8 Blue Diamond Engagement Rings We Love


Written by Emily


The blue color on blue diamond engagement rings is exceptionally enchanting and captivating. The properties of blue diamonds are actually quite similar to those of colorless diamonds. These stones are brilliant and have fire. They are also long lasting stones since they have a score of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The distinction that exists between colorless diamonds and blue diamonds is the fact that they have a boron. Not many diamonds have borons, but blue diamonds are some of those that have these impurities scattered all through their structure.

One unique thing about blue diamond stones is that they are natural semi-conductors. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are some of the laboratories that issue diamond certifications. These institutions fancy color diamonds, thus giving separate certifications on the color hue, intensity and saturation of the stone. They will also verify whether the color of the blue diamond has been enhanced artificially or it is natural.

Blue diamond’s come in the colors of fancy blue, light fancy blue, fancy vivid blue and fancy intense blue. Medium toned blue diamonds will cost about $200,000 for each carat. The ones that have a light blue color will cost about $50,000 for 0.5 carats. The ones that have deep blue colors will cost about $135,000 for a 0.5 loose diamond. Of all the colored diamonds varieties, blue diamonds are some of the most expensive.

Choosing a Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

The blue color intensity of this diamonds significantly affects its value, with the price for dark colored ones being high. Since the naturally blue diamonds are rare, majority of the blue diamond’s available have secondary hues added to their primary blue color. Blue diamonds also tend to be mainly in color blue, but also come in shades of green and grey.

Blue diamonds have the same grading as normal diamonds when it comes to the clarity and the cut. When choosing a blue diamond for your engagement ring, go for one that has from good to excellent cut grades. You should also choose one that has a clarity grading of above I1. Most blue diamonds will hide their imperfections or inclusions because of the blue color. It is however recommended that you go for one that has good clarity and cut. It will also affect the stability of the diamond stone. The ideal cut will be one that will maximize the sparkle of the stone.

Authenticating a Diamond

When it comes to authenticating a blue stone diamond, you should go for the stones that have an IGI or a GIA report. Carats will also have an impact on the cost of your blue diamond engagement ring. Blue diamonds are quite rare, which is why one should shop for blue diamond engagement rings with caution. Diamonds that are in a large size are rarer than the smaller ones which is why they cost more. The bigger they are the more they weigh.

Is blue diamond a real diamond?

A blue diamond is indeed a real diamond. Blue diamonds form in the same way that regular diamonds form, with the only difference being the presence of the boron element in the blue diamonds. Boron is an element that occurs in blue diamonds that gives them the blue hue. The higher the boron, the more intense the color is.

What does a blue diamond engagement ring mean?

Blue diamonds are a representation of loyalty, faithfulness and sincerity. These are the ideal features of a long lasting relationship which makes them some of the best choices for engagement rings. These stones are also rare and unique, which make them ideal for the special person who is the love of your life.

Are enhanced blue diamonds valuable?

Blue diamonds that have been enhanced are those that have gone through a color enhancing treatment. The common treatment method is irradiation that changes a colorless stone into a blue one. These stones are still valuable, and are actually more affordable than naturally blue diamonds which are far rarer to find.

Beautiful Examples of Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue diamonds make beautiful engagement rings. Not only are they elegant, they are also quite durable which makes them resistant to scratches. A blue diamond engagement ring can be worn every day which makes it a great choice. The blue ones cost more than their green and grey counterparts. The darker shades also cost more than the lighter ones. There is a wide range of blue engagement rings that you can choose from. Here are some of our 8 favorite blue diamond pieces that we think you will also love.

This lovely ring has an enchanting round blue diamond that sparkles at its center. The ring has a total diamond weight of 1/2 carat and is fashioned in 10K white gold. There are stunning diamonds that halo the center stone on this beautiful ring. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring has a round blue diamond at its center. There are shimmering round white diamonds that accent the rings center and mark each side of the ring. The ring has a total diamond weight of 5/8 carat and is fashioned in in 14K white gold. Read more...
This ring has a classic design that has shimmering diamonds. The ring has a 0.33 Carat total weight from the 42 blue and white diamonds. The ring is crafted in sterling silver, making is a bold sophisticated ring. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a rich blue hue that is absolutely stunning. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and has an approx. weight of 6.7 grams. The ring has 48 blue diamonds for a total weight of 1/4 carat. Read more...
This is a unique ring has beautiful bluestone and is crafted in 14k or 18k gold. The band measures approx. 1.9mm wide and the ring can be made using blue diamonds, blue topaz or turquoise gemstones. Read more...
This lovely ring has blue diamonds tightly nestled at the center. There are dazzling white diamonds on the line swirls as well as around the center frame of this ring for her. The ring has a total diamond weight of 1/4 carat. Read more...
This beautiful dramatic ring for her has a ribbon of blue diamonds that go around the rows of white diamonds. The ring is set in a prong and has a total diamond weight of 1/4 carat. It is fashioned in sterling silver. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a layer of round blue diamonds at its center with round white diamonds and more blue diamonds surrounding it. There are more white diamonds that adorn the band for a total diamond weight of 1/4 carat. The ring is styled in sterling silver. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Capucinne

If you are thinking quality jewelry, then a Capucinne store should be one of the stores that come to mind. They have a wide variety of jewelry types and engagement rings. Capucinne assures you of authenticity and quality which is why a blue diamond engagement ring purchase from them would definitely be a good idea.

2. Netaya

Netaya has built a name for itself as one of the most trusted jewelry brands since 1999. This store has some of the most beautiful high quality engagement rings that include blue diamond engagement rings. Netaya offers you a mix of affordability and quality, making them one of the stores you should definitely visit if you are looking for an engagement ring.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings vs Colorless Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been fancied as a stone choice for engagement rings. Blue diamonds happen to be some of the rarest varieties of diamonds. One might ask, what makes blue diamond have the blue color that makes it different from colorless diamonds? Well, this lies in the fact that blue diamonds have a rare element known as boron. Of the entire earth’s crust, boron makes up only 0.001% percent. The higher the boron content then the higher the blue color intensity. Blue diamond engagement rings are therefore ideal for someone who wants the spark of a diamond, but in a bit of color.

Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Metal Options

Blue diamonds are uniquely beautiful and can be crafted in different metal options. They come in a range of shapes and can match a different variety of metals that include 14k white gold and other white metals. The reason why these metal options are ideal for blue diamonds is because of the bold blue color of the stone that offers a stunning contrast to these colors. Platinum is another metal option that would go well with blue diamond rings. It is a rare metal that is coveted due to its rarity, hardness and natural white sheen.

Common Setting Styles for Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most common setting styles for the blue diamond and for other diamonds in general is the solitaire prong setting. This setting is a favorite for many because the striking solitaire draws attention to the center stone and makes it look brilliant. It may seem like a common setting but you can never go wrong with a prong setting. Another setting style that people go for their prong engagement rings is the pave setting. In this setting, the stone gets to shine at the center. The metal of the setting us hidden, pushing forward the sparkling blue diamond.


Blue diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning. These stones have a fire and brilliance that is unmatched by all other blue gemstones. The blue diamond stone great for engagement rings because it stands out. Nothing says different than a blue ring. They are also quite durable and long lasting, having a score of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. You should try store your blue diamond engagement rings in a separate pouch from other jewelry. This is because diamonds are hard and can damage other gems. A soft brush and warm water will be sufficient for cleaning this ring.