Buying a 1-Carat Diamond Ring – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


A 1-carat diamond ring is a metal ring setting that has a single diamond weighing one carat. In simple terms, a carat is the normal unit of weighing diamonds, commonly abbreviated as “ct.” A carat weighs 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. The majority of fancy jewelry diamonds are usually one carat or less. The other components of the 4 Cs: cut, color, and clarity, also have an effect on the value, price, and appearance of a 1-carat diamond. As a result, the price of two 1-carat diamonds may vary considerably.

Your living room is the perfect place to look for a one-carat diamond ring. Although physical stores make it much easier to observe the diamond’s results, they have smaller inventory levels than online retailers. Additionally, these stores have extra operational costs compared to their online rivals who do not. This ensures that online retailers can sell diamonds at a lower price and provide you with a larger range. Buying online is one of the best ways to shop for an engagement ring. 

Choosing a 1 Carat Diamond Ring

The first thing you should take into consideration when choosing a 1 carat diamond is the cut of the center diamond. Hundreds of thousands of diamonds are on the market. You will have to narrow down your choices to identify the perfect one for you. Restrict yourself to a very well cut diamond prior to moving on to something else. Despite the fact that gem grading is based on the Four Cs, the cut of a diamond is perhaps the most significant element in its appeal.

A superb cut can help mask color in a diamond that has a lower color grade and flaws in a diamond that has a low clarity. Even better, a well-cut diamond’s extreme shimmer can make it look bigger.  If money is an issue, you could make a sacrifice on color, clarity, or even carat size, but cutting corners on the cut will result in a disappointing ring.

Diamond shape

The shape of the diamond is another factor to consider. Test out some other diamond shapes if your mind isn’t fixed on a round diamond. Fancy form diamonds are generally up to 43% less expensive than round diamonds for the one-carat level. That’s a significant amount of money saved. The most recent fancy shape is princess cut, while cushion cuts are a favorite classic. Ovals, as well as pear shapes are common because they make the finger look thinner and longer.

Color grade

The color is the third factor to consider when choosing a 1 carat diamond ring. The color grade has a significant effect on price. It would be wise to purchase the least color grade that would still look white in the jewelry setting you have selected to get as much as you can out of your buck. Go for  the same color grade as other diamonds for three-stone and halo rings. If you choose a lower color rating, the setting will seem off-color. You can also opt for color diamonds instead of colorless ones. 

How much is a 1 carat diamond worth?

A 1 carat diamond will cost anywhere from $1,300 to $16,500, and this will be dependent on the cut quality, color, shape, and clarity of the stone. In other words, while these are the average costs of 1 carat diamond rings, the price will vary based on the 4C’s of the diamond stone. 

Is a 1 carat diamond big?

Keep in mind that carats are just a weight measurement, not really a size measurement, so the dimensions of a 1 carat diamond can vary from one stone to the other. However, if you are curious about the normal round diamonds that feature on rings, they’ll be about 6.5mm in diameter on average. This is about a quarter inch.

What is a good size diamond ring?

The most common center stone size for engagement rings was always 1.0 carats, but there has recently seen a trend toward slightly bigger stones, with couples opting for diamonds weighing 1.25 to 1.50 carats. Ultimately, the best size is the one you will be happy with. 

Beautiful Examples of 1 Carat Diamond Rings

1 carat diamond rings have been the rings of choice for many people. These diamonds form a great option for engagement rings as well as fancy wedding rings. They come in a variety of cuts, shapes and setting styles. Almost every reputable jewelry company has 1 carat diamond rings because of how popular they are amongst couples. Here are 10 of our favorite diamond engagement rings that we think would be a great fit for you.

