Square Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings – A Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Although you will find several diamonds that look like they are in the shape of a square, there is actually no category of “Square shaped diamond rings.” There are square squares, octagonal squares, rectangular squares, and round squares, which means that when it comes to diamonds, the term “square” is too broad for a diamond cut.  Furthermore, neither of these square diamond designs are referred to as “Square Cut Diamonds” since it would be a  far too simple category. 

There are 5 main categories that fall under square shaped diamond rings. These include the Asscher cut diamond, the Princess-cut diamond, the Cushion-cut diamond, the Radiant-cut diamond, and the Emerald-cut diamond. The Princess Cut is the only square-cut diamond with actual corners, making it the one actual square of the bunch. This form is clean and crisp, and it shimmers almost as much as a Round diamond because of the brilliant cut. This is the perfect pick for somebody who desires a modern appearance with a lot of dazzle.

Having a step-cut design that gives a classic, geometric appearance, Asscher diamonds have a powerful appeal. Corners of the stone are cut severely, and the result is an almost octagonal look. The Cushion cut transforms a rough square into a beautiful, soft cushion. It has a distinctive ‘soft’ look that none of the other diamond shapes can equal since its corners are rounder and the sides are arch gently.

You have the best of all worlds with a Radiant cut square diamond. It is a clean, elegant step-cut topped with a glittering brilliant cut. Emerald shaped diamonds are a step-cut, giving them a refined Art Deco appearance. These diamonds, on the other hand, have wide, open rectangle facets that give them a glacier-like appearance, whilst Asscher cut diamonds emphasize the triangle.

Choosing a Square Shaped Diamond Ring

Princess-cut diamond

The Princess cut’s appearance is absolute precision, therefore seek for a diamond that is as near to square as much as achievable. When choosing a princess-cut diamond, go for one with a length-to-width ratio of ideally 1.00, or between 0.98 to 1.02. An SI1 or VS2 diamond in a princess cut diamond will provide eye-clean clarity at a terrific price. Keep an eye out for inclusions throughout the princess cut’s corners. Inclusions in these locations weaken the corners and increase their likelihood of breaking.

Cushion-cut and Radiant-cut diamonds

Because the Cushion cut has wide facets, indications of color and inclusions are more visible than normal, so pick high color and clarity grades to achieve a clean appearance. Apparent clarity flaws ruin a cushion-cut diamond’s beauty. The brightness of a cushion, on the other hand, will effectively cover flaws. Adhere to VS2 and SI1 clarity grades for maximum value. Color can become heightened in the Radiant cut, particularly in the corners, due to the large number of facets packed into each stone. You can avoid this by selecting a color grade of G or above. 

Emerald shaped diamond

For the Emerald shaped diamond, clarity becomes critical when there are so many open facets. To be safe, choose a diamond with a VS2 Clarity grade or an “eye-clean” clarity rating. Color is more visible in square-cut diamonds than those in round diamonds, as it is in other fancy forms. Despite this, you don’t need to spend more for the highest color grades. Even if there is a tiny hue variance, it is difficult to see unless you compare the diamonds beside each other.

Best Places To Buy Square Shaped Diamond Rings 

James Allen

If you’re searching for a high-quality ring, James Allen is an excellent place to start. They provide a large selection of really gorgeous diamond rings from which to pick. Square shaped diamond rings are among the rings available, and you can even have custom designs made to fit your tastes.


Zales offers a wide range of gorgeous diamond ring designs, all of which are handmade with the highest quality diamonds and metals. They provide you with high-quality rings at an affordable price. You’ll receive a great experience, as well as a gorgeous diamond ring to go with it. Start by looking at the square shaped diamond rings that they provide.

Square Shaped Diamond Rings vs. Round Shaped Diamond Rings

Round brilliant diamonds account for around 75% of all diamonds available in the market. This implies that choosing a square shaped diamond style will immediately make you unique and distinct. Furthermore, whereas there is only one form of a round diamond, there are several varieties of square shaped diamonds.

Every one of those square-shaped categories of diamonds has a distinct appearance, feel, and personality. Choosing a diamond shape that is a great fit for your partner’s personality is a great experience. In regard to the setting, square shaped diamonds are far more flexible than round diamonds. Placing a square shaped diamond at a 45-degree angle on a piece of jewelry or specifically on a ring is a quick and easy method to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Furthermore, fancy square-shaped diamonds are typically less expensive than Round Brilliant diamonds, when compared carat for carat. As a result, going square helps in saving money or, better yet, buy a larger stone.

Square Shaped Diamond Ring Metal Options

Platinum is perhaps the most costly metal when it comes to the price of your ring. It is among the world’s most valuable and possibly long-lasting metals, and the price reflects that. Nonetheless, it is thick and durable, requiring little maintenance in the long term. Palladium is a platinum alternative that is gaining prominence owing to its comparable appearance and composition but cheaper price. Palladium is a metal with a shiny shine, however, it’s not as heavy as platinum. Sterling silver is by far the most affordable precious metal, although any initial saving may definitely be negated by required maintenance over time. Because silver tarnishes fast, it has to be polished and cleaned frequently to maintain its brilliance. Tungsten and titanium are dependable, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and long-lasting materials.

