Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Yellow gold engagement rings are some of the most sought after engagement rings today. The gold alloy is produced by mixing copper, silver, zinc and natural yellow gold. The karat recipes go through some adjustments to attain the yellow color. Yellow gold rings are available in either 18K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold or 10K yellow gold.

18K yellow gold has about 75% of pure good in terms of weight. Engagement rings that are fashioned in 18K yellow gold are valued highly because they tend to be brighter and warmer than their 10K and 14 K yellow gold counterparts. The reason behind this is that the higher the gold content on the ring, then the higher the price. 14K yellow gold rings have about 58.3% of pure gold. In comparison to 18k yellow gold, the 14K yellow gold rings cost less. They however do not have the luminosity that 18K yellow gold have. Rings crafted in 14K yellow gold have a warm hue that make them a go-to option for many.

The third yellow gold engagement ring options are the 10K yellow gold rings. These rings have about 41.6% of pure gold. Copper, zinc, and silver are other alloys added to the gold for these rings. Of the three yellow gold rings, these are the most affordable of them all. However, 10K yellow gold lacks the luster of the 14K and 18K yellow gold. It also has some copper like colors or light white hues compared to the others which make it a less coveted option.

Choosing a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

There are plenty of options available when it comes to yellow gold engagement rings which is why you need to know exactly what to look for. The first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing a yellow gold engagement ring is to get the ring from a trusted retailer. You should also ask whether it is possible to resize the ring. 

For yellow gold rings that come with a diamond, make sure that you get a diamond certification for it. These are often provided by gemological laboratories to prove the authenticity of the stone. You can also get an appraisal as an alternative if the ring does not have a certificate of authenticity.

When it comes to yellow gold rings that have two tones, ensure that the ring has an entwined metal workmanship on the gold metal. Try to avoid the ones that have a plate because they will wear easily or chip quickly over time. For those that have a setting, pay attention to the workmanship on the setting to avoid the stone getting damaged.

Durability should also be a consideration when choosing yellow gold rings. 18K yellow gold is the most durable of the three. Rings made in this metal wear well and have a high resistance to tarnishes and scratches. 14K yellow gold is the next most durable option, with 10K yellow gold being the least durable. Sometimes, the alloys used in 10K yellow gold are not quality alloys which is why these rings end up being low quality.

Best Places to Buy Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

James Allen

James Allen is one of the most trusted retail jewelry sites that has earned its good reputation over the years. They have one of the most engaging websites, complete with 360° HD photographs of the ring of your choice. They offer some high quality rings and yellow gold engagement rings are some of the top options.


Jared is one of the stores that should come to mind when you think engagement ring shopping. This store has a wide assortment of engagement rings that are absolutely beautiful. Their items stand out in terms of quality, material and design which is why you should visit them for a yellow gold engagement ring purchase.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

A combination of a yellow gold ring and a diamond produces a striking contrast that is absolutely stunning. The backdrop of yellow gold makes the diamond sparkle even more. Yellow gold engagement rings can be paired with a different variety of gemstones. Some of the gemstones that look amazing in yellow gold are emeralds, garnets, sapphires, rubies and amethysts. These are great when you are looking for a colorful ring. If you however want something elegant and conventional, then a yellow gold diamond engagement ring is what you should get. The benefit of this ring is that the yellow gold color slightly hides color tints that may appear on the diamond stone.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Metal Options

Yellow gold is a metal used on the yellow gold engagement rings. This means that the choices you will have when it comes to the metal is whether to go for 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold or 10k yellow gold. There are notable differences between these three options and your budget and preferences will determine which one you go for. When it comes to appearance, the 18K yellow gold is better than the others since it has more lustur. It is also more durable because gold is a strong metal and it has the highest good quantity. 14K yellow gold is also more durable than the 10K one.

