Peridot Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Peridot is a mineral made of olivine, a gem-quality silicate mineral, as well as other silicate minerals. It is indeed among the few precious stones that only comes in one color: a lovely olive green. The iron content of this stone determines the hue of the color. Secondary shades may look yellow-green to a darker, brownish-green in certain Peridot gems, whereas some are pure green with no secondary shades. Despite the fact that olivine is a common mineral, gemstone-quality peridot is uncommon.

Peridot does have several interpretations, but the majority of them revolve around defense. Peridot’s soothing properties offer a shield to the wearer from unpleasant emotions like rage, anxiety, agitation, and other forms of emotional distress. Another beneficial effect of this gemstone is that it keeps nightmares away whilst assisting pleasant dreams to materialize.

On the Mohs scale, peridot is a 6.5 to 7 on the scale. It has a durability that varies from average to good. Peridot is sturdy enough to still feature on jewelry. Handle with caution to avoid scratching or being subject to strong blows that might crack it. This stone may be broken by sudden or uneven fire. It is light tolerant, but it is susceptible to sulfuric acid and less so to hydrochloric acid. Acid perspiration can also strike it over a prolonged period of time. Cleaning the peridot is best done with warm, soapy water. Steam and ultrasonic cleaners are not advised. 

Choosing a Peridot Engagement Ring


The 4 C’s are what to look at in choosing a peridot ring. One of the things to consider when selecting a peridot engagement ring is the color of the stone. Peridot’s natural color varies between pure green to greenish yellow. Its best and perhaps most desirable color would be a dark olive green without any brown or yellow undertones and less than 15% iron content. The color of the stone becomes even more vivid and deeper when the iron content decreases. Peridots of high quality are generally grass green in color with no additional yellowish or brownish hues, although these are very scarce and only present in big gemstones. The stones of lower quality are much more yellowish or greenish in color.


The second factor to consider is the clarity. Peridot of the highest quality has “eye clean clarity,” that implies that there are no noticeable defects over its layer and it also has a flawless appearance. The price of a Peridot may reduce if there are noticeable defects throughout the stone. A few other Peridots contain small mineral crystals throughout the stone’s body that appear as black spots once magnified.


The third feature to look at when choosing a peridot engagement ring is the cut of the stone. Peridot gemstones are available in a wide range of shapes and cuts. In reality, the possibilities are endless. Princess cuts, ovals, emerald cuts, heart shapes, and rounds are among the most common cuts. Cabochons as well as beads are often made from these gemstones. Cut Cabochon Peridots have a domed, rather than a flat surface but are polished to a dazzling sheen.


You should also consider the carat weight of the stone when choosing a ring. Peridots are inexpensive, with prices beginning from about $25 per carat. A mere carat will cost as much as $500 or more if the stone is bigger and the color is of outstanding quality. This is due to the fact that larger Peridots are uncommon, while tiny ones are abundant. As a result, the larger the Peridot stone, the higher the carat price would be.

Best Places To Buy Peridot Engagement Rings 

James Allen

When it comes to high-quality peridot engagement rings, James Allen has among the best rates. They operate solely online, which allows them to sell incredibly stunning peridot engagement rings without reducing quality. They have high-resolution images that show you what you can anticipate once you buy a ring from there.


When you are thinking of engagement ring purchasing, one of the first places that comes to mind is Jared. This shop has a large selection of absolutely stunning engagement rings. Their products stick out in regards to quality, content, and design, and that is why you should go there to buy a peridot engagement ring.


Kay Jewellers is yet another destination for all things engagement rings. They have a large selection of rings from which to choose, ensuring that you can find just what you want. Their rings are real and of good quality, so purchasing a peridot engagement ring from them would be worthwhile.

Peridot Engagement Rings vs. Diamond Engagement Ring 

A peridot ring, unlike a diamond, is not a typical option for an engagement ring. Diamonds are much harder than most peridots, given the fact that diamonds have a score of 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness and peridots have a score of about 6.5-7 on the scale. In contrast to peridots, diamonds are more costly per carat. Rubies with excellent grades that occur naturally are extremely rare in contrast to diamonds.

This is why they appear to be more expensive and valuable. Peridots  have a distinct twinkle and uniqueness that makes them stand out as statement engagement rings. For the non-conventional lady, a non-traditional peridot engagement ring is perfect.

Peridot Engagement Ring Metal Options

Although 10k, 14k, and 18k white gold peridot diamond rings and peridot engagement rings are popular, it is better to avoid buying white gold peridot rings. This is due to the fact that peridot is especially susceptible to sulfuric compounds, which are present in the rhodium bath in use in the rhodium plate procedure.

