Topaz Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by James


Planning an engagement is no simple task, and everything must be done perfectly. Well, the first thing you need if you are going to propose is an engagement ring. For this reason, we have decided to analyze for you Topaz Engagement Rings . An engagement ring will cement the proposal and may make the difference between a yes, and a no.

So, for the longest time, the only stone that people have been using for proposals is the diamond, but now things have changed. Plenty more stones have been discovered, and one of them is the Topaz stone.

This makes a fantastic engagement ring, and even though it isn’t as well known as the diamond, there is so much more to the stone than meets the eye.

The Topaz gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors, which is the first thing you will love about it. There is yellow, green, blue and orange. The predominant color however is blue, and we have also analyzed the best blue topaz engagement rings. The colors of the stone are caused by defects and impurities in its crystal structure. It is not a chemical composition.

It is not clear when the stone was discovered and is often mistaken with other stones, mostly due to its expansive range of colors.

The name Topaz comes from an old Greek Moniker – Topazios, which is an island in the Red Sea. This Island however did not produce Topaz, but rather Peridot, which is usually confused with Topaz. The gem represents affection and love and has become popular in recent years as an engagement ring.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, allow us to introduce you to this mineral called Topaz. In this review we look at 10 Topaz engagement rings that we absolutely just love.

What should you look for when buying a Topaz Engagement Ring?

Color Consideration for a Topaz Engagement Ring

The Topaz gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors which include yellow, green orange, purple, pink, and blue. There is also a colorless Topaz that is usually known as “White Topaz.” The most popular color however is the London Blue Topaz as well as the Imperial Topaz.

These two are usually on opposite sides. It takes longer to create the blue color of the Topaz, while Imperial is actually the rarest form of the gemstone.

So, when choosing the right Topaz engagement ring, color is paramount and you will have to decide in advance which one to choose.

Shapes and sizes

Size does matter when it comes to engagement rings, and the Topaz rings come in different shapes as well as sizes. The stone is either columnar or elongated. It is also usually cut in pear or oval shapes to improve the yield.

Choose the right size, which will clearly bring out the message you could be trying to pass on.

Key Settings

There are many key settings to consider. A protective ring setting will help keep the stone safe from knocks, and a skilled jeweler will position the prongs clearly so they do not put any stress on the cleavage plane.

Stones that have less elongated shapes will often seem to have halo settings. Choose the protective ring setting so your ring is always safe.

The Cost

You need to consider the cost of the ring. Generally, Topaz rings are usually reasonably priced, but different rings have different prizes. Choose one that you can comfortably afford, but also ensure that it is stunningly beautiful.

The Best Places to Buy a Topaz Engagement Ring

James Allen

James Allen has completely dominated online retail and especially the engagement ring industry. They have practically revolutionized the process of buying engagement rings and have come up with an innovative way of pursuing and creating the best stones in the industry.

Since their beginning, they have been steadfast in their goal, and have become the premier engagement ring retailer in the world. They have millions of clients who have expressed satisfaction after shopping and proposing with their rings.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin offers a pretty simple but thorough online experience. They have made it easy for you to find the ring of your choice, and it is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great wedding ring. The web interface, ring designs, customer support, and flawless diamonds make it a great place for everyone.

Netanya has been around for more than 20 years and has been making and selling some fine jewelry at affordable prices. If you are looking for an engagement ring, then this is a good place to start your search.


The Jared gallery of diamonds comes with some high-quality pieces that are to die for. They offer great customer service and an excellent in-store experience. When you purchase an engagement ring from Jared, you are assured of satisfaction and a great experience.


Zales has a wide selection of engagement rings and while browsing through their catalog, you sure are bound to find something you would love to buy for your special someone. Check out their webpage for all the different engagement rings of your choice.

Topaz Engagement Rings vs. Diamond Engagement rings

Topaz engagement rings may not sparkle as much as diamond rings, but they have plenty to offer. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and what they do is take the monotony out of engagement rings. They are a breath of fresh air.

These rings are also pretty long-lasting and come at affordable prices compared to diamond engagement rings.

Topaz Engagement Rings Metal Options

There are plenty of options when it comes to Topaz engagement rings. This gemstone comes in a wide variety of metal options, and the only limiting factor would be your budget. These rings also come in a variety of colors that can complement any metal.

The London Blue Topaz is one of the options you can choose from, but the Blue Topaz ring is the most popular. This is because it is inexpensive, and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a large stone.