Common Setting Styles for Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The workmanship that goes being a setting style of a yellow gold engagement ring matters as much as the setting itself. One of the most common setting styles for yellow gold engagement rings is the prong setting. This setting is great especially for delicate stones because it keeps them secure, while still drawing attention to the stone. Another common setting style for yellow gold engagement rings is the halo setting style. This is where the center stone on a yellow gold engagement ring is surrounded by other stones. This setting is ideal for someone who wants the brilliance of the center stone to shine.

Beautiful Examples of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings are available in a variety of styles, designs and shapes. Owing to the fact that they are some of the most popular engagement rings, they are available in plenty of options. If you are looking to purchase this ring, make sure you go to a trusted retailer so that you can get something authentic that is of high quality. Here are some of our 10 favorite yellow gold options that we love. These rings are absolutely stunning and would look great on the love of your life.

This yellow gold five diamond ring is simply exceptional. The center stone is a white diamond that has a total carat weight 0.33carat. The band is crafted in yellow gold and is approx. 1.5 mm wide. The diamond can be set in other styles that include pear, marquise, oval and baguette. Read more...
This lovely ring has a 0.25 carat round diamond ring with diamonds on the side. This ring is crafted in yellow gold with a weight of approx. 3 grams. The band is approx. 1.8 mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a regal marquise-cut natural green quartz gemstone as its center stone. It is fashioned in 10K yellow gold and has shimmering diamond accents that are around the center to make the ring look exceptional. Read more...
This sensational ring has an alluring oval-cut emerald and a sparkling round diamonds halo. The ring has round diamonds that complete the intertwining waves of gold to add its allure. Crafted in 14K yellow gold, the ring has a total diamond weight of 1/5 carat. Read more...
This lovely ring has a center cushion-cut natural emerald surrounded by shimmering round diamonds. There are other diamonds that line the band. The total diamond weight of this ring is 1/5 carat and the ring is crafted in 14K yellow gold. Read more...
This ring has brilliant sparkling diamonds placed in chevron shapes that align with the sleek shank tapered knife edge. The ring has 8 round diamonds with an average total carat weight of 0.10 and a center marquise diamond. Read more...
This exceptional ring has a dazzling classic rounded shank. The ring has diamonds that are elegantly placed and spaced to produce a look that is sleek and simple. There are 6 round diamonds that have an average total carat of 0.04. Read more...
This Australian opal ring is both unique and stunning with diamonds that are in twig bud detail. The main stone on this lovely ring is a round 7x5mm top quality pear Australian opal and the ring is crafted in 18k/14k yellow gold metal. Read more...
This beautiful ring features a cathedral shank with pave stones that joins an elegant diamond frame. For this ring, you can have a center stone of your choice. There are 22 round diamonds on this ring that have an average total carat weight of 0.24. Read more...
This stunning natured inspired engagement ring has a bamboo shaped shank. There are small pave accent stones on the shank for more sparkle. The stone at the center is in a branch setting to complete this unique design. Read more...


Are yellow gold engagement rings in style?

Yellow gold engagement rings have made a comeback. For the longest time platinum and white gold engagement rings have been the stylish rings. Yellow gold engagement rings are now becoming trendy with many millennial brides-to-be preferring this classic metal for their engagement rings.

What does a yellow gold engagement ring mean?

Yellow gold engagement rings are symbolic in their own way. These rings represent love and commitment. A yellow gold ring is a reflection of passion, love, prosperity, commitment and joy. These are all positive attributes and coupled with the romantic history of these rings, make the yellow gold engagement ring an excellent choice.

Is yellow gold real gold?

Yellow gold has real gold in it, mixed with other metal alloys such as zinc and copper. The percentage of real gold in yellow gold will depend in the type of yellow gold you have. 24K yellow gold has the highest amount of gold in it, followed by 18K, 14K and 10K yellow gold respectively.


If you are looking for a ring that will shine with some warmth, then a yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. The good thing about yellow gold engagement rings is that you can work within your budget. If you have more to spend, then 18K and 14K yellow gold rings would be ideal for you. If you are working on a lower budget, then you can get the 10K yellow gold rings instead. These rings go well with almost all gemstones as long as you use an ideal setting style. They are easy to maintain and make great engagement ring options in general.