Black Onyx Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Black onyx engagement rings come in various sizes and shapes, and you can always find one that fits your taste. They are not only stunning and exceptionally dazzling, but also tough and long-lasting. Black onyx stones have some of the top qualities when it comes to gemstones. A black onyx for an engagement ring is certainly a non-conventional gemstone. This stone expresses harmony and stability.

The black onyx is thought to have the power to deter unpleasant emotion and vibrations away from the individual who has this ring on. It also fosters calm feelings and good bodily health. There are two forms of black onyx. These include agate black onyx and natural black onyx which can be found on the black onyx rings. The natural black onyx is black in color naturally. On the other hand, the agate black onyx is chemically colored in black to attain the color black.

From Yemen to Uruguay to Germany and India, the black onyx stone has been found in a number of locations. In Arizona, such as in Prescott, Ash Fork and Mayer, there are a couple of black onyx mines. Onyx is July’s birthstone, as per the ancient Italian and Hebrew calendars. The month of December had onyx as a birthstone, based on the ancient Tibetan calendar. Ancient astrologers believed the onyx stones could lend strength and confidence to humans. This is why they allocated Leo and Capricorn the onyx because as per the Zodiac, they were the two most aggressive signs.

Choosing a Black Onyx Engagement Ring

Consumers who want a fully solid black onyx often favor black agate onyx. Customers who prefer light colored rings or white bands on the black onyx ring will go for black onyx that has been produced naturally. Naturally occurring black onyx and black agate onyx have pretty much identical physical characteristics. When it comes to longevity and wear, neither is better than the other. You may add value to a piece when purchasing an onyx engagement ring by choosing a quality setting and design. When choosing engagement rings made of black onyx, this is especially important. The end result on the design will be important, but the gemstone itself may not be expensive and may need some adjusting.

On black onyx, diamonds and platinum or palladium are more commonly paired, and so are other colorful precious gems that form persuasive contrasts with the black onyx gemstone. Such additions can greatly improve the attractiveness and cost of a black onyx ring. It has a rate of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a rather soft gemstone. It still needs handle with care to prolong its life despite its excellent longevity. Black engagement rings may not be for everyone, but for the non-conventional individuals who are searching for something unique, they are the perfect option.

Best places to buy Black onyx Engagement Rings

James Allen

James Allen is a great store to visit for your black onyx engagement ring as they have a variety of them. They let you design your engagement ring you want in your own way of choice. Getting a black onyx engagement ring from James Allen means that you will be getting a fabulous design and a high quality ring.


When you think engagement ring shopping, Jared should be one of the places that come to mind first. Jared have numerous stores across 41 states which means they must be doing something right when it comes to engagement rings. There are a great variety of engagement rings at Jared from an impressive number of notable designers.


There is a wide array of engagement rings at Capucinne and a black onyx engagement ring is one of the quality rings that they offer. According to the preferences you may have, you can also create a custom design and Capucinne will give you exactly what you ask for. A black onyx engagement ring from here is an outstanding choice.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers offer some of the most stunning jewelry and a wide variety of rings is available, ranging from engagement rings and wedding bands. At a price point that quite affordable, Kay gives you value and is therefore one of the stores you should visit for your black onyx engagement ring.

Black Onyx Engagement Rings Vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Black onyx engagement rings are beautiful, durable and they have thousands of years of tradition and history. A black onyx engagement ring is definitely a ring you want to include in your top rings to search for. Diamond engagement rings tend to be harder than black onyx rings, but there are other benefits to this ring that makes it a great option in itself. A black onyx engagement ring is a non-traditional ring that is unique and offers you a touch of something new. Unlike diamond engagement rings, black onyx rings are more versatile when it comes to textures.

Black Onyx Engagement Rings Metal Options

Black onyx rings have a stylish appearance that make them look great with almost all kinds of metal. White gold or yellow gold can be used on black onyx engagement rings. White gold may be a common option than rose gold when it comes to metal for a black onyx ring. Either of this may be a great choice depending on the taste and preference that you have. Another metal option for a black onyx ring would be silver. Silver is a precious metal that can be used on a black onyx engagement ring that has an intricate design. This metal works especially well as it contrasts the black color on the black onyx ring to make it even more appealing.

Common Setting Styles for Black onyx Engagement Rings

One of the common setting style for black onyx engagement rings is the bezel setting. A bezel setting on a black onyx ring looks modern and stylish, and even makes the stone stand out even more. Bezel sets the focus on the center black onyx stone which is placed carefully within the rim that may have an elegant looking rim. Another common setting that can be used on a black onyx ring is the halo setting. This is where the gemstone is placed at the center and around it are other types of stone such as diamond surrounding. It makes the gemstone look even more striking in this setting.

