade of blue. London Blue rings are pricier than the other shades, however, their underlying tones of dark steel blue or grayish-blue will have your partner swooning over. 

Make A Safe Purchase

Ring shopping has to be done with utmost care. While you might be frantically going through every jewelry shop, you should only buy a ring from a verified and registered retailer. Leave no stone unturned (and we mean this quite literally) to figure out the credibility of the seller and the quality of their products. Additionally, make sure to discuss beforehand the terms and conditions for your purchase. 

Best Places To Buy Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

James Allen was launched in 2006 and since then it has only made its way up in the field. This website features countless customizable styles making it the best online jewelry retailer. Its 24/7 customer service and 100% money-back guarantee is designed to provide you with the best online shopping experience.

Clean Origins promises its customer high-quality products designed with ethically extracted diamonds and gemstones. This brand was founded in 2017 and has modernized online jewelry shopping with class, quality, and reliable service. Each member of their team is backed up with expertise in the field and they take pride in assisting customers at every step of the way.

Netaya was established in 1999 and has been the center of attention for real jewel collectors. You will be delighted to explore through their trendy, stylish jewelry items. Every Netaya product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Netaya presents 100% original items with the best deals to satisfy all your shopping needs.

Jared is one of the most trustworthy online jewelry stores. Jared is a proud certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and hence their jewelry pieces are a combination of style and high quality. You can get the most reliable price with their unique price match guarantee feature.

With its free lifetime guarantee, you can make lifelong promises of love and that also with confidence.

Zales started in 1924 as a single store in Texas. Over the year, this band expanded into 700 stores and a well-built online store. For more than 90 years, Zales has provided customers with quality jewelry items. By adhering to the ethical code of conduct, Zales has catered to the needs of its customers with only luxurious,conflict-free, and genuine gemstones.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings vs. Diamond Engagement Ring 

Diamonds rings are famous for being the most expensive jewelry item. Without a doubt, they are classy and have a hypnotizing depth in their appearance. More importantly, diamond rings are extremely durable as we all know that diamonds are forever.

Blue Topaz rings are shiny and beautiful but they can nowhere reach the brilliance of a diamond ring. Another downside of Blue Topaz rings is that, unlike diamond rings, these require regular maintenance. You will find a drastic difference in the price of both these rings. Blue Topaz rings being a cheaper option are slowly becoming the ‘new thing’ as an engagement ring.

Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Metal Options

Blue Topaz can be paired with various metal bands like sterling silver, gold, rose gold, and white gold. Generally, these stones are available with sterling silver and gold ring bands. If you are looking for the most elegant form of a blue topaz ring, then you should select one with a white gold ring band. Yellow and rose gold brings value and brilliance to every gemstone including Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz. However, when Blue Topaz stone is set in the lustrous frame of white gold-it looks like a masterpiece.

Common Setting Styles for Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

Naturally Blue Topaz is long in shape. However, jewelers and retailers carve it out in different shapes. You will see that these blue stones are being sold with perfect oval, heart-shaped, round, peach, and baguette cuts. When it comes to styling, you will notice that there are multiple designs used in the production of these rings. Mostly, blue topaz is set in the center of a ring and is paired with diamonds or cubic zirconia on the sides. You will also find rings with minimalistic styling, having only a single massive piece of Blue Topaz.

Beautiful Examples of Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

You might be wondering what blue topaz engagement ring will bring to your relationship? Well, interestingly Blue Topaz symbolizes sincerity and fidelity. You will be glad to know that the positive vibes of this stone will keep the spark alive in your passionate relationship.

We love this blue topaz engagement ring by James Allen. It's both elegant and beautiful and makes the perfect alternative engagement ring to diamonds Read more...
This blue topaz ring has diamond studs along the band. It has an oval setting and looks both chic and beautiful. Read more...
This pear shaped topaz ring is surrounded by beautiful diamonds which really highlight the blue gemstone. We think it's beautiful and absolutely love it! Read more...
Chic and elegant, this ring features alternating baguette-cut Swiss Blue Topaz and white topaz. These stones are set in a sterling silver band. If you are looking for simplicity plus elegance, this ring is just for you! Read more...
A blue topaz ring in an octagon layout is stunning. A blue topaz ring surrounded by yellow gold brings out the best in jewelry design: this ring is ideally suited for daytime or evening wear and is elegant in both bright and dark hues. The blue color sites calmly between evenly distributed sides and is highly elegant from the top, bottom, and sides. Read more...
At the heart of this ring lies a beautiful 8.0x6.0mm oval-shaped London Blue Topaz. The lustrous gemstone is surrounded by a double frame of round and baguette-cut diamonds. This ring is supported with a 10K rose gold band which makes it the best accessory to flaunt. Read more...
This elegantly styled ring consists of a chunky, emerald-cut electric blue topaz. The brilliance of this stone is enhanced with seventy white zircons of 13.52 carat which are located around it. Don’t forget its sterling silver band which has quickly made it the ‘go-to’ engagement ring for every couple. Read more...
Make your girl feel like a princess with a ring inspired by Disney’s film Aladin. This sterling silver band features an 8.0mm sky blue topaz which is set in a ⅕ CT T.W. diamond frame. Its glittering gold detail underneath the silver cutwork will make your eyes pop out. The band of this ring is beautifully crafted with sterling silver and 10k gold. Read more...
Seal your love with this intricate, exquisite jewelry piece. The real charm of this ring is its 8.0 mm cushion-cut sky blue topaz. Its light blue center-piece is complemented with two 5.0 heart-shaped London blue topaz and a diamond-accented shank. Read more...


What Does A Blue Engagement Ring Mean?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every single blue engagement ring has unique properties and is considered as an expression of various feelings.

A blue aquamarine ring represents peace and healing. Similarly, blue Sapphire rings symbolize loyalty. Not to forget the blue spinel ring which is thought to hold power and provide protection.

What Does A Blue Topaz Ring Symbolize?

For many years, a blue topaz ring has been considered to be a symbol of love, sincerity, growth, and royalty. This means that the crystals of this stone will bring ample positive energy and good luck to your relationship. Many old and wise thinkers believe that a blue topaz ring will heal the wearers, balance their emotions and protect them from sadness and misfortune. Just imagine, a ring with this much power will make your partner feel like a Queen.

Is Topaz More Expensive Than Diamonds?

No, topaz is way cheaper than diamonds. A diamond costs around $10,000 per carat whereas a topaz costs $80 per carat. Diamonds offer you class, prestige, and durability. Topaz being a gemstone doe


Surprising your partner with a Blue Topaz engagement ring is surely a great way to start your beautiful new relationship. We hope the above shared information has convinced you to pamper your loved one with this special treat. Once you get your Blue Topaz engagement ring, don’t let it sit for long in your pocket because like you-the ring is also eager to celebrate your union.