What are Solitaire Rings? Our Guide and Real Examples


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So you think you have met The One, and now it’s time to pop the all-important question. But before you do, you’ll need to find the perfect ring. It cannot be easy to choose the right piece of jewelry with the dizzying array of ring styles available both in-store and online. Have no fear. We have the answers to all the questions like “what are solitaire rings” and more that may arise in your quest to choose the perfect engagement ring.

What are Solitaire Rings?

A solitaire ring is simply a ring with a single diamond. 

Solitaire means a single diamond (they call the card game Solitare because you play by yourself). But it is more about the setting than anything else. A solitaire setting is one in which the diamond is on center stage and is not surrounded by other gemstones or smaller diamonds.

Why Are Solitare Rings Popular?

It’s easy to see why solitaire diamonds are often the first choice for engagement rings. 

This setting allows you to choose a larger diamond that is mounted a little higher on the band compared to other settings, with the diamond as the focus of attention. In its elevated setting, all eyes are drawn toward the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond itself without the distraction of other stones.

This classic design was first popularized by the De Beers Corporation in their “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, and it has never gone out of style since then. Perhaps a single sparkling diamond is really the best way to tell someone that they are the only person for you!

Please note that if the diamond is set into the band itself, then it is not a solitaire. The stone has to be set higher than the ring band to qualify as a classic solitaire. This is not a specification most people are aware of, so watch out for this small detail when you go shopping for the perfect ring!

Let’s take a look at some of the most widespread setting styles for solitaire diamonds:

  1. 6-prong Setting: First up, we have the 6-prong setting, also known as the peg-head setting, which has 4 to 6 prongs holding the diamond in place on top of the band. The prongs keep the diamond in place, and the stone is visible from all sides. This setting is ideal if you like a minimalist aesthetic and a modern look. 
  2. Basket Setting: The basket setting is also very popular, especially for engagement rings. It is quite similar to the 6-prong setting, but it has an extra metal band encircling the diamond to keep the stone from coming loose.
  3. Cathedral Setting: This setting gets its name from the sweeping walls that are characteristic of a cathedral. The cathedral setting keeps the diamond visible from up top, while the metal slopes on each side add some dramatic appeal to the ring’s appearance.

Getting the Right Cut

Now that you are familiar with the stone settings, let’s talk about the different cuts for solitaire diamonds. The cut determines the amount of light and sparkle that a diamond gives off.

What Is a Solitaire Diamond

Well-cut diamonds have the lightest reflection because the angles and facets of the diamond are shaped to enhance the stone’s brilliance. Below are the most common designs that are widely available for solitaire rings.

  • Round Solitaire: The round cut is a classic style for solitaire rings that has never gone out of style. It has a timeless elegance due to its simple design and captivating fire.
  • Princess Cut: The diamond is cut into a square shape with sharp and prominent corners and mounted on a plain platinum band – a popular cut for engagement rings. The sharp corners give the diamond an arresting quality making it hard to miss.
  • Oval Cut: The oval is an antique diamond cut with a vintage look due to its elongated shape. If your significant other enjoys the vintage aesthetic then you might want to consider the oval cut solitaire. 
  • Emerald Cut: The emerald cut is a rectangular cut with parallel facets. Extremely well-cut emerald cut diamond rings have a clarity and depth that is unmatched when compared to other fancy diamond cuts. This is the kind design you should go for if you want a sleek and modern look.
  • Cushion Cut: As the name suggests, this cut is shaped like a square pillow with rounded edges. It has plenty of sparkles even for a large square-cut stone, making it quite popular with celebrities. Its high bling factor means that this cut is meant to be flaunted!

Ring Shopping Sorted

These days you can find a variety of solitaire engagement rings online. Gone are the days of dashing from jeweler to jeweler searching for the perfect diamond. Now, you can make your selection from the comfort of your own home!

Additionally, many online jewelry retailers have 360° HD photographs in their virtual catalogs to help you make your selection. This new feature allows you to view the stones in vivid detail from all sides, allowing you to inspect the diamond thoroughly for defects before making your purchase. 


If you were wondering “what is a solitaire diamond,” you have your answer! A solitaire diamond is a ring setting in which a single diamond is mounted on top of a ring band.

You can easily customize a solitaire diamond by selecting your preferred cut and setting, with the round cut and the princess cut being the most popular for engagement-style rings. Keep this in mind on your hunt for the perfect diamond ring!

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