Beautiful examples of Black Onyx Engagement Rings

Here are our 10 favorite examples of lovely black onyx engagement rings that we feel will be a perfect list for you. They come in a variety of designs and costs and our list will help you select a ring that suits your specifications. Black onyx engagement rings may have diamonds added to improve the ring’s radiating charm. A wide variety of prices are accessible for black onyx engagement rings, which indicates you could get them at a cost that suits you. On both males and females, this spectacular gemstone may be seen on various designs of rings.

The 18K Yellow Gold Onyx Oval Cabochon And Diamond Ring is a beautiful ring. This bold ring has a striking onyx cabochon surrounded by diamonds. This piece has 52 round diamonds and a black oval shaped onyx that has a total carat of 24. Read more...
The 18K yellow gold east-west onyx oval cabochon and diamond ring is a sophisticated ring that is great for special occasions. The ring has a 2.5 mm 18K yellow gold metal, 32 round diamonds and an oval onyx of 12.5 carats that is black in color. Read more...
This ring is absolutely stunning for a black onyx engagement ring. Crafted in silver, the diamond shaped onyx is at the center and grabs the eye. The contrast between these two colors make the ring stand out even more. Read more...
This black onyx ring has a 14K yellow gold metal outline that creates a beautiful contrast to the black color of the gemstone. The rose gold lace band is feminine and vintage looking with a measurement of 4x6 mm. Read more...
The cultured pearl ring onyx & topaz sterling silver is a unique ring. The cultured pearl is above the center while a marquise onyx sweeps below the center to bring out the modernity and beauty of this ring. Read more...
The onyx ring 1/5 ct tw diamonds sterling silver ring has a cushion shaped onyx size 12 that is surrounded by diamonds that have a total weight of 1/5 carats. This stylish sterling silver ring has a bezel stone setting that complements its overall design. Read more...
The onyx ring diamond accents sterling silver ring has an onyx that rises above a band of sterling silver. Round shimmering diamonds rise on a second band on this beautiful ring. The onyx is marquise in shape with a size of 8 x 4. Read more...
This marvelous ring has a dramatic onyx that has some diamonds caressing it. The total diamond weight of this ring is 1/15 carat and it is set on sterling silver metal. The black onyx has a stone size of 13.7 x 10.6 and a carat range of under 1/4, Read more...
This beautiful ring has an oval onyx that contrasts with a cushion-cut white topaz to bring out the style and uniqueness in it. There are round white topaz gemstones that circle the center of the sterling silver band, which is set in 10K rose gold. Read more...
This marquise-shaped onyx ring is not the conventional kind of ring but it would be great for a bride to be who wants something different. This is an exciting ring is set in a sterling silver case that has lines of lab-created white sapphires. Read more...


What does it mean when a woman wears a black ring?

For any edgy bride to be, a black commitment ring is a daring gesture. The engagement ring of black onyx is a representation of a bold and courageous character who has an enigmatic appeal. The black onyx ring in a marriage reflects harmony, passion, balance and affection. None, like the black onyx ring, implies something special.

Is Onyx a good engagement ring?

For an engagement ring, a black onyx ring is an exquisite choice. Just like any engagement ring ought to be, this ring is distinctive, stylish and stunning. The black color of the ring is clearly perfect for becoming a non-traditional bride-to-be and renders the ring flexible as it can blend with any dress.

Is black onyx expensive?

The black onyx stone is even more precious than the other available onyx types. On its own, black onyx can range in price between $1 and $500 each carat. That differs from the gemstone setting alone. For a silver setting, it would be lower than for a white or yellow gold setting.

Can you wear Onyx every day?

You can wear a black onyx engagement ring daily. To preserve its glow, this ring is tough and can quickly be washed. It is not a struggle to take care of this ring so long as people avoid using mechanical methods of cleaning that may harm the stone. To get rid of any taint that might have accrued, buff the ring at least once a month.


Black onyx stones have this mysterious looking style that showcases the true beauty of this ring. It is important to take care of black onyx engagement rings so that they can stay in good shape and last even longer. You may wash your black onyx ring in warm water and use soap to maintain its shine. Black onyx is a durable stone that can provide resistance to scratches to some extent. Do not use harsh detergents however, when cleaning the ring. A black onyx ring is great choice for a couple that wants an eye catching and unique gemstone ring.