What Is A Cushion Cut Engagement Ring And 8 Beautiful Examples


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Only a few gemstone cut types are as brilliant and versatile as the cushion cut. If you’re asking, “What is a cushion cut engagement ring?” this article covers that and more. 

Read on and learn the basics of this cut type, including its pros and cons. We’ve also listed down some buying tips — plus cushion cut ring examples you can buy from the leading brands and shops in this niche.

What Is Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?

The most popular cut types in the world of gemstones are rounds and ovals. However, if you want to wear something more distinct on your finger, you should look for a cushion cut ring.

The cushion cut engagement ring takes its name from the fact that it resembles a cushion or a pillow: It has soft, rounded corners. Though it’s commonly shaped as a square, some variations are rectangular; some are even closer to oval.

If you’ll compare it to other square-shaped cuts (such as princess, radiant, and Asscher), the cushion is the only cut with curving, rounded corners.

The cushion cut originated in 18th-century Brazil. During that time, Brazilian miners had painstakingly handcrafted the diamonds they mined into this cut. This earned the cut the nickname “mine cut.” The original mine cut boasts a stunning 58 facets (the same amount as standard round cuts). 

It gained even more popularity in the 19th century. Back then, most stones had this type of cut. Thanks to the evolution of diamond-cutting technology, its modern counterpart has even more facets — 64, to be exact. Today’s cushion cut rings feature a center stone that marries the original miner cut’s old-world glamor and the round cut’s brilliant faceting pattern.

Pros and Cons Of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Considering buying a cushion cut diamond engagement ring? While it’s certainly an attractive choice, you must fully know its pros and cons to make a decision you won’t regret.


  • It’s a classic and versatile cut 
  • It’s sparkly; has a level of fire and brilliance
  • It’s durable and less prone to chipping (thanks to its rounded edges)
  • It’s more affordable than round cut diamonds


  • It tends to look small compared with other cut types
  • Its top facet or table doesn’t hide imperfections well
  • Some cushion cut stones have a more apparent yellowish tint
  • Quality cushion cut stones that aren’t square can be hard to find

Tips When Buying Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

When buying a cushion cut diamond ring, these are the things you need to consider:

  • Stick to a depth and table percentage under 70%. Doing this will narrow down your search and help eliminate low-quality cushion cut diamonds.
  • Choose an SI2 or SI2 clarity grade. Cushion cut rings falling within this range are better at hiding imperfections.
  • Mind the color. Want a white gold engagement ring? Cushion cut stones with a grade of H or higher will complement it best. Buy I and J color diamonds if you want yellow or rose gold rings. For vintage-leaning designs, the K color (with a slightly yellowish tint) is still acceptable
  • Get the right ratio for you. The most common diamonds with cushion cuts have a 1:1 length-to-width ratio (meaning they are square). If you want to achieve an elongating illusion, go for a rectangular one. The ratio of an elongated cushion cut ranges from 1:1.15 to 1:1.50.
  • Settle for a ring style that suits your aesthetics and character best. Cushion cut rings are versatile: They work well whether set on a ring that looks antique or modern. The choice comes down to your personality and sense of personal style.

Beautiful Examples of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

“What is a cushion cut engagement ring?” If you’ve landed on this page asking this question, you know by now the essentials of this popular cut type. Now, it’s time to see some examples of this kind of engagement ring from reputable brands and shops.

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Blue Nile believes that there is elegance in simplicity. And among their roster of rings, this is the piece of jewelry that embodies that value. A polished 18k yellow gold metal serves as the durable frame for a center stone that can be cushion cut. For the metal, platinum and 14k yellow, rose, and white gold are also available.

Leslie 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Opt for polished, elegant appeal with this Leslie engagement ring from Clean Origin, renowned for their lab grown diamonds. At the center of this ring is an opulent cushion cut diamond. Smaller ones surround this stone, taking the ring’s brilliance to a higher notch. You can choose for the diamond to be set on white or yellow gold, or platinum.

Floral Antique-Inspired Diamond Ring

Delicate and romantic, this Brilliant Earth diamond ring stays true to its name. You can find a beautiful cushion cut stone between its two floral shoulders (both accentuated by smaller diamonds). The ring’s vintage appeal can be due to the intricate Milgrain detail and engravings found on the band.

14K White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

James Allen offers this eternity ring, whose band is aptly embellished with cushion cut diamonds whose average color is H to I and average clarity is SI1 to SI2. Set on the shared prongs, this piece of jewelry will give the wearer’s finger a hard-to-miss sparkle. The metal is also available in rose and yellow gold, and platinum.

Vera Wang Love Collection Cushion-Cut Diamond Hexagonal Frame Engagement Ring

One of the most stunning rings you can find on Zales, this engagement ring has a cushion cut on the center. It rests on an attention-grabbing hexagonal frame;  petite diamond embellishments make this frame even more beautiful. The shank captivatingly shimmers, thanks to the diamonds attached to it.

18k White Gold A. Jaffe ME1851Q Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

WhiteFlash offers this quilted French pavé cushion cut center engagement ring. Boasting an Art Deco aesthetic, it’s the kind of ring you would want to wear if you want to flaunt your engagement status tastefully. Its setting style (a dipped V-shape structure) allows the center diamond to shine more brightly — while its smaller stones on the side further elevate the jewelry’s brilliance.

GIA Cushion Vintage Style Milgrain Halo Diamond Ring (1.30Ct TW)

A piece of engagement jewelry from Leibish and Co, this diamond ring showcases a center vintage-looking cushion cut stone on a Milgrain setting. Round brilliant cut diamonds held by a closed pavé halo encircle the center stone. You can choose an 18k white gold or platinum for your metal. Small round diamonds generously adorn a good percentage of the band.

Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring 1-1/8 ct tw Cushion/Round 14K White Gold

This cushion cut engagement ring from Kay is distinctive for many reasons. Primarily, it has a cushion cut diamond that sparkles at the center. Around it are a halo of round diamonds. Its twisted band has its own set of diamonds to display. It also has Milgrain detailing that adds a dreamy elegance to its overall vibe. 

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