Since white gold wedding and engagement rings are worn every day, they need a new rhodium treatment every 1 to 2 years. Doing rhodium plating applications repeatedly will seriously harm the peridot gemstone on a white gold ring in 3 to 5 years. Stick with non-rhodium-plated metals like rose gold, yellow gold, silver, platinum, or palladium for a peridot engagement ring which will last a lifetime. Although one or two rhodium plate treatments may not harm peridot, the peridot might gradually become darkened and cloudy from each subsequent rhodium plate exposure.

Common Setting Styles for Peridot Engagement Ring

The Rose Gold Peridot Ring itself is a way to wear a peridot. The side stones complement the stone at the center and add a touch of glitz to the layout. You can have a rose gold band  and a natural peridot in the middle, which is secured by diamonds on both sides. As a whole, you get a ring that is really inexpensive, elegant, and has great color contrast. The Edwardian-style engagement ring is a classy and modern way of styling a Peridot Engagement Ring. It features a beautiful Peridot gemstone in the middle, surrounded by other stones. This ring is ideal if you are searching for a rustic engagement ring that’s distinct from the standard.

Beautiful Examples of Peridot Engagement Rings

Peridot engagement rings come in many varieties, styles, and designs. Since they are among the most unique engagement rings, they are available in various styles. If you want to buy this ring, please ensure you go to a reputable store to ensure you get something genuine and of good quality. Here are some of our top ten favorite peridot engagement ring choices. These rings are simply gorgeous and will look perfect on your significant other.

This elegant ring features a 4mm round shaped green peridot center stone. The stone has eye clean clarity and a total weight of 0.25 carats. The width of this ring is 2.3 mm and it is crafted in 14K Yellow Gold. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a 5x3mm oval green peridot center stone. The ring has a total carat weight of 0.25ct and a clarity that is slightly included. The band of this ring has a width of 1mm and is fashioned in 14K Yellow Gold. Read more...
This delicate east-west peridot engagement ring features a oval shaped 0.02 carat center stone. There are round shaped accentuating diamonds on either side of the periodt that have a total carat weight of 0.02. The ring is crafted in 14K Yellow Gold and has a width of 1.2 mm. Read more...
This stunning stackable ring features a 5.00 x 3.00 natural green oval peridot center stone. The ring has two swirl details on each side of the center stone that add a modern and playful feel to the ring. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and is available in standard size 7. Read more...
This elegant stackable ring features a 3.00 x 5.00 oval peridot center stone. the stone at the center is surrounded by twists in sterling silver that give the ring a unique feel. The stone is set in a prong and the ring is available in standard size 7. Read more...
This lovely ring features a heart-shaped peridot center stone that is placed within a beautiful openwork design. There are fiery diamonds that accentuate and frame the center stone in swirls. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and has a total diamond weight of 1/10 carat. Read more...
This lovely ring features a natural cushion cut 5.00 X 5.00 green periodt center stone that is set in a bezel setting. The band of this ring is 2.5mm wide and is crafted in sterling silver. The ring is available in standard size 7. Read more...
This stunning ring features a round peridot center stone that is quite remarkable, There are accentuating diamonds that are in a row on each side of the band. The ring is fashioned in 10K white gold and the diamonds are all set in a prong setting. Read more...
This stunning three stone engagement ring features round peridots that are accentuated by diamonds set in a prong that sparkle on both sides. The ring has a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat and is fashioned in 10k white gold. Read more...
This stunning ring features a round peridot as the center stone. The peridot is surrounded by accentuating shining diamonds on the slender band of this ring. The ring is crafted in 10k yellow gold and has a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat. Read more...


Is Peridot good for engagement ring?

Peridot engagement rings are a one-of-a-kind choice for those looking for a modern ring. The stone’s distinctive color and elegance certainly stands out. Peridot, on the other hand, is a soft gemstone that needs more upkeep than common engagement ring stones such as gems, emeralds, and rubies.

What Stone is bad luck in an engagement ring?

While emeralds are a common option for engagement rings, they are believed to bring bad luck to wedding celebrations. The wedding is deemed ‘unlikely to occur’ if an emerald ring has been used for a proposal, and the engaged bride-to-be will most eventually end up as an old maid.

Does Peridot scratch easily?

On the Mohs scale, peridot is a 6.5 to 7 on the hardness scale. Peridot is sturdy enough to be worn as jewelry, but it should be handled with caution to avoid scratching or being subjected to strong blows that might crack it.


Peridot engagement rings are a one-of-a-kind option for those looking for a non-conventional ring. The stone’s distinct color and sparkle make it outstanding. Peridot, however, is a softer gemstone that needs more upkeep than common engagement ring stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Select Peridot only if you are prepared to offer it the attention it deserves.