Rockford Collection Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Rockford Collection is the home of American made wedding bands for men. The company is known for its focus on men’s rings. Their wedding bands have to be some of their most popular collections. The company produces unique designs for men who want a wedding band that is more than the plain traditional band for men.

This New York enclave of jewelry designers has intentionally come up with a brand that caters to men. The company is therefore one of the internationally recognized creators of some of the most unique wedding bands for men. They are changing the game one wedding band at a time.

We hope you enjoy this in depth Rockford Collection Review and that it helps your decision making when it comes to selecting the right ring for you.

History of Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection is a company situated in New York City. The company designs and produces their wedding bands in New York using some of the most innovative methods and tools. It has managed to use some of the highest quality of materials and the most innovative technology to elevate wedding rings for men to a higher status.

The company has been featured in GQ, Esquire, Brides and Distilled Man. The debit collection for the company, the American Legend, has a story behind each ring. The rings are named after gold mines in various places in the United States, such as Getchell and Cortez. Each ring is meant to become an emblem of love and a lifetime of style. It is only a matter of time until Rockford Collection becomes the luxury brand for men’s jewelry.

What makes Rockford Collection stand out?

One of the things that makes Rockford Collection stand out is the fact that their wedding band collections are all made in the United States and they only offer rings for men. This company designs and develops wedding bands exclusively for men. The bands are produced in New York City by master engineers and craftsmen who give attention to each and every aspect of creating the wedding band. Each band piece is crafted by hand using the most innovative tools and technologies available to jewelers. Women’s engagement rings and wedding rings have always been at the pinnacle of ring culture and it is great that this company careers to the forgotten males.

Not only does Rockford Collection produce rings for men, but their rings are also quite unique. There are men who go for subtle, traditional plain wedding bands. Other men prefer rings that are a reflection of their lifestyle and their personality and want something flashier. Either way, Rockford Collection has you covered. Whether it is a subtle approach or an approach that has a bit of character, Rockford Collection is the place for you. They have a wide variety of men’s wedding rings that you can choose from.

Rockford Collection Refund Policies and Customer Service

The Rockford Collection has great customer service. They have a team of people ready to answer your questions. They have a contact number as well as an email that people can use to reach out to them. You also have a life chat option to get answers to a query that you may have. You can have either a physical appointment in their New York showroom or a virtual consultation with one of their specialists. This can be especially beneficial if you want to discuss customizations or designs for your ring. The company gives focus to a personal approach and instant responses.

Lifetime warranty

The Rockford Collection has a lifetime warranty for their rings. The company stands behind the quality of their wedding bands which is why they warrant their pieces. This is meant to assure their customers that their rings are free of manufacturing defects. Their lifetime warranty offers free tightening for all diamonds and gemstones as well as cleaning, rhodium plating and re-polishing. The company however also states on their website that should your Rockford piece have a defect that will need services not included in the list above, you can send in your piece for them to evaluate. They will then get back to you and you will be notified if any charges will apply.

Financing Options

The company has also clearly stipulated the financing options they accept on their website. Their options include Affirm, Paypal and Layaway. The benefits of using Affirm is that it is quick and easy, there are no hidden fees and when you check your eligibility, it won’t affect your credit score. The benefits of using PayPal is that it is interest free, easy, there are no hidden fees and it allows real time decision. Layaway as a payment option allows you to pay over time, it is easy and discreet, there are no interest fees and hidden charges and you get your item after the full amount has been paid. The unique thing about Rockford Collection payment options is that they allow you to make payments over time after which you can get your order shipped right away.

Returns and Exchanges

Rockford Collection have a 14 day Money back guarantee for all the items they offer. This means that you can return your item within 14 days of purchasing it. You will incur the shipping and insurance costs. For any return, the company charges a restocking fee of $150. They will only accept undamaged products on return. For exchanges on a different ring size, a fee of $150- $350 is charged but this depends on the style of the ring.

