Marquise Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


The marquise refers to an extended shape that has two points rather than one, identical to a pear cut. It’s a stunning cut featuring 56 facets, adding shimmer and dimension to the diamond. Based on the length-to-width ratio you prefer, it could be slim or squat, the professionals suggest a ratio of 2.0 provides the best look. Along with its shape, the cut is often known as navette, which means “little ship” in French.

Despite its shallowness, the marquise cut is one of the most dazzling diamonds. It also has a wide appearance, maximizes carat weight and gives you great value for your money. A bowtie may appear in marquise-cut diamond stones, which would detract from the elegance of your stone by creating an unsightly blacked-out area on the stone. Prior to actually purchasing a gem, make sure to inspect it from every angle.

The marquise cut will accentuate your finger which gives it a sleek look when set in a vertical on the ring setting. That being said, since the shape’s sharp points become susceptible to damage. Selecting the right ring setting is important if you would like the stone that would last a life span. The marquise is suitable for the bride who loves something special and wants her engagement ring to pop out. A number of couples choose round and princess cut diamonds, so if you choose a marquise cut, you could be the only one in your circle who has done so, rendering it special.

Choosing a Marquise Engagement Ring

The marquise style is usually depicted by a marquise diamond ring. Multiple other gemstones, on the other hand, have demonstrated to be equally suitable for this theme. Gems like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are becoming increasingly common, demonstrating the cut’s versatility. As a result, there are some spectacular variants in marquise style rings. The different patterns used in marquise rings can be seen in vintage sapphire engagement rings and emerald engagement rings. 

Best Places To Buy Marquise Engagement Rings 

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Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring 

The marquise cut is a stunning boat-shaped diamond featuring points on both ends that is usually set in a north and south alignment. These are referred to as “fancy cut” diamonds and have a dazzling shimmer. The marquise diamond works for you if you really like the appearance of an oval cut diamond but still want anything with a little more flash. The marquise cut diamond is a particularly poignant and iconic diamond shape which is guaranteed to impress right away. Because of the boat-like elongated form of this diamond, clarity and color are more visible compared to a typical round cut diamond. Finding the ideal marquise cut diamond can require some more research and professional guidance. This kind of diamond has a lot to like about it. The diamond’s elongated form actually assists in giving the appearance that it is bigger than it is. Plus, because they are not the most common diamond cut, this really is the cut for you if you would like something a little more mysterious and exclusive.

Marquise Engagement Rings Metal Options 

It’s just as important to choose the right metal for an engagement ring as it is to choose the diamond or gemstone it will carry. Platinum or white gold are the best options if she likes cooler tones and silver-hued jewelry. If she prefers warmer colors, rose gold or yellow gold are excellent options. Blending metals such as white gold as well as yellow gold is a good choice since it will compliment every item in the jewelry collection. Particularly if you choose a warm metal, such as yellow gold, placing the diamond in a white metal setting that keeps the diamond in position, such as platinum or white gold, would enhance the diamond’s prominence, resulting in a dazzling appearance.

Common Setting Styles for Marquise Engagement Rings

The classic solitaire cut is timeless, exuding ease, elegance, and refinement. In a prong set, the elegance of the marquise cut is plainly apparent, with the strategically positioned prongs highlighting the shape’s curves. Solitaire settings allow for optimum reflecting light and almost total visibility of the diamond. The total number of prongs is normally six or eight. The East-West ring setting is a unique take on the classic marquise diamond ring. Simply position the diamond in a horizontal manner instead of vertically to create a completely different look. Due to the extra shimmer and security it provides, the halo setting is among the most common for marquise cuts.

The bezel setting is popular because of its sleek appearance and the protection it provides for the diamond. The bezel setting is extremely adaptable to both retro and modern designs, adding a touch of minimalist elegance to any ring design. Since metal covers the whole diamond and provides protection, it is possibly the safest engagement ring option. The tension setting is the top choice if you’d like a modern ring design that looks somewhat futuristic. The tension of the band holds the marquise diamond in place, as its points fixed into protecting grooves which keep it stable.