Common Setting Styles for Square Shaped Diamond Rings

The prong setting, and also the channel setting, are suitable for square shaped diamond rings, both as engagement rings and as wedding rings. The channel setting is ideal for placing little square shaped diamonds around the ring, while the 4-prong setting is ideal for the center square shaped diamond stone for example on a solitaire diamond ring. Small diamonds encircle the central diamond in halo diamond rings, creating the appearance that it is bigger. The square shaped diamond halo ring has a much more delicate look, which makes it an ideal option for today’s woman. Vintage rings have unique designs that are perfect for square shaped diamond rings.

Beautiful Examples of Square Shaped Diamond Rings

Square diamond rings are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Since they are among the most popular diamond ring forms, they come in a number of designs. If you want to buy this ring, go to a reputable retailer such as James Allen, Capucinne, or Zales to ensure you obtain a genuine and high-quality piece. Here are some of our favorite square shape diamond rings that we believe you’ll like.

This elegant engagement ring features an Asscher Cut Diamond center stone with a total weight of 1.50 Carat and K-VS1 clarity. The center stone is placed in a Cross Prong Solitaire setting. The band of the ring is fashioned in platinum metal and has a width of 3.3mm. Read more...
This stunning square diamond ring features a center square frame set that has sparkling round diamonds. There are additional diamonds on the shank of the ring to add more sparkle. the band of the ring is crafted in 14k white gold and has a bright polished finish. Read more...
This stunning diamond engagement ring features an excellent cut square princess cut diamond center stone with a weight of 0.5 carat. The diamond quality is E - G in color and VS in clarity. The band of the ring is fashioned in 18k yellow gold and has a width of 1.8mm. Read more...
This gorgeous engagement ring features an Asscher cut diamond ring as the center stone. The diamond has a total weight of 1.49 Carat and a I-VS1 clarity. The band of the ring is crafted in 14k white gold, and the ring comes with a GIA certificate. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a 1.45 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond center stone with a clarity grade G-SI1. The diamond center stone is set in a prong. The ring comes with a GIA certificate and is fashioned in platinum metal. Read more...
This stunning diamond engagement ring features an Asscher cut diamond center stone that has a total weight of 1.05 carat and G-VVS2 clarity. The ring has a comfort fit band fashioned in 14k white gold, with a width of 1.5mm. The ring comes with a GIA certificate. Read more...
This captivating engagement ring features a square-shaped composite of baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds. The diamonds have a total average weight of 1/3 ct. The band of the ring is crafted in 10K white gold and is also lined with round diamonds to add sparkle to the ring. Read more...
This exceptional engagement ring features a 1.01 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond as the center stone. The diamond clarity is D-VVS2 and the ring has a unique Vintage Infinity design and comes with a GIA certificate. The band of the ring is crafted in platinum metal. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features an Asscher Cut Diamond center stone that has a total weight of 2.95 carat and F-VVS2 clarity. The diamond center stone is set in a prong. The band of this ring is fashioned in 14k white gold, with additional round-cut diamonds lining it. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features an Asscher Cut Diamond center stone, with a weight of 2.01 carat and H-VVS2 clarity. The diamond stone is set in a Knife Edge Solitaire. The band of this ring is crafted in 14k white gold and has a width of 2.5mm. Read more...


What is a square diamond ring called?

A square diamond ring is often called a cushion diamond. The cushion diamond has a square form with softly softened corners, giving it a pillow-like appearance. The “mine cut” diamond is the original name for this ageless diamond shape, which dates back to the eighteenth century.

Are square diamonds more expensive than round?

A diamond’s price can be influenced by a variety of variables. However, carat for carat, square diamond rings are more likely to be more inexpensive than round brilliant diamond rings. They are generally less expensive per carat than round cut diamonds.

What does a square diamond symbolize?

Since the princess stone form is renowned to display charm, elegance, and edge, it is ideal for the lady who is lured to the thrill and a genuine romantic at heart. The square diamond is sometimes referred to be the “hopeless romantic” of all forms.


The shape of your diamond may make a big impact based on whether you’d like something conventional or something more distinctive or modern. The round brilliant cut is the most famous design, but other shapes, such as the square shape, may make your diamond ring feel much more precious.

The term “square shaped diamond rings” refers to a variety of diamond shapes. You may make your fantasy square cut diamond rings precisely how you’ve always imagined them by placing any of the diamond cuts into jewelry. Every diamond shape in the square cut diamond group has a distinct appearance and feel, as well as distinct characteristics that you should be mindful of.