Proposing 101: Your Proposal Guide


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The Quick And Dirty - There are endless ways to propose. Here are some fun ones that we and our friends have experienced. In the end of the day, do what feels right for you and your relationship. 

Proposing for marriage is one of the most significant events that you will go through in life. It is also likely to be one of the most thrilling and unforgettable experiences and one of those moments you and your partner will look on fondly for years to come. As exciting as it is, there is a lot of pressure that comes with proposing. When you are proposing, you need to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage proposal; only what is perfect for you and your partner. 

Keep in mind the most critical aspect is to make sure that you’re in love and that you’ve chosen the right girl. If you are worried about how you should pop the question to the love of your life, then you are in the right place. We have all the tips, ideas and things to be mindful about, to help you plan and execute a memorable proposal.

No matter what advice we give, you should do you. Be bold, creative, and authentic. Good things will follow! 

Romantic Proposal Ideas

A romantic getaway

A romantic getaway is one of the best ideas you can have when it comes to planning a marriage proposal. You can choose a destination that both you and your partner have been meaning to visit. When your partner least expects it, use that as a chance to pop the question and create a lovely memory at a dreamy destination. If you cannot go far away, you can always take her to a different city for a weekend getaway. If you have a shared favorite romantic place – perhaps a city or nature area you have visited together in the past – perhaps you can go back to bring the romantic narrative full circle.

A public proposal

The next wedding proposal suggestion on our list is to select a special location that is meaningful to both of you for the proposal. It could be at a popular bridge, a peaceful beach, a small cafe, or even a national park. There’s something for everyone when it comes to public proposal spots. Once you have arrived at your selected spot, you can go the extra mile and arrange for a band to deliver a spontaneous performance of your girlfriend’s favorite tunes, and then ask her to marry you. Make a video of the whole experience to make it even more memorable and more fun.

Partner up with your pets

Cute pets are irresistible and with their help you can ask the love of your life to marry you. She will most likely squeal at how cute the whole set up is! Having a pet will also add to the innocence and sincerity of the proposal, scoring you some major points with your soon to be wife. For this idea, you can write the marriage proposal and tag it to the collar of your pet.

Dinner at a nice restaurant

A dinner is yet another proposal idea that always works. You can ask your girlfriend to dress up and then take her to a fancy restaurant where you make the proposal.  If you want to have more people to witness the proposal, you can do it at a family dinner. Propose a toast and once you have the attention of everyone, go for the big question. An intimate proposal with family is always a good way to go about it. 

Silver screen proposal

A movie theater proposal never gets old. Before the movie starts, you can pay for a slide with the surprise proposal. This will be one of those things your partner will not see coming.  Make the arrangements with the movie theater beforehand, so that she does not suspect anything when she gets there. When the lights go down, the big moment will come!

Concert wedding proposal

A concert proposal can be great, especially if the band performing is your girlfriend’s favorite. It does not matter whether it is a big concert or a small and intimate one. If she is excited to be there, it will work. You can contact the band manager beforehand and ask to be given a chance to go on stage. If you get the opportunity, you can even have the band work with you to make your proposal even better and include the proposal at intermission. 

Make her birthday extra special

Every girl gets excited about her birthday, so what better date than this to propose? The best thing about a birthday proposal is that she will not suspect a thing. You can get all her family and friends together in the name of a birthday party, then take the chance to make the proposal. This would be one of those memorable proposals that will make her day even more special. 

Breakfast in bed proposal

If you want an intimate proposal at home, you can spice things up by doing it over breakfast in bed. If both you and your partner are laid back, a proposal when you’re cozy in bed would be perfect. Start by pampering your partner by bringing her breakfast in bed and letting her see your lovin’ abilities. Make sure it is her favorite food and reserve the last plate of food for the ring. Now that is classy.

Some tips to get it right

Pick the right venue

When it comes to proposing, you will have to think about logistics almost as much as you will when choosing a wedding venue. Will you be required to make some other plans or make a reservation? Is there anything else that needs to be set up for the scene? What does the weather forecast say the day will be like if it’s outside? Have all these things in mind and ensure you have a contingency plan in case the place you have chosen to make the proposal doesn’t work out.

Make sure her nails are done

This might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but it will be something she considers once you propose and the ring is on her finger. If her nails aren’t in the best shape, schedule a manicure with her sister or her best friend before the day of her proposal. Women care a lot about how they look, and if you are proposing, it is safer to have her prepared for it. She will want to take pictures of her ring and if her nails are not manicured, it might dampen her mood. 

Get a photographer

Nearly everybody wants pictures of their engagement day in the age of social media. Enlist the services of a photographer or a videographer to document this special day. You can always seek the help of a friend or even a passer-by if you don’t have the budget for a photographer. It will be greatly appreciated by your partner. 

Things to be mindful of when proposing

Ask her parents for their blessing first

Asking the bride-to-be’s parents for permission to marry their daughter is something that any traditionalist will tell you is a prerequisite for an engagement. Many would argue that it isn’t important in today’s contemporary world, but the parents are likely anticipating it. Everyone is different. Some families expect it while others could hardly care. We recommend going with your own intuition and leaning on your own values to decide whether to ask her parents for permission.

Surprising her

You don’t have to go overboard to pull off a surprise proposal, based on your partner’s style. Consider her personality. Will a public proposal be too much for her? Does she want to be on the jumbo screen at a sports event? Would she prefer that her loved ones be present at the event? Ask trustworthy family members for advice, such as her mother, sister, or her closest friends, but be cautious who you ask. The more people who are aware of the proposal ahead of time, the more probable it is that the surprise will be revealed. That holds for you too, so don’t be too eager. If you keep bringing up marriage in conversations with her more frequently than you usually would, she’ll most likely notice that there’s something going on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say when proposing?

If you are nervous about what to say when proposing, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are a few tips for you:
1. Tell them what you love most about them.
2. Tell them the moment you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them
3. Practice ahead of time and speak from the heart. You can record yourself to get it just right.
4. At the end of the day, be yourself!
5. Alternatively, keep it simple. Say the four magic words: “Will you marry me?”

What is a cute way of proposing

There are dozens of cute proposals. But here are just a few of our favorites:
1. Recreate the first date, and at the end, pop the question!
2. Make an elaborate scavenger hunt for her. Throw in clues that only the two of you would understand.
3. A destination proposal. Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful sunset in a foreign country.

Can a woman propose to a man

Of course! Although it is far more common for a man to propose to his girlfriend, there are plenty of women who pop the question. Historically, it was tradition for men to propose to women. But in today’s modern era, more and more women are bucking the trend.

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