11 Platinum Engagement Rings We Love


Written by Emily


Platinum happens to be one of the most precious and rare metals across the globe. This is why it tends to be a preferred choice for many when it comes to engagement rings. It is a noble metal that is also pure. It is also resistant to oxidation and corrosion which is not the same for other metals such as silver and gold. The fact that it is pure means that it is hypoallergenic and can be worn by people who tend to have sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions.

Platinum also happens to be one of the most durable metals. This makes sure that a stone set on platinum is secure from damage. It does not need to be handled with care unlike other metals such as white gold that need regular rhodium plating to keep their color. You can compare platinum to other metals such as white gold from their comparative weight.

The appearance of platinum is actually quite similar to that of white gold. When measured, the weight of a platinum ring is significantly higher than that of a ring in white gold. This is assurance of the higher value that this ring holds. Platinum is rare, which also adds to its value. Compared to gold, platinum actually costs more. The fact that platinum has a higher density than gold means that a platinum ring will have a higher weight. It may be over 33 % higher than a similar diamond ring made out of 18 carat gold.

Choosing a Platinum Engagement Ring

When you are looking to purchase a platinum engagement ring, go for one that has a wedding band made from the same metal. Different alloys or metals will not match each other. A patina finish is often an option for many who get platinum engagement rings. This is a matte-like finish that results from when the scratches on the metal move to various parts. There are those that adore this finish, but if you prefer your ring having a shiny appearance then you can have it polished by a jeweler.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to when purchasing a platinum engagement ring is your finger measurements. Get your finger measured properly so that you do not have to resize it after the ring is finished. Consider the weight of the ring too when choosing a platinum ring. Platinum tends to be denser than other metals like white gold or rose gold. This can be off-putting to a person who prefers a lighter ring. It will really depend in the person who will be wearing the ring.

One of the reasons why people often go for platinum when they want a diamond ring is the fact that these two enhance each other. Platinum creates a beautiful contrast with colorless diamonds that make them look dazzling in a beautiful sparkle. You can choose a combination of the two for an engagement ring that will look absolutely stunning and definitely worth its price.

Is platinum good for engagement rings?

Platinum has some amazing features that make it ideal for use on an engagement ring. The rarity of platinum makes it a coveted metal by many. Not only is it durable, it also has some remarkable qualities that attribute to it having a variety of applications, and making it a great choice for engagement rings.

How much does a platinum ring cost?

Platinum is a rare metal that is found in only minimal quantities across the world. This explains why platinum engagement rings tend to be expensive, costing even more than 18k gold. The cost of a platinum ring that does not have a diamond or another stone will start from around $950 to $1900.

Is platinum better than white gold?

Platinum has some features that make it a better option over white gold. Platinum may look the same as white gold, but the cost of platinum is significantly higher which indicates that it has a higher value too. Not only is platinum rare, but it is also quite durable in comparison to other metals.

Beautiful Examples of Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are a great choice for the modern woman. They come in a wide range of designs, styles and shapes that define their sparkle and beauty. Your choice of a platinum engagement ring should be a reflection of your individuality, as well as something that you love. Platinum rings are always worth the investment because they are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. Here are 11 platinum engagement rings that we love and think would be a great option for the love of your life.