Common Setting Styles for Topaz Engagement Rings

Now, other than the color, Topaz is a cut that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This stone can either be columnar or elongated and it is often a long oval or pear-shaped cut that seeks to improve the yield.

There are a few setting options to consider when buying a Topaz engagement ring which includes a protective ring setting just like a bezel which will work towards keeping the stone safe in case of any knocks on it.

A skilled jeweler is in a position to put the prongs in the right places so they do not cause too much stress to the cleavage plane. The stones that have less elongated shapes usually appear to have halo settings.

This is a cushion-cut blue Topaz ring that is outlined with a sparkling round of beautiful diamonds that form an extremely captivating center. The additional diamonds plus the 14k rose gold band is the allure behind this ring. The total weight of the diamond is ½ carat. The color of the stone is blue, while the shape is cushion. The metal type is gold. Check it out below. Read more...
Set the stage for romance with a dazzling gemstone and an enchanted Disney jewelry collection that is inspired by Cinderella. The ring comes crafted in 14k white gold and has a confident look that will showcase the London emerald-cut blue topaz that is wrapped up in an octagon frame filled with diamonds all around. This ring sparkles and has a brilliantly buffed-up luster. Read more...
This ring gracefully makes a duo match look elegant. It is brilliant and exactly what you need to make the proposal a reality. This ring is extremely unique and bound to capture anyone’s attention. It is made of both yellow and blue Topaz colors. The shapes are baguette, with an eye-clean clarity, and measures 7x3 mm Read more...
This is a floral-inspired ring that has extremely pretty features and an oval center that is framed with some petal-like swirls that sparkle with white Topaz. It is a 14K rose gold band that is perfect for proposals. The stone for this ring is Morganite, comes in a peach color, with an oval shape, and a natural stone class. Read more...
This ring is ideal when you want to set the stage for your happily ever after life. It has a charming vintage-inspired gemstone and a diamond center. The ring is crafted in 14K white gold and comes in an elegant design. The shank of the ring shimmers with diamonds all around that have been sculpted with four-petaled flowers and lined with an amazing milgrain detail. Read more...
This ring comes in a geometric cocktail shape with an elongated emerald-cut center stone. The diamond has a studded hallo that is a bold addition to the whole ensemble. The metal is 14K gold, with a round and emerald shape, and a total carat of 4.25. Read more...
This is a cushion-cut Topaz engagement ring with some sparkling diamonds that have been set in an 18K Gold band. It is also framed with some round diamonds which are stacked on it. Read more...
This ring will certainly help you win her heart as well as her hand in marriage. It is an extravagant gemstone with diamonds from the enchanted Disney jewelry collection. It is inspired by Jasmine. Crafted in 14K gold and wrapped in a yellow border with some white diamonds all around, this is a masterpiece ring for your spouse. Under the centerpiece, there are some gleams of gold that are placed around the dotted Swiss blue topaz. Read more...
This is a spectacular ring that comes with a cathedral shank and a pave of diamonds that elevate the central stone and sets it in a striking east-west style. Read more...
This blue Topaz solitaire engagement ring will form a beautiful part of your engagement. You get to choose the birthstone of your choice or you can even mix it up and stack several rings on it to make it more trendy and fashionable. It comes in yellow color, measures 2.33mm in width, and is round in shape. Additionally, it features a 0.25 carat, with eye-clean clarity. Read more...


How do you care for a Topaz Ring?

This is pretty simple, all you need is some warm water, a soft toothbrush, and mild soap. Keep the ring away from strong chemicals, hair products, household cleaning supplies, and strong lotions. You should also not shower or go to a body of warm water with a Topaz stone that has been treated.

Is Topaz good for engagement rings?

Yes. This stone makes for a good engagement ring option and it comes with some impressive crystals which makes it look great. When choosing a ring you should consider the Topaz stone.

How hard is Topaz as a gemstone?

Topaz is hard and its hardness makes it difficult to scratch. This, therefore, gives it durability when it comes to long-term use.


The most incredible thing about the Topaz gemstone is the wide variety of colors that come with it. You are not confined to just a sparkling stone on a ring, but you can choose to make it either blue, white, purple, or even yellow.

The key to making your engagement unique is to stand out, and a topaz engagement ring is bound to do just that for you. There are plenty of options out there, and the above 10 Topaz rings are among the ones we absolutely love and would wish for you to try them out if you have been planning a proposal. All the best!