15 Meaningful Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him: A Quick Guide


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If you’re a groom-to-be who’s not a big fan of traditional wedding rings, there are trendy wedding band tattoo ideas for him that you can try. A wedding ring tattoo for men is a great alternative to wedding bands, and an amazing way to profess your great love for your bride.

Here’s a quick guide if you’re pondering on getting the best wedding ring tattoo for men.

15 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him

Choosing a wedding ring tattoo design for the groom is a fun process. Remember to consider designs that are meaningful to you and your bride. Personalize it so it will be a unique wedding ring tattoo. Here are some wedding band tattoo designs that may serve as your inspiration:

1. Celtic Knots Or Patterns

Celtic knots and similar patterns are some of the most popular wedding band tattoo ideas for him.

2. Tribal 

If you are looking for a unique wedding band tattoo, a tribal design will be perfect. You can ask the bride to have a matching or complementary design.

3. Minimalist Wedding Ring Tattoo

Not a fan of bold designs? Go low-key with a minimal ring tat design for groom and bride. The design may involve a thin or thick or combination of black lines around your finger.

4.  Lock Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him

Grooms can sport a classic ink of antique key while the bride will have a heart lock wedding band tattoo. 

5. Compass Wedding Band Tattoo For Him

Another meaningful tattoo design to consider is that of a compass. Grooms and brides should not only serve as anchors but also as guiding lights for each other.

6. Cross Tattoo On Finger

If you’re a man who wants to put your faith in the center of your marriage, you can have a cross tattooed on your finger.

7. Wedding Date Roman Numeral Tat

Celebrate your wedding date by inking the date when you exchanged I dos on your ring finger.

8. Nature-Inspired Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him

You can get inked with a tree tattoo or anything from nature that you think symbolizes yourself or serves as your inspiration.

9. Mr. Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo

What better way to tell the world that you are taken? Wherever you go, your Mr tattoo will always bring you back home to the one who has the Mrs tattoo on her finger.

10. Infinity Ring Tattoo

Marriage is a promise of eternal love, and the infinity symbol is a great way to promise untiring and selfless love for your bride.

11. Colored Wedding Band Tattoo For The Groom

You can ask the tat artist to ink you a colored minimalist design tattoo that you can hide under your traditional wedding ring or something that can stand on its own. Likewise, you can go for bolder patterns to express your artistic side.

12.  Her Initial

Ink the first letter of her name on your ring finger while she gets a tat of your initial on her wedding ring finger. 

13. Matching Wedding Tattoo For Couple

The wedding ring tats you get as groom and bride does not always have to match, but it’s actually a brave and daring move to get matching Star Wars tattoo, anime tat, heartbeat tattoo for couples, and similar designs.

14. Small Heart Tattoo For The Groom

A simple tattoo of a heart stands out when you get it to honor your bride. While it may just be a simple figure for the rest of the world, it means your heart only belongs your wife.

15. Forever Hers Tattoo

A “forever hers” tattoo is a declaration of your great devotion to your wife. 

Wedding Ring Tattoo For Him FAQs

How Much Does A Wedding Band Tattoo Cost?

While traditional wedding rings may cost several hundred to thousands of dollars, a wedding ring finger tattoo for groom will only set you back around $300 to $400. The price may go a bit higher depending on where you’re located, the experience of the tattoo artist, and the intricacy of your chosen design.

When Should You Get Your Wedding Ring Tattoo?

You want to get the wedding ring tattoo a few before your wedding, at least two weeks before the ceremonies. This gives you ample time to heal. Remember that the process is painful and will involve bleeding and scabbing, especially a tat on a sensitive spot such as your fingers.

You must plan well ahead with your bride if you want to get inked. Not all tattoo shops accept walk-ins. You need to set a tattoo date with the artist. Wedding planning can be chaotic most of the time, so make sure, aside from wedding band tattoo ideas for him and her, you sort out all the details to avoid issues.

How To Find The Best Artist For Your Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him?

Going to a random shop or picking a random tattoo artist to turn your wedding band tattoo ideas for him into a reality is not an option. Research, read reviews, and ask for referrals from people who know much about getting inked.

Start with an online search for the best tattoo artists near you. For every shop you check out, browse through their roster of tattoo artists and read about their experience. Ask them for specific artists who are good with finger tattoos and have done wedding band tattoos for grooms before. You can also request photos of wedding ring finger tats they’ve done before. Don’t forget to read reviews of real customers as well.

Are Wedding Ring Tattoos Permanent?

Tattoos can fade over time, but they’re meant to last forever. However, with the technologies available today, it is possible to remove a wedding band tattoo for couples who, sadly, go on separate ways.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, its color, and the length you’ve had it on your skin, you might have to shell out $60 to $600 per session of laser tattoo removal. In total, wedding band tattoo removal can cost approximately $1,000 to $1,200.

How Do You Care For Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo?

Just like traditional wedding rings, you need to take care of your wedding band tattoos if you want them to last. Since you cannot avoid using your hands daily, tats on such areas tend to fade faster. 

Stay hydrated and use sunscreen to prevent your wedding ring tattoo from fading. If you plan to go on a tropical getaway after the wedding, ask your tattoo artists for instructions on protecting the freshly-made tattoo.

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