Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Princess cut engagement rings have a captivating design that is a close contender to the round brilliant cut, which is the most common. The princess cut is a more recent style that was established in the 1970s. It’s a form of  “modified brilliant” or “mixed diamond cut” that incorporates the methods of altered brilliant cuts as well as phase cuts. 

The French cut from the 14th century started the journey of the princess cut which we identify and appreciate today. This simple cut has much less facets compared to the current princess cut and looked better in the warm candlelight of the time.

The princess cut diamond form can have anything between 53 to 144 facets, depending mostly on general appearance of the princess cut and also the manner the pavilion (bottom part) of the diamond has been cut. Many princess cuts have 58 or 76 facets. Cuts with even less than 50 facets would lack the intense brightness and intensity which the princess is known for.

Choosing a Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The 4 C’s are important when assessing which ring to purchase. One of the things to look at when purchasing a princess cut engagement ring is the clarity of the stone. For Princess Cut Diamonds, the range of clarity grades is noticeably skewed to high end. There would never be a large number of SI2 and I1 Princess Cuts available.  It’s never easy to keep up with the demand for SI2 and I1 Princess Cuts.


In regard to color, a Princess Cut diamond needs some more caution compared to a Round Brilliant diamond. Both genius cuts thrive in reflecting light, making the real colors of the raw material more difficult to discern. To get the highest value, choose a diamond with a H or I color.

The length-to-width ratio

When choosing loose princess diamonds meant to be set on your ring, have the length-to-width ratio in view. For such a cut, a length-to-width ratio of 1 is optimal since it will result in a perfect square. A figure beneath or above 1 results in a princess cut which is slightly rectangular, which can impact the diamonds’ spark and shimmer.

Best Places To Buy Princess Cut Engagement Rings

James Allen

When it comes to Princess cut engagement rings, James Allen is the place to shop. They have a great selection of rings at all price points, and their reputation is impeccable. Plus, their customer service is outstanding, so you can rest assured that you’re making the best possible purchase. So if you’re looking for a Princess cut engagement ring, be sure to check out James Allen. You won’t be disappointed!

Kay Jewelers

Whenever it comes to quality princess cut engagement rings, Kay Jewelers has among the best rates. They operate solely online, which allows them to sell incredibly stunning princess cut engagement rings without sacrificing quality. They have clear images that show you what you can expect when you buy a ring from there.


Jared has some beautiful engagement ring styles, all of which are made with the highest-quality diamonds, precious stones, and metals. They provide you with high-quality rings at a fair price.  You get a rewarding experience at Jared, as well as a fantastic engagement ring to go along with it. Take a look at their princess cut engagement rings.

Princess Cut Diamond vs Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Round diamonds are more costly than princess-cut diamonds. This is due to the round diamond’s octahedral form. Splitting the stone in two helps gem cutters to create two princesses while leaving minimal waste. Round-cut diamonds, on the other hand, waste extra rough, thus they are further expensive compared to princess cuts. Princess cuts are known for their brilliance. They do not, nevertheless, compare to the brilliant shimmer of round diamonds. They outperform any fancy cut in terms of light results. Although princess cuts could have a lot of glitz, they will never outshine a perfect round. 

When comparing the top surface area of a princess and that of round diamond with similar carat weight, the round would have a relatively greater top surface area. Princess cuts, on the other hand, tend to look bigger due to its huge diagonal dimensions. Although remaining within your engagement ring cost range, you will manage to get a slightly greater princess cut than the round cut.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings Metal Options

Platinum is the most costly metal when it comes to the expense of your ring.  It’s among the rarest and most robust materials on the planet, and the price reflects that. It is, however, extremely dense and durable, requiring less maintenance in the longer term. Palladium is another alternative that is slowly getting popular due to its similar appearance and composition to platinum, though at a lesser cost. Palladium isn’t as heavy as platinum, although it has a silvery sheen to it. Silver is by far the most cost-effective precious metal, although what users save in the beginning will most eventually be taken up for in the necessary maintenance with time. Silver taints easily, so it must be washed and finished on a regularly scheduled basis to maintain the original luster. Tungsten and titanium are a solid and easy maintenance option that is both economical and long-lasting.

