Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


The color of a pink diamond varies from pale pink to pale red. It is produced by a process known as plastic deformation. Unlike some other colored diamonds, pink diamonds don’t get their color from chemical impurities that absorb light. The history of pink diamond engagement rings is fascinating. In the Golconda mines in India is when they were first discovered. The Noor-ul-Ain (60 carats) and the Daria-i-Noor (182 carats) are the first identified pink diamonds. They are also in the Iranian crown jewel collection. Both are made out of a 400-carat rough diamond produced in India’s Golconda mines.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, accounting for just about 1% of the global diamond supply. This is as per information from the Gemological Institute of America. This uniqueness is presumably why they’ve become a celeb favorite. Pink diamonds were and still are uncommon and are about to get even more so. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia’s East Kimberley area produces over 90% of the globe’s pink diamonds. The estimated annual production of natural pink diamonds from around the world could fit snugly in your hand if you collected a year’s worth. 

A pink diamond’s uniqueness is one of the things that makes it so rare and attractive. Pink diamonds are popular because of their lovely color. The color ranges from a soft, subtle pink to a vivid, hot pink. Pink diamonds, like white diamonds, are extremely durable, making them an ideal choice for an engagement ring stone.

Choosing a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond color is one of the things you should look at when purchasing a pink diamond ring. If you want a bright, saturated color, you may need to reduce the size as well as the clarity requirement. You will need to adjust your carat weight and color requirements if you’d like a stone with no noticeable inclusions. This is due to the rarity of pink diamonds, making finding the “most perfect” one challenging. 

A lab-grown pink diamond is a good alternative if you can’t afford an authentic pink diamond. Thermally, chemically, and visually, lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds and the only difference is really in the source. Though lab-grown diamonds are still an investment component, they help to uncover high-quality stones in bigger sizes that aren’t as costly. 

Stone size

Pink diamonds can not be the best choice if you want a big stone. Pink diamonds are commonly found in small carat weights, so if you want a bigger stone, you’ll need a higher budget. Owing to the dwindling of viable pink diamond outlets, focus on getting the certificate of authenticity for even a small stone due to the increased cases of fraud where some sellers are passing a lab-grown pink diamond as a natural one. If the price appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is.

Best Places To Buy Pink Diamond Engagement Rings 

James Allen

James Allen is one of the retailers you can go to if you want to buy high-quality, genuine jewelry. They have a large selection of engagement rings from which to choose, with diamond engagement rings being among the most common. Their website is really appealing, with high-resolution photos of the rings that display exactly what you’ll get.

Clean Origin

If you’re in the market for a lab grown pink diamond engagement ring, there’s no better place to shop than Clean Origin. They have an unbeatable selection of rings at great prices, and they’re one of the most reputable dealers in the industry. When it comes to finding the lab grown perfect ring for your special someone, Clean Origin is the clear choice.


Netaya is a jewelry retailer that specializes in high-quality pieces at affordable prices. Since 1999, this store has established a trusted relationship with its customers and is the place to go for engagement rings. Visit their website and look at some of the quality diamond engagement rings they have available.


Jared should have been at the top of your list if you’re hunting for high-quality jewelry. They have an extensive jewelry collection, which include engagement rings. Buying a diamond engagement ring from Jared ensures quality and dependability, and that is why it is a brilliant idea.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring vs. White Diamond Engagement Ring 

For engagement rings, the traditional option is a white diamond. White diamonds are lovely and eternal, but they aren’t particularly rare. A colored diamond is the route to go for people who want something exclusive. Pink diamonds are beautiful, glamorous, and undoubtedly charming, and they are well worth every penny. Color is, of course, the most visible distinction between pink and white diamonds. Apart from that, they’re almost equivalent, with the exception that pink diamonds are far more rare and costly. Along with their scarcity and small availability, pink diamonds are 20 times more costly than white diamonds of the very same size.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Metal Options 

One of the most common metals for pink diamond rings is sterling silver. This is due to the fact that the color of this metal goes well with pink diamonds. Silver has been one of the earliest precious metals used in jewelry, and it had once been considered more valuable than gold. It is also the most available of all currently. Another metal choice for your pink diamond ring is gold. This metal is available in a number of colors, including white, yellow, and rose gold. Please keep in mind that white gold will need to be rhodium plated at least once annually to keep its lustrous sheen. Despite the fact that it is among the most expensive metals, the longevity of its wear makes it worth it. Platinum bands are rarely damaged in everyday life, and even the metal retains its color, so there’s no need to replate them. 

