Purple Engagement Rings We Love


Written by Mariana


Purple engagement rings have often been symbols of nobility and royalty. The color is also associated with the birthstone of the month of February. There are a lot of options out there if you love the color purple. However, you should keep in mind that a durable stone is usually the best choice when shopping for an engagement ring. While there are purple diamonds on the market, they are rare and can be very expensive. That is why the most popular purple gemstones are sapphires and amethysts.

When shopping for a purple engagement ring, it is good to take into consideration the color temperature of the metal. For instance, purple is a cool-toned color. Therefore, it usually looks best with neutral or cool-toned metals. If your skin tone is on the cooler or neutral side, purple will accentuate your skin very well.

Best Places to Buy Purple Engagement Rings 


Jared offers an incredible selection of beautiful jewelry in all price ranges. The company is a founding and certified member of the responsible jewelry council and ranked as one of the non-governmental organizations most committed to responsible sourcing of gems and mining. Jared also offers free lifetime guarantee on their diamonds and gemstones so you can have peace of mind.


Kay opened its first storefront in 1916 and the company has lived through many changes over the years. However, the love and exceptional service has continued to shine through. Kay has unique selection from amazing designers and offer great customer service online and in-person. Kay also offers lifetime guarantee on their diamonds to make sure that your ring lasts as long as your love, forever.

James Allen

James Allen has a wide variety of engagement and wedding ring options. The company allows you to fully customize the ring that you envision by allowing you to select the specific stone type, size, and shape, as well as the metal and the design of the band. James Allen has everything from affordable to luxurious engagement rings.

Purple vs. Diamond Engagement Rings 

A purple engagement ring is a more unique option when shopping for engagement rings. There is a wide variety of hues of purple and a variety of purple gemstones out there. The diamond engagement ring is a classic and timeless option. However, the purple engagement ring is a special and unique choice that truly represents a woman style. Not to mention that purple is often associated with royalty and nobility. A purple engagement ring is a unique yet beautiful choice for any woman who wants to feel like a queen.

Purple Engagement Ring Metal Options 

Purple stones are cool-toned, which means that, most often, cool-toned metals will look better with them. Usually, you will see purple stones with white gold or platinum bands. The rose gold band is nice because it compliments both warm and cool-toned stones. However, purple stones look beautiful with yellow gold bands that are on the cooler side. It really all depends on what you like better. If you love a yellow gold band with a deep purple amethyst, go for it. Rings, nowadays, are also easily customized.

Common Setting Styles for Purple Engagement Rings 

Since sapphires and amethysts are durable stones, the most common setting style for purple engagement rings is the solitaire. In this style, the center stone is very exposed, so it needs to be durable and hardy as to not get damaged with everyday use. Another common style for purple engagement rings is the cluster. This is a more affordable style, since the stone are much smaller but look just as beautiful. The halo setting is another popular style, which features, most often, diamonds that surround the center stone creating a dazzling ring.


Overall, there are a lot of options out there when shopping for purple engagement rings. The royal color is quite common but adds a unique twist to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Furthermore, amethysts and sapphires are a little more budget-friendly than some diamonds. Nevertheless, purple engagement rings are a gorgeous option for the woman who truly wants to feel like royalty.

Choosing a Purple Engagement Ring

There are a lot of purple engagement ring option out there. Furthermore, different purple-colored stones have different symbolic meaning. If you love the color purple, or were born in February, you will love the wide variety of options of purple engagement rings.

What does an amethyst engagement ring mean?

The amethyst symbolizes spirituality, integrity, and purity of heart. The color purple is also a symbol of royalty, pride, and nobility. The stone is also a birthstone for the month of February. Furthermore, the amethyst has a lot of meaning and is a stone on the more affordable side when it comes to engagement rings.

What does a purple diamond symbolize?

Colored diamonds are very rare, which is why it is so expensive to buy a ring featuring one. Purple diamonds are symbols of pride, enlightenment, and spirituality. Much like the amethyst, the color purple has always been associated with royalty. Diamonds can be in lighter violet shades all the way to deep purples.

What is trending in engagement rings?

The solitaire engagement ring has been the trendiest and more popular engagement ring style. This style features a single center stone, most often a diamond, that is supported by a prong or claw setting. The most classic solitaire usually features a simple band. Most often, the center stone is a round-cut colorless diamond, but there are more unique approaches to this style. Some rings feature unique stone cuts while others feature unique bands.

Beautiful Examples of Purple Engagement Rings

Purple has always been associated with royalty and nobility. Luckily, there are many stones in the market in the gorgeous royal color. Among the most popular are sapphires and amethysts, which are durable and look beautiful. The purple diamond is another option, but it is very rare and, therefore, expensive. These rings come in a variety of settings and metal colors. You will surely fall in love with one of these beautiful rings.

The pear-shaped purple amethyst is the center stone of this beautiful ring. The ring also features delicate diamonds on either side of the amethyst and a classic yellow gold band. Read more...
This engagement ring features a beautiful oval-shaped amethyst. Clusters of small diamonds are on each side of the beautiful purple gemstone. The 14k yellow gold band adds the final twist to make this ring look like it is out of a fairy tale. Read more...
This unique and bold engagement ring is a beautiful option. The emerald-cut amethyst in the center of the diamond-studded halo. This ring gives a unique twist to the traditional engagement ring. The rose gold band features dazzling diamonds as well. Read more...
This engagement ring features a beautiful and unique design on the sterling silver and diamond encrusted band. The heart-shaped amethyst adds just the right amount of romance to this beautiful engagement ring. Read more...
This ring features a beautifully and uniquely crafted sterling silver band with diamond accents. The purple amethyst looks beautiful in the four-prong setting. This ring a unique twist to the solitaire engagement ring. Read more...
The beautiful cushion-cut purple amethyst is the center or attention in this beautiful engagement ring. The center stone is surrounded by dazzling round diamonds. To top it all off, this ring is beautifully crafted in a 10k white gold band. Read more...
The 10 rose gold band of this ring features shimmering round diamonds. The center stone is an oval amethyst adding a little twist to the classic solitaire engagement ring. Read more...
This engagement ring features a beautiful cushion-cut lavender sapphire. The marquise diamonds adds just right extra bit of sparkle and the rose gold band ties it all in to create a beautiful engagement ring. Read more...
This unique handmade ring features a 14K white gold band as well as purple and white sapphires and rubies. This is a unique and gorgeous option for an engagement ring. Read more...
The beautiful purple sapphire is the center of attention in this cluster engagement ring. The center stone is surrounded by diamonds and sapphires. The rose gold band is simple but perfect for this unique ring. Read more...