Ruby Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Rubies come from a mineral referred to as Corundum, just like sapphires. The difference between these two is that rubies tend to be red in color, while sapphires are the corundum that occur in a variety of other colors. You can find rubies in parts of the United States, Australia, Burma, Madagascar, Afghanistan and in India. The ruby is the modern birthstone of July and the classic birthstone of December. A ruby is the gemstone that reflects passion.

There is a belief that rubies attract knowledge and guidance to the wearer and makes them able to make good decisions. Many find that there is a link between rubies and awareness and inspiration. This helps the person wearing them to find their true path in life. Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale which means that they have excellent durability. A ruby has a refractive index of between 1.762 and 1.770 and a specific gravity of 4.00. Quality rubies that have a weight of more than one carat can cost about $3,000 to $250,000 for each carat.

Ruby engagement rings can go through enhancements to make them look better in appearance and enhance the color. There are other enhancements carried out to fill the surface of the ruby. One should however be careful about the enhancement they have done on their ruby. This is because some enhancements may affect the durability, quality and value of the ruby gemstone. Enhanced rings are slightly more brittle in comparison to the un-enhanced and should avoid being worn every day.

Choosing a Ruby Engagement Ring

Choosing which ruby to purchase may require some level of discernment. The most coveted rubies are the ones that have a blood red color and in some cases, some flashes of purple. Rubies that are either too light or too saturated in color may not be the best option. Make sure that the color of the ruby you want to buy is also consistent throughout the stone. Also look at the cut of the ruby before you purchase it.

A ruby that has a higher degree of fire and brilliance, and a quality cut will cost more. The right high quality cut for a ruby will make it have higher clarity and reduce the effect of incursions to the human eye view. Natural occurring large rubies are quite rare to come across. This is why you find that larger rubies tend to cost way more and your budget will determine what size of a ruby you can get on your ruby engagement ring.

The clarity of the ruby can tell you whether a ruby is actually genuine. Many rubies tend to have natural inclusions, and synthetic rubies also sometimes have fake inclusions to make them look real. You may not notice a small inclusion, but a larger one will be more noticeable. The most important aspect of a ruby ring that you should consider is the center stone. This is what ultimately determines the value of the ruby engagement ring. Rubies are continuously gaining popularity as engagement rings of choice because of their uniqueness.

Best Places to Buy Ruby Engagement Rings

James Allen

James Allen has some of the best prices when it comes to high quality ruby engagement rings. They have an online only business model that makes them able to sell exceptionally beautiful ruby engagement rings without compromising on quality. They have high resolution photos that give you a glimpse of what to expect when you purchase a ring from them.


Capucinne have a diverse range of engagement rings that are quite comprehensive. It is quite easy to find a ruby engagement ring that is of high quality at an affordable cost. They also have natural looking photos that can help you decide whether a ring is really for you. A ruby engagement ring from Capucinne is definitely a good idea.


Netaya has some amazing engagement ring designs, with each piece crafted using the finest sourced diamonds, gemstones and materials. They give you top-quality rings at an affordable price. At Netaya, you get a worthwhile experience and a great engagement ring to go with it. Check out some of their ruby rings.

Ruby Engagement Rings Vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Unlike a diamond, a ruby ring also tends to not be a traditional choice for an engagement ring. Most gemstones tend to not be as hard as diamonds but rubies are a lot tougher than most diamonds. Diamonds tend to cost more for each carat in comparison to rubies. Rubies that occur naturally and have an excellent grade are rare in comparison to diamonds. This is why they tend to cost more and have a higher value. Rubies offer some originality and unique sparkle that makes them statement engagement rings. A non-conventional ruby engagement ring is ideal for the non-traditional lady.

Ruby Engagement Ring Metal Options

Ruby engagement rings have a unique tone that needs to be accentuated with the right metal color. For ruby rings, palladium, platinum, 18k and 14k rose gold or yellow gold and silver metals would work well. A ruby ring that has white gold will need regular re-plating. The re-plating is done with rhodium and may need to be done every year or every two years. Avoid taking a ruby white good ring that has been enhanced because there is potential risk of damage of the Stine during the relating process. The rhodium plate process makes the ruby more susceptible to chips and fractures.

