White Sapphire Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


A white sapphire is a beautiful stone that is the colorless variety of a sapphire, which is from the corundum mineral. It is a type of aluminum oxide that has traces of copper, magnesium, titanium, iron and chromium. The mineral composition in the stone will determine its color. It is identified by its deep blue color but it is available in other colors such as green, yellow, white and pink that would make amazing white sapphire engagement rings.

Some people find that white sapphire looks similar to a colorless diamond or a topaz or moissanite. When held up to another one of these stones however, one will see that this gemstone has a cloudier appearance. One of the reasons why most people find white sapphires to have appeal is that despite having an almost similar appearance to diamonds, these stones are far more affordable. One carat of a diamond can go for more than $4,000 while a white sapphire will go for about $500 – $1000 for each carat.

Sapphires are quite durable, with a rank of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Diamonds, which are the hardest stones, have a score of 10. One down side to these stones is that there is no cut grading system for a white sapphire. Though there are natural white sapphires in existence, they happen to be very rare. Majority of the natural ones have been from the western areas of the United States. They are also from the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. The other types of white sapphires are the lab create ones. Overall, these make for beautiful alternative engagement rings to Diamonds.

Choosing a White Sapphire Engagement Ring

The 4 C’s will determine the cost of white sapphire engagement rings. These include the cost, cut, carat and clarity of the stone. Other factors that should be considered when purchasing a white sapphire ring is the purity, the color tone and the level of saturation of the stone. There is a broad range of styles to cut the different colored gemstones that exist. When choosing a white sapphire engagement ring, go for one that has a table size of 33 to 67 %. This means that it can let light pass through the stone adequately.

Color also has a role to play when it comes to the value of a white sapphire. For this stone, the note of colorless is the higher the value. Fire and brilliance are significant for a sapphire. The stone you should also go for is one that has a consistent color throughout, since the ones that lack a consistent color do not appeal to the eye. Avoid choosing a white sapphire stone that has visible inclusions or blemishes on it. Compared to diamonds, white sapphires have more blemishes and inclusions in general.

The carat is another factor you should consider when choosing a white sapphire engagement ring. The carat of a stone refers to its weight, and not necessarily its size. This means that how heavy the sapphire is will determine how many carats it has, and therefore will be used to determine its cost. While all these are things you should consider, the beauty of the stone is what matters overall.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring vs Diamond Engagement Ring

White sapphires tend to look like diamonds, which is why they are great alternatives. The good thing about a white sapphire is that it is not as expensive as a diamond, meaning you can get the same look for a lower cost. One difference that exists between a diamond and a white sapphire is that a white sapphire is not as brilliant as a diamond. This can be seen when you put them side by side and see how much more brilliant and sparkly a diamond is. To an untrained eye however, these two will look more or less the same.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring Metal Options

White sapphires can be set in a variety of styles such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold. You should have the personal style of the person you’re getting the ring for in mind when choosing a metal option. A contrasting setting would be the best fit for a colorless white sapphire ring. White gold and silver sterling are great options for white sapphire engagement rings because they draw attention to the stone and make it stand out even more. For an eye-catching, dramatic ring you can go for a platinum color too because it blends in well with the color of the white sapphire.

Common Setting Styles for White Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are different setting styles that would look great in a white sapphire engagement ring. A halo setting is a good option for a white sapphire ring where smaller stones. It is one of the most common setting styles for engagement rings. It looks absolutely stunning on a white sapphire engagement ring because it enhances the brilliance of the stone and even makes it look larger. A pave setting would also be a great option for this ring and is also commonly used. In this setting, there are small holes drilled into the band where the stone is attached.

Beautiful Examples of White Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are numerous shapes and designs for white sapphire engagement rings that are available. The fact that these stones come in various sizes and shapes makes them very flexible for multiple designs. While there are cuts and colors of white sapphires that are typically preferred by most people, the stone you choose for your engagement ring should be determined by your tastes and preferences. You should go for what you want at the end of the day. Here are some of our 10 best examples of white sapphire engagement rings that we think you will totally love.

The Kourtney ring has a beautiful radiant cut 7x6mm white sapphire that sparkles in a dazzling manner. This ring is simple with a flair and touch of sophistication and features impeccable craftsmanship that is worthy to be given as engagement ring. Read more...
The Amy ring features a white sapphire at the center, with accented salt and pepper diamonds and white diamonds. The main stone is a round white sapphire set in claw or round prongs. The stone measurements are 5.5mm and the band is approx. 1.7mm wide, 1.5mm thick. Read more...
This unique white sapphire and baguette diamond ring is crafted in 14k yellow gold. It has an ooak design that can be also replicated with other sapphire colors. The ring features a 1.1ct white sapphire, 3 baguette diamonds and has a 2mm wide band. Read more...
This modern white sapphire baguette and diamond ring features a gorgeous and sparkly white 1.7 - 1.75ct baguette sapphire and some side diamonds. The center stone is a natural white baguette sapphire that is approx 1.75ct and the accent stones are round white diamonds. Read more...
This is a special white marquise sapphire crown ring that has a white sapphire as the center stone. The sapphire has measurements of approx. 4x2 mm while the band width is approx. 1.5 mm. This ring is available in 14k solid yellow/white/rose gold materials. Read more...
This white sapphire and diamond cluster ring is a lovely engagement ring. It is a modern asymmetrical ring with a natural white sapphire in a prong setting. The center gemstone is a square 5mm natural sapphire that measures approx. 5mm and is accented by some white diamonds. Read more...
This simple baguette sapphire and princess diamond ring is stunning. It can be crafted in 14k/18k rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. The gemstone on this ring is a baguette sapphire 6x3mm adorned by princess cut diamonds that are 2mm and 1.3mm. Read more...
The white sapphire and london blue topaz combination on this ring makes it absolutely beautiful. The ring is crafted in 14k/18k gold and it has natural white sapphire that is approx 8x4mm. The london blue topaz is 3.5 mm. Read more...
This lovely ring has an elegant infinity design and shimmering white sapphires that bejewel it. It is crafted of lustrous sterling silver and is perfect for everyday wear. The gemstone carat weight for this ring is 0.33 cttw and it has an approx weight of 2.8 grams. Read more...


Do white sapphires look like diamonds?

White sapphires gemstones look quite similar to diamonds. To a person with an untrained eye, these stones look almost the same in appearance. One noticeable difference between the two is that a white sapphire does not shine and sparkly as brilliantly as a diamond stone will. The white sapphire would however be a great alternative to a diamond.

Is white sapphire a good engagement ring?

White sapphire engagement rings are absolutely stunning. Not only is this stone beautiful, but it is also durable which makes it a great option for an engagement ring. A white sapphire has a score of 9 on the Mohs scale, which proves that it is a tough and long lasting stone.

What does a white sapphire ring symbolize?

A white sapphire is connected to the planet Venus, which is a symbol of beauty, love and partnership. The white sapphire is one of the most popular of the sapphires and it is known to be the stone of married life, appeal, delight and the arts. The rare attributes of this stone also point to it being special, and a great option for an engagement ring.


White sapphire engagement rings have their own charm and appeal and would be a great option for the love of your life. They are also a great alternative for diamond engagement rings, not to mention that they are far more affordable than diamonds. White sapphires are tough stones that are durable and last long, owing to the fact that they have a score of 9 on the Mohs scale. These rings are great because they do not require special care, which means that you can have your ring on every day. A white sapphire engagement ring is a wonderful option to purchase for the love of your life.