Common Setting Styles for Pink Diamond Engagement Rings 

The worth of your ring of choice can easily be increased or decreased by a jewelry setting. Its general brilliance as well as its vulnerability to external factors are both impacted. The conventional prong setting is the most common on pink diamond rings. Since the stone is held in place by the slightest amount of metal, it could also be the most popular. This is usually 4 or 6 prongs, which allow sufficient light to pass through the diamond, making it sharper. The second most popular setting is the bezel. In a bezel framework, a metal rim circles the stone’s circumference. Since the gemstone is securely held in place on all angles, the diamond has a modern look and is a good choice for people who lead active lives.

Beautiful Examples of Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

The beauty of pink diamond engagement rings is undeniable. They are not just attractive, but also extremely durable and resistant to scratch. A pink diamond engagement ring is ideal since it can be worn on a daily basis. On your ring, you have the choice of having a natural pink diamond or lab-created pink diamonds. There are several different shapes, setting styles, and designs from which to choose when it comes to pink diamond engagement rings. Here are some of our favorite pink diamond pieces as well as other pink center stones that we trust you will love as much as we do.

This lovely engagement ring features an oval pink sapphire surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds. The ring is 2 mm and is fashioned in 18K White Gold. The halo diamonds are set in a prong to add a chic look and vintage feel to the ring. Read more...
This elegant engagement ring features a pink diamond center stone. There are white diamonds that accentuate the center stone to add some sparkle to the ring. The ring is available in 18k yellow/rose/white gold and has a weight of approx. 2.8 grams. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features an eye catching 7 x 5 mm oval genuine pink sapphire center stone. The ring is crafted in 14K Yellow Gold and has accentuating diamonds. The total diamond weight of the ring is 1.15 Carats. Read more...
This unique engagement ring features a lovely modern princess cut tourmaline as the center stone. The ring also features a diamond cluster that accentuates the center stone. The ring is available in 14k or 18k gold. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features a lovely natural pink tourmaline gemstone at the center. There are shimmering diamonds that surround this stone to complete the look. The total diamond weight is 1/4 carats. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a square-cut natural pink sapphire as the center stone. The center stone is accentuated by surrounding diamonds that bring the total diamond weight of the ring to 1/10 carat, The ring is fashioned in 14K yellow gold. Read more...


Are pink diamonds more expensive?

The much more vivid the natural color, or the lack of color as in the case of white diamonds, the more valuable and rare the gem. Fancy vibrant pink diamonds are perhaps the most costly diamonds in the market, with values starting from 30,000 towards 100,000 each carat, or 20 times the cost of a white diamond.

Are pink diamonds real diamonds?

Pink diamonds that are naturally occurring are genuine. The term “natural” corresponds to pink diamonds which are found naturally and have never been manipulated in any way to make them pink. When the rough stone is discovered, it has a pinkish hue to its color. The result of a natural diamond can be stunning depending on the strength of the color as well as the cut of the stone.

What is the rarest color of diamonds?

Red diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds. Chemical impurities or structural defects in the crystal lattice could influence the color of a diamond. A diamond’s color could either withdraw from or enhance value, and this is dependent on the hue and strength of its color.


Pink diamond engagement rings have an undeniable charm. All the other diamond stones pale in contrast to these stones’ light and elegance. The diamond stone is perfect for engagement rings because it pops out. This ring exemplifies individuality. With a Mohs hardness rating of ten, they are also extremely durable and long-lasting. Maintain your pink diamond engagement ring separate from the rest of your jewelry in a pouch. Diamonds are incredibly hard and can damage other stones. A soft brush and warm water can be used to clean this ring.