Common Setting Styles for Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The 4-prong setting and also the channel setting are the perfect settings for princess cut engagement rings and wedding bands. The channel setting is better for small princess cut precious stones or diamonds placed across the ring, while the 4-prong setting is ideal for the central princess cut stone ,for instance, in a princess cut solitaire diamond ring. Relatively small diamonds encircle the central stone in halo engagement rings, making it look bigger. The  princess cut halo ring has a more delicate look, making it a great option for the elegant modern woman. Antique rings have more ornate, one-of-a-kind designs that also make great setting styles for princess cut engagement rings. 

Beautiful Examples of Princess Cut Engagement Rings 

Engagement rings that feature princess cut diamonds come in a number of types, styles, and designs. Since they are among the most common engagement ring shapes, they are available in multiple styles. If you want to buy this ring, please ensure you go to a reputable company such as Capucinne or Jared to ensure you get a ring that is genuine and of good quality. Here are some of our favorite princess cut engagement rings that we think you would also love. 

This beautiful engagement ring features a 1 carat princess-cut diamond center stone. This stone is in a prong setting, on a band crafted in 14K white gold. The diamond is cut and polished in a manner that perfectly reflects light. Read more...
This elegant engagement ring features a radiant center made up of princess cut diamond. There are more diamonds that form the band which is crafted in 14K white gold. The diamonds on this ring have a total weight of 1 1/2 carats. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features a prong-set, princess-cut diamond as the center stone for a total weight of 1/2 carat.. The ring is fashioned in 14K white gold and the stone has a clarity of 12. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features a 1/8-carat princess-cut diamond as the center stone. There are sparkling round diamonds that surround this center stone to add sparkle to the ring. The total diamond weight is 7/8 carat and the band is in 14K white gold. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features an approx. 0.30 ct princess cut white diamond as the center stone. The ring has two accentuating white diamonds for a weight of 0.10 ct. The diamonds are color grade G, clarity grade VS and conflict-free. Read more...
This lovely ring features several princess cut white diamonds at the center of the band. The main stone has a measurement of 2mm and the side stones measure 1.75mm (2), 1.3 mm (2). The band of this ring is approx. 1.5mm wide. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a princess cut white diamond stone that has an approximate weight of 0.25 ct. The center stone is in a bezel setting and the band of this solitaire ring fashioned in 14k or 18k gold. It is available in size 3-8. Read more...
This thrilling diamond engagement ring features a 1 carat princess-cut diamond that is independently certified. The ring is fashioned in 14K white gold and the diamond is set in a prong. Read more...
This dazzling engagement ring features a princess-cut diamond center stone. The ring has round diamonds to accentuate the center stone and is fashioned in 14K white gold. The total weight of the diamonds is 1/2 carat. Read more...


What is a princess cut engagement ring?

A Princess Cut diamond is a cut that is a square diamond with exceptional fire and illumination that is usually. The flipped pyramid of this rough diamond stone was used to create this stylish diamond. Princess Cuts are one of the most dazzling shapes on diamonds, and they’re a common option for engagement rings.

Are princess cut diamonds more expensive?

A round cut diamond is typically more costly than a princess cut diamond. Princess cuts produce a higher yield and produce less waste once cut, allowing for more carats to be stored. You get to save money because the jeweler also saves some money by making princess cuts.

Which Diamond Cut is the cheapest?

The Asscher diamond cut and also the Emerald diamond cut are indeed the cheapest diamond cuts available. The  Asscher and Emerald shapes are less expensive because they  lose less weight while breaking through the rough diamond and produce less waste.


The princess seems to be a very accommodating cut, which is one of the greatest advantages of this style of cut.  Unlike many other cuts, such as the emerald or Asscher cut, that can magnify even small inclusions, blemishes, or color tints, diamonds that have a  less than flawless color and clarity scores can still look great in a princess cut since this style of cut can conceal minor flaws. Princess cuts are also beautiful in high to low carat sizes owing to the unique fire and flash they make. If you’re looking for a bright gemstone engagement ring, this cut is also beautiful on gemstones.