Common Setting Styles for Ruby Engagement Rings

There are different setting styles that are used on ruby engagement rings. One of the most common one is the prong setting where the solitary ruby gemstone is at the center and is held to the prong by metal pins. Most rings with this setting have about four to six prongs. A bezel setting is also used in ruby engagement rings where the gemstone is wrapped around a strip of metal to keep it secure. In other cases, the tension setting is used. This is a sleek design that allows the Ruby gemstone to be held in place by the tension that comes from the two ends of the band.

Beautiful Examples of Ruby Engagement Rings

As they become more common, ruby engagement rings are becoming even more trendy. They differ in design, metal color and even shape. Ruby engagement rings designs vary, from three stone, solitaire and in some cases even floral. Rubies are available in different cuts that include oval shaped cuts, round cuts, square shaped cuts and cushion cuts. The wide range of ruby engagement rings available assure you of a variety of choices. We found 10 amazing example of ruby engagement rings that we think the love of your life would be absolutely excited to have.

This is a gorgeous ring set with a marquise ruby with black diamonds and a matching wedding band. The ruby has a weight of 0.75 - 0.80 carat and is about approx. 8x4mm. Read more...
This is a lovely pear shaped ruby and aquamarine ring. The ruby is approx. 5 x 3.8 mm while the round aquamarine side stone is approx. 2.5 mm. The band is about 1.6 mm wide. Read more...
This is a gold pear ruby ring that is accentuated by a diamond halo. It is perfect as a unique ruby engagement with a diamond crown. It is approx. 6x5 - 7x5mm in width and approx. 0.76 - 0.80 ct in weight. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring has two beautifully matched round shaped 4.5mm rubies. There is an exquisite center diamond of your choice. All three stones are set in a wire basket with a slightly rounded, airline shank. Read more...
This ring has two flawlessly matched trillion shaped 4.5mm rubies and a lovely center diamond of your choice. All three stones are set in a wire basket with a slightly rounded, airline shank. Read more...
This ring has two perfectly matched princess shaped rubies measuring 4mm and a center diamond of your choice. All the three stones are set in a wire basket with a slightly rounded, airline shank. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring has two beautifully matching 5x4mm rubies that are both pair shaped. They complement the center diamond that you may choose to customize. All stones are set in a slightly rounded, airline shank. Read more...
This ring has five oval genuine rubies and a created white sapphire with a 1.60 Carat total weight. It is set into a flower design beautifully-crafted of sterling silver. Read more...
This gorgeous designer ring is crafted in 14K yellow gold, and has an 8.3 mm round cut moissanite center stone. There are 14 genuine round rubies surrounding the center for 1.90 carat total weight. Read more...
This striking designer engagement ring is has a heart shaped ruby crafted in sterling silver. The gemstone is framed by sparkling white sapphires for a 3.00 carat total weight. Read more...


Are rubies good for engagement rings?

Rubies make great engagement rings because of their exceptional durability. This means that a ruby engagement ring can be worn every day. They are also full of rarity, fire and brilliance that makes them a great choice for an engagement ring. Not forgetting to mention that ruby rings are also absolutely beautiful.

What does a ruby ring symbolize?

A ruby symbolizes long lasting affection and intense passion. It represents a lifelong living relationship which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring. Rubies are also believed to bring knowledge guidance and right decision making to the person who wears them. They bring awareness and inspiration to help people find the right path for them.

Is ruby cheaper than diamond?

There are some rubies that have very high value and in turn also have a very high cost. Though they may be expensive on their own, rubies are not as expensive as diamonds of the same size. There are however some very rare varieties of rubies that might cost more than the average diamonds.

How much does a ruby engagement ring cost?

A ruby stone averagely goes for $1000 for each carat. The price of a ruby ring may however vary drastically. This usually depends on the 4 c’s which are the clarity, color, cut and carat of the ruby gemstone. The quality of the ruby will also affect the overall cost of the ruby engagement ring.


Ruby engagement rings have become more popular as engagement rings over the past decade. More people are going for ruby rings rather than the traditional diamond rings or having a combination of the two stones in a halo setting. Rubies are more favorably priced than diamonds but they also tend to be rather expensive, especially the rarer kinds of rubies. Get a metal that complements your ruby and a setting that suit’s your taste and you are ready to go. There is no best ruby engagement ring for everyone. The right ring for you is one that fits your budget and one that you will love.