This lovely engagement ring has two rows of diamonds that are set skillfully in U pave settings. It has a beautiful and classic look that is absolutely charming. The ring has 36 round diamonds with an average total carat of 0.45. Read more...
This classic platinum engagement ring is versatile and reveals a dazzling row of round brilliant diamonds that are in a well-crafted micro pave setting. The 12 diamonds have an average total carat of 0.20. The ring has a width of 1.7 mm. Read more...
This fishtail platinum engagement ring has a scallop setting as well as a chevron shaped prong that rises. The ring features a row of shimmering diamonds resulting in a unique and sophisticated design. The round diamonds have an average total carat of 0.28. Read more...
This stunning ring features a diamond or gemstone of your choice placed perfectly within a thin metal rim that is highly polished and can be custom made. The center stone is securely placed in a manner that display its exceptional beauty. Read more...
This beautiful platinum ring has a sleek line that travels throughout the band of the ring to make the unique design of this ring stand out. The east-west oriented center stone is held in place by a half bezel that is raised from a rounded comfort fit shank. Read more...
This platinum engagement ring features a knife edge shank and an east-west orientation of the lovely tapered bezel setting. It has a classic look that also has a modern twist to it. The ring has a width of 2 mm. Read more...
This lovely platinum engagement ring has a cathedral shank that has pave diamonds on it. The center stone is elevated in a striking east-west orientation. The ring has a width of 1.9 mm and the round diamond has an average total carat of 0.32. Read more...
This platinum ring features a custom cut sapphire that can be recreated with same or other gemstones as well. The center gemstone is a custom cut blue green natural sapphire that has measurements of approx. 6 - 6.2 mm. The band is approx. 1.6 mm wide. Read more...
This platinum ring has a center marquise shaped diamond gemstone that weighs 0.5-0.52 ct. It also has side diamonds: 2 x 0.10ct trillion diamonds and the band has a width of 1.7mm. The sarita ring is the perfect sparkle to bright up your day. Read more...
This is a simple but stunning 0.75 carat emerald cut diamond ring in platinum. The center stone is a 0.75 carat emerald cut diamond and the ring has a band width of 1.8mm. The ring is available in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt/18kt white gold, 14kt/18kt rose gold and platinum. Read more...
This beautiful platinum ring has a sleek line that travels throughout the band of the ring to make the unique design of this ring stand out. The east-west oriented center stone is held in place by a half bezel that is raised from a rounded comfort fit shank. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Platinum Engagement Rings

1. Capucinne

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2. James Allen

When you think quality engagement rings, think James Allen. This jewelry store has built years of customer trust through their outstanding service. They offer a wide assortment of rings, some of them being platinum engagement rings. Visit their engaging store to have a look at some of the beautiful rings they have available.

Platinum Engagement Rings and Diamonds

Platinum engagement rings often have diamonds added to accentuate them. There are however some rings that do not have the diamonds and will either lack a stone or will feature another gemstone as the main stone. The good thing about platinum engagement rings is the fact that they are low maintenance. They maintain their bright white sheen even after a long period of time. They are also relatively easy to clean, which is done by using warm water and a soft brush. Their ease of maintenance also means that though you will spend a significant amount to acquire the ring, you will hardly spend any money to maintain it.

Platinum vs Other Metal Options

Platinum engagement rings obviously use platinum as the metal option. It is however important to compare what makes platinum better suited for these rings over other metals. Platinum has a natural white color, while other metals such as yellow gold need to be plated or alloyed with other metals to get the white color. Most times, white gold is plated using rhodium to further enhance its appearance. The downside to this is that the plating can wear out and make the ring look unappealing at the end. Platinum also has a naturally light color that perfectly complements a sparkling stone to make it even more dazzling.

Common Setting Styles for Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings look amazing paired with stones like diamonds that add to the sparkle of the ring. A prong setting is one of the most common setting styles that are used on a platinum engagement ring. This setting offers a brilliant unobstructed sparkle to the ring and makes it look beautifully feminine. A prong setting provides an eye catching design to a platinum ring that results in an overall vintage feel. Another common setting for platinum engagement rings is the bezel setting. Since platinum is a strong metal, it is ideal for stones that are delicate, especially in the bezel setting.


Platinum has four exceptional features that make it a coveted choice for engagement rings. It is eternal, rare, versatile and pure. The fact that platinum is naturally white and 95% pure adds to its variability, because it hardly tarnishes or fades over time. It is also a tough stone that is durable and does not wear easily which means that it can be worn every day. Platinum engagement rings are also some of the most secure and long lasting rings that you can find. Even better, platinum is 30 times rarer than diamonds making this metal a very special metal that would be ideal on a ring for your special someone.