Pearl Engagement Rings We Love


Written by Emily


Pearl engagement rings are unique in that their gemstones occur organically rather than as inorganic minerals. Majority of gemstones that we know today occur as minerals within the earth. A pearl gemstone can grow in freshwater and also in saltwater in a broad range of mollusk species. They can also grow in any continent and they do this both in cold water and warm water bodies.

Pearl engagement rings make a statement of luxury and grace. There are two types of pearls which include natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls that are found in their natural state tend to be quite rare which is why they can be very expensive. Cultured pearls are more readily available which means that they are easier to buy and are more affordable. With mollusk species becoming an endangered species, natural pearls are not as available. This is the reason a cultured pearl is more common today. They are from underwater farms in controlled conditions where they grow in mollusks. In these farms, the conditions remain controlled throughout the process until the pearl is harvested.

Cultured Pearls

Assume that any pearl you come across is a cultured one unless you are given other information to the contrary. Looking at its drill hole will also let you know whether a pearl is cultured. A wild pearl will have a nacre all through the pearl but a cultured pearl will have a layer of nacre around the white bead. An X-ray examination is an option for a pearl that does not have a drill. This is to determine whether it is a cultured one or natural. Pearls have a score of 2.5- 3 which means they are a soft stone that can get scratched easily.

Choosing a Pearl Engagement Ring

The value of a pearl will depend on a variety of factors, with the most important ones being color, size, shape, luster and surface. These are the qualities of a well-rounded pearl that would also have a high value. Luster refers to the glow or the brilliance of a stone. A pearl with luster will have a sharper reflection and will also be brighter. When buying pearl engagement rings, avoid those that are dull or chalky. Some pearls also have a display or rainbow colors known as an orient which makes them more valuable.

Shape is also something you should look at when purchasing a pearl ring. Most pearls are in baroque or irregular shapes which means that those that have round shapes are more expensive since they are the rarest. A round pearl should not be an oval but rather a perfect sphere without rings or dimples. They should have a color that is the same all round and without blemish. For baroque pearls, the most valuable pearls are the ones in teardrop shape. A pearl should also have no scratch or irregularly. A pearl engagement ring that has a stone with some irregularity will not have a high value.

The bigger the pearl, the more it costs. Get a stone of at least 8mm for your engagement ring center stone. For an engagement ring, the color would be very significant since personal preference should be taken into consideration. The highest valued pearls are the ones that have true black, pure white and rich gold colors.

Best Places to Buy Pearl Engagement Rings

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Pearl Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Pearl engagement rings are elegant and beautiful and offer a great alternative for options that are more traditional like diamonds. However, these gemstones are not as hard as diamonds, which means they may not be as durable. For reference, a diamond has a score of 10 on the Mohs scale which reflects on its hardness. Pearl gemstones on the other hand, have a score of 2.5 – 3 which means they are not hard stones. Another difference between diamonds and pearls is that pearl engagement rings tend to be far more affordable when compared to diamonds. This means that if you have a tight budget, a pearl ring would be a great option for you.

Pearl Engagement Rings Metal Options

Pearl rings are stunning and the type of metal you use should match the shape of the stone and the style of the ring. Vintage rings will have smaller pearl stones and the band can be in rose gold to create the vintage style. Classic pearls will have larger pearl rings and they may have a halo of diamonds or could also be in a floral motif. For these rings, a rose gold or silver metal would look great. Classic pearls rings incline towards being simple in a bid to give attention to the luster and the smoothness of the gem at the center of the ring.

Common Setting Styles for Pearl Engagement Rings

For a Pearl engagement ring, a jeweler will set it by drilling one of its ends or both ends. A setting will have the jeweler use a needle coated in glue for inserting into the hole. One of the most common settings for pearl engagement rings is the prong setting. For this setting, the pearl will be glued to the prong to secure it. A pearl is usually set low into the bowl or flower design. For a pearl that is more round, it will be set up high on the ring to accentuate it and make it more noticeable. For such settings that are more dramatic, it is important that the person wearing the ring is careful.

Beautiful examples of Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearls are often thought to be white but they are also available in other colors that include peach, silver, pink, gold, lavender and black. The mollusk that produces the pearl will determine the color of it. They are loved for their luster and color which determines the refracting capacity of the ring. Pearl engagement rings come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Here are some of our top 10 pearl engagement rings that we love and think would be a great choice for a ring. It ultimately comes down to what you prefer, your budget and the amount of care you are willing to give your engagement ring.

This is a marquise pearl ring made in silver, 14k or 18k gold. This stunning ring is a simple three stone band ring perfect for an engagement. The gemstone is approx. 5 x 2.8mm. Read more...
This is a gold pear freshwater pearl ring with a diamond halo. The gemstone pearl on this ring is approx. 6x5 - 7x5mm and the metal band can come in the color of your choice. Read more...
This is a pear-shaped pearl ring paired with a curved diamond band. The pearl gemstone is approx. 5 x 3 mm and the design can be made with gemstones of your choosing. Read more...
This solitaire white pearl ring in set in 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold depending on your choice. The white freshwater pearl is approx. 2mm for this feminine ring. Read more...
An dazzling ring has a simple design and features a 6 mm round pearl within a white zircon framing the single stone. The ring is fashioned in yellow gold-plated sterling silver. Read more...
This Mabe pearl ring is set in a bezel setting and has a delicate split shank. The white pearl at the center has a size of 14-15mm and is set on 14k yellow gold metal. Read more...
This ring has a freshwater cultured pearl is that is embraced by fine rose gold and diamond vines. The ring has a width of 2.5 mm and is set in 14k rose gold. Read more...
This ring has a pink freshwater cultured pearl surrounded by pear shaped morganites and accent diamonds. It is set in 14k rose gold and it is truly a romantic piece. Read more...
This ring has a sleek leaf design that gives it a look of modern simplicity. This 14K yellow gold ring displays a white 12 mm freshwater pearl that is 11-12mm. Read more...
This petite ring is very elegant. It has a 14K Yellow Gold metal in a width of 2.3 mm. The pearl at the center gives this ring a fashionable and trendy look. Read more...


What does a pearl ring symbolize?

Pearls would be a great choice for an engagement ring because they symbolize generosity, loyalty, integrity and purity. In ancient times, pearls were thought to attract an increase in wealth. They are also extremely unique, being the only gemstones found and produced from a living creature. That makes them quite special.

Are pearls good for engagement rings?

Pearl engagement rings are becoming a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings for people who want something unique and special. These rings are beautiful but they are not very durable. You may have to change your center stone in a couple of years because they scratch and age easily.

Do pearl rings last?

Pearl rings are amazing options for engagement rings. It is however important to note that, with a score of 2.5 on the Mohs scale, these stones are not hard and can scratch easily. This also implies that a Pearl engagement ring is not suited for everyday wear since you come into contact with so many daily activities, and these stones can chip easily.


Pearls are beautiful gemstones and look even better on an engagement ring. These stones are therefore not tough and would require much care to keep them in good shape. They also happen to be porous and can get damage when exposed to acids or chemicals in perfume, hair spray and household cleaners. A pearl can become weaker over time due to dehydration and aging in the course of time. Like other gemstones, pearls stones can also receive enhancement treatments to make them more aesthetically appealing. Pearl engagement rings are truly feminine and look great too.