Rockford Collection Vs James Allen

Rockford Collection and James Allen are some of the reputable jewelry retail companies in the United States. We look at his these two companies are similar or differ from each other in this Rockford Collection review. One similarity between James Allen and Rockford Collection is that these two companies mainly operate through their online websites. Purchasing rings online has become trendy, more affordable and much easier than visiting a retail store physically to make a purchase. While James Allen operates online only, Rockford Collection has one store in New York City which is here their headquarters are also based.

A difference between James Allen and Rockford Collection is the products they sell. While Rockford Collection offers some men’s wedding bands exclusively, James Allen offers both men and women’s rings. James Allen has an inventory that is made up of numerous engagement rings for women, some wedding bands for women and a small selection of men’s wedding bands. Rockford Collection on the other hand, has an inventory made up of men’s rings only. Their selection of wedding bands for men is broader, making them the ideal website for a man looking for a wedding band. Rockford Collection also has a broader list of financing options compared to James Allen.

Our favorite wedding bands from Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection is definitely filling a niche in the market with their cool and stylish wedding bands for men. Women have always been the priority when it comes to rings, with signature wedding bands and engagement rings being their thing. Men are however wanting to participate in the ring culture and they are looking for sleek rings too, to mark getting committed to the women of their dreams. Some men also simply want a ring that is a reflection of their individuality. Rockford Collection has a range of rings that differ in cuts, metal choices and designs. Here are some of our favorite wedding bands from Rockford Collection that we think would be a great option for you.

Where is Rockford Collection located?

Rochford Collection is located in New York City in the United States. Their main office location is 71W 47th St Suite 203, New York, NY, 10036. This company mainly operates through their online e-commerce website but you can also visit their store in New York for a purchase.

Does Rockford Collection sell women’s rings?

Rockford collection is a brand from New York that gives attention to men as their target audience. This company designs and produces rings for men only. The company aims to fill the niche when it comes to men’s jewelry since most jewelry retail companies focus on producing and offering engagement and wedding rings for women.

Is Rockford Collection a reputable jeweler?

Rockford Collection is indeed a reputable jeweler. This company is slowly and steadily making their way to becoming a men’s luxury jewelry retailer. They have some unique and bold wedding bands for men. The company has gathered some positive reviews over time and has established trust within its customer base.

This is a wedding band for men that has some natural white diamonds. The ring is fashioned in 14 or 18 Karat gold and has an approximate weight of 1.20 ct. The width of the band is 10mm and the diamond color/ clarity is F-G/VS1-VS2. Read more...
This men's wedding band has a band width of 9mm and features natural white diamonds. The diamonds have an approximate carat weight of 1.00 ct and a color/ clarity of F-G/VS1-VS2. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum. Read more...
This is a men's wedding band that features natural white diamonds. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum and has a diamond clarity/color of F-G/VS1-VS2. The approximate weight of the center diamond is 1.20 ct and the ring has a width of 10mm. Read more...
This wedding band for men has natural white diamonds round it that have an approximate carat weight of 1.45 ct. The band width of the ring is 10 mm and the ring is fashioned in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum. The diamond color/clarity is F-G/VS1-VS2. Read more...
This wedding band for men has a series of natural white diamonds that accentuate the ring. The band width of the ring is 9 mm and it has a diamond carat weight of approximately 0.50 ct. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum and has a color/clarity of F-G/VS1-VS2. Read more...
This men's wedding band features natural white diamonds that have an approximate weight of 0.30 ct. The ring has a comfort band fit and a width of 5 mm. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum and it has a clarity/color of F-G/VS1-VS2. Read more...
This men's wedding band has a band width of 10 mm and is fashioned in a cutting-edge modern style. The diamond on the ring is a Natural Black Diamond that has an approximate weight of 1.20 ct. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat & Platinum. Read more...
This Mens wedding band is accentuated with 0.30ct Black Diamonds that make it a statement ring. The band width of the ring is 5mm and the band fit is comfort. The diamond weight of the ring is approximately 0.30 ct. The ring is crafted in 14 or 18 Karat gold. Read more...