This exceptional engagement ring features a prominent sparkling princess-cut diamond as the center stone. The diamond has a total weight of 1ct and has been cut and polished to a near colorless look. The stone is placed in a prong setting on a 14K white gold band. Read more...
This lovely ring features a beautiful near-colorless round diamond as the center stone. The diamond has a total weight of 1 ct and is set in a prong. The band of this ring is fashioned in 14K white gold and is available in standard size 7. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring has a brilliant round diamond as the center stone. There are two rows of round diamonds that encircle the center stone in a halo. The ring has a total diamond weight of 1 carat and it is crafted in 14K white gold. Read more...
This exquisite engagement ring has three round diamonds that are the center focus. There are more diamonds that line the band to accentuate the center stone. The band is crafted in 14K white gold and all the diamonds have a total weight of 1ct. Read more...
This enchanting engagement ring has a 3/8 carat princess-cut center diamond center stone. There are small diamonds that accentuate the center stone. The ring also features a twisting split band that also has accentuating diamonds to add sparkle to the ring. Read more...
This stunning Flora Ring has a total of 8 lab created diamonds that are placed on the two rows of milgrain that run on the band of the ring. The band width of this ring is 4.3mm and is part of the Precision Collection. The diamonds have an SI average clarity. Read more...
This exceptional Trellis 5 Stone Diamond Ring features a set of 5 lab created diamonds as the center focus, with an average clarity of SI. The diamonds are placed in a trellis style design and set in a prong setting. The band width of the ring is 4mm. Read more...
The Stella Diamond Ring has a total of 14 diamonds that line the band. The total diamond weight of the diamonds is 1ct, with an average clarity of SI. The band of the ring has a with of 3mm and can be crafted in your metal of preference from 5 precious metals. Read more...
This lovely Tiara 5 Stone Diamond Ring has 5 total lab created diamonds as the center of focus. The ring is crafted in your metal of your preference and the total diamond carat weight is 1ct. The clarity of the diamonds is SI and they are set in a prong setting. Read more...
This stunning Coupé 7 Stone Diamond Ring features 7 lab created diamonds as the center of focus for this ring. The total weight of the diamonds is 1 carat at an average clarity of SI1. The ring is hand finished and is part of the Clean Origin Precision Collection. Read more...

Best Places To Buy a 1 Carat Diamond Ring

1. Clean Origin

Clean Origin carries a large selection of both wedding and engagement rings. You could choose from some very exquisite 1 carat diamond engagement rings provided by this jewelry company. These are genuine, high-quality rings that you will appreciate. You may also have a ring designed to your specifications.

2. Jared

Jared is among the companies that has made a name for itself by only selling high-quality jewelry. This company, which has over 274 locations across several states, has some of the most beautiful and high-quality rings available. They have a comprehensive website from which you can view all of the rings that they offer.

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring vs. Gemstone Engagement Ring 

If you want an everlasting shimmer that will not go out of style, a diamond engagement ring is the way to go. A diamond solitaire engagement ring is for you if you appreciate tradition, elegance, and glamour. If you’d like to grab people’s attention, consider that there are several diamond ring styles and even colored diamonds from which to choose. If you want a ring with a special twinkle, color, and uniqueness, a gemstone engagement ring is really for you. A statement ring, a gemstone ring can be a real confidence booster. Transitioning from diamonds to gems is also a good idea if you want a larger stone from your cash.

1 Carat Diamond Ring Metal Options

Multiple gold colors have really no effect on price, however, if you require a platinum setting due to a metal allergy, the ring will cost more. For good purpose, gold is perhaps the most common yet classic metal choice for wedding and engagement rings. The metal comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white to yellow to rose gold.  Take into account your activity before opting for a high gold purity. If you work using your hands or are worried about the longevity of the ring, stick to 14-18 karats. Pure silver, like gold, is far too fragile for use alone, so it’s combined with copper and other metals to make sterling silver, a much more durable substitute. Platinum is a fantastic choice since it can safely lock precious stones in place for a long lifespan. It is why platinum prongs are used in rings made of less robust metals, such as white gold. This is due to the fact that platinum is more resistant to cracks and breakage.

Common Setting Styles for 1 Carat Diamond Ring

It is best to have a concept of how you’d like the ultimate ring to appear before you even start looking for the diamond center stone. This will ensure that you get the stone budget by subtracting the expense of the ring against your overall budget. Any style would look amazing with a one-carat diamond ring. A solitaire diamond will still appear huge at this scale. Choose a thin band if you want the solitaire to look bigger. Find a halo setting if you want more glitz. The center stone can appear larger when accentuated by smaller diamonds that surround it. Another smart way to add glamour is to use three-stone settings. The core diamond would look bigger if the side stones are small. You could use pavé or channel-set diamonds throughout the band for either of these models. This adds a bit of sparkle, but it can pose issues when resizing.


Finding a 1 Carat Diamond Ring can be difficult at the beginning, but if you know the kind of ring you want to get, you will be able to find a brilliant diamond ring at an affordable price from a reputable diamond retailer. When searching for 1-carat diamond rings, the very first thing to remember is to ensure that the diamond you choose corresponds with a GIA or AGS quality certificate. Check around if the 1-carat diamond ring you are considering does not come with a GIA or AGS certificate. The overall quality of diamonds graded by a different grading body would almost certainly be much lower than what they say.