Beautiful Examples of Marquise Engagement Rings

There are a number of marquise engagement ring options available. These rings feature a wide range of gemstones and others have diamonds as the center stone. Marquise shapes are absolutely stunning, since they accentuate the center stone and make it stand out and sparkle more. Here are some of our favorite marquise engagement rings that we think you would also love. 

This stunning engagement ring features a marquise-cut diamond center stone that has a weight of 1/4 ct. There are small round diamonds that accentuate the center stone and others that line the shank on the ring, The ring is crafted in 14k gold and has a bright polished sine. Read more...
Th is stunning engagement ring has shimmering marquise-cut diamonds placed within bypassing ribbons that have a total weight of 1/4 ct. There is a frame of round diamonds that accentuate the center stone. This ring is crafted in 14K white gold. Read more...
This beautiful ring features a marquise-shaped lab-created opal center stone that measures 12.0 x 6.0mm. The center stone is wrapped within baguette-cut white sapphires that have been lab created. This ring is fashioned in sterling silver and is only available in size 7. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a sparkling marquise-shaped composite of diamonds that have a weight of 1/20 ct. The ring also features 2ct total weight diamonds that fill the triple row ribbons on the ring. The baguette-cut diamonds are set in a channel setting. Read more...
This stunning ring features a marquise cut 0.7ct moissanite as the center stone. There are 0.7ct marquise white diamond side stones that are on each side of the center stone that measure approx. 4x2mm (2), 3x1.5mm (4). The band width of this ring is approx 1.6 mm. Read more...
This lovely ring features a rose cut marquise champagne diamond as the center stone. The size of the stone is 8x4 x1.3mm and it has a gemstone quality of VS. The trillion center diamonds have a weight of 0.11ct each and the round diamonds are 2mm. The ring is approx. 1.5mm wide. Read more...
This stunning ring features marquise shaped white diamonds at the center of the ring. The total carat weight of the ring is 0.64 -0.65 ct and it has a clarity grade VS and the color F - G. The band has a width of 1.60mm and the stones measure approx. 5x3, 4x2 (2), 3x1.5 (4). Read more...
This glamorous ring features a marquise-shaped composite of diamonds that are within a halo of diamonds. The center of the ring has diamonds in a bezel setting and more of them fill the split shank. The ring is polished to a shine and is fashioned in 10K white gold. Read more...
This lovely marquise ring features a natural emerald that has an available weight of 1ct - 1.5ct. The accenting stones on this ring are round white diamonds whose measurements are approx. 2 mm (2), approx. 1.5 mm (4). The band width of this ring is approx 1.7 mm. Read more...
This beautiful ring is a 10 x 5mm Australian opal and diamond ring. The ring is crafted in platinum or 14 and 18k gold. The stone size on the ring can be customized. The 15x 1.10mm diamonds on this ring have a total carat weight 0.12ct and a VS clarity. Read more...


Are marquise diamonds more expensive?

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and cuts. Since less rough diamond waste is produced during the cutting process, marquise cut diamonds are generally less costly than other diamond shapes. They would be less expensive per carat than round diamonds.

Which Diamond Cut is cheapest?

The Asscher diamond cut as well as the Emerald diamond cut are the cheapest diamond cuts available. Because of two reasons, Asscher and Emerald shapes are less costly. One reason is that they lose more weight while cutting the rough diamond. The other is that Emerald cuts and Asscher cuts have lower demand.

Do marquise diamonds look bigger?

Marquise diamonds tend to be larger than other diamond cuts.  The marquise diamond, otherwise regarded as the navette or little boat cut, features a long and thin shape with ends that are pointed.  There are 58 facets in a marquise cut diamond, with 33 upon its crown and 25 on the pavilion. The marquise’s increased surface area is attributable to its facet arrangement.


A marquise is a hereditary title that falls between counts and dukes. The use of this term in relation to jewelry dates back to the fashions of past marquises. Style, much like it is nowadays, was inextricably connected to riches and prestige, and used to flaunt it to the public. Marquises adorned themselves in this diamond cut to display their status. While the marquise cut was once considered out of style, it is now back in style and can be seen on the fingers of many well known personalities. It blends retro elegance with contemporary style, making it ideal for today’s brides.