Onyx Engagement Rings – The Ultimate Guide


Written by Emily


The ultimate symbol of love and commitment has always been an engagement ring for many couples. If there is an engagement ring that stands out and makes a statement, it has to be the black onyx ring. This is a unique ring that is guaranteed to grab the attention of any person. Onyx engagement rings come in different shapes and sizes, and finding the one that suits your preference is key. This striking gemstone can be used on rings for both men and women.

Not only is it beautiful and uniquely ravishing, but it is also long lasting and durable. Onyx engagement rings are available in a broad range of prices, which means you can get one at a price that works for you. The price of this engagement ring will highly depend on how the stone is cut.

The black onyx is definitely a non-traditional gemstone for an engagement ring. This gemstone represents balance and protection. There is a belief that the black onyx can reflect negative emotions away from its owner. This is the same for bad energies. It is also believed that having a black onyx ring promotes balanced emotions and physical well-being in a person.

There are two types of onyx that can be used on black onyx rings: the agate black onyx and the natural black onyx. The natural black onyx is naturally black while the agate black onyx is artificially dyed black to get the black color.

Best Places to Buy Onyx Engagement Rings

James Allen

James Allen is one of the best places to get a quality engagement ring. There are plenty of engagement rings to choose from, including the black onyx engagement rings. The James Allen website has a number of high resolution images of the onyx engagement ring that gives you a glimpse of what they offer. You can spin the ring in 360° HD and magnify it to view all the details on the ring.


A Jared store is a favorite shopping destination for people looking to purchase engagement rings. Jared has a variety styles of engagement rings for everyone, with over 274 stores in different states. The online experience on the Jared site is just as engaging as stepping into a physical store. Their onyx engagement rings are a great choice for someone who wants to go for this kind of ring.


Zales has been an impressive retailer that offers a wide selection of engagement rings and wedding bands. There is an array of rings at Zales and an onyx engagement ring is top on the list. You can also create a custom design for your ring (how cool is that!). An onyx engagement ring from Zales is an excellent choice both in quality and price.

Choosing an Onyx Engagement Ring

Customers looking for a completely solid black onyx mostly prefer black agate onyx. Buyers who favor lighter colored bands or white bands in their black onyx rings may go for naturally produced black onyx. Natural black onyx and black agate onyx have basically similar physical properties. None is greater than the other when it comes to durability and wear.

Black onyx is most frequently combined with diamonds and platinum or palladium. Vivid gemstones form compelling parallels with the black gemstone. A black onyx ring’s appeal and price can be significantly enhanced by these additions.

If buying an onyx engagement ring, by selecting a high-quality setting and style, you can attach higher value to the piece. This is particularly important when selecting bridal rings made of onyx. The final design would be of significance, even though the gemstone alone may not be costly and may even need to be replaced. Although onyx is similar in appearance to black diamonds, it does not have the toughness that black diamonds have.

On the Mohs scale, it has a score of 6.5 to 7, rendering it somewhat a soft gemstone. So as to extend its life, though it has outstanding durability, it always needs to be taken care of.  Black engagement rings are not for everyone, but they are the right choice for those non-conventional people who are looking for something new. Onyx engagement rings can be obtained at reasonable prices, they are eye-catching and very elegant.

Onyx Engagement Ring Vs Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings have always been the standard for engagement rings but we are slowly moving away from this traditional ring to options that are more diverse. The onyx ring is one of the non-traditional rings that is becoming more popular by the day. The black onyx ring speaks sophistication, uniqueness and definitely points to a stylish personality. Contrary to popular opinion, there are no rules to engagement rings. Getting a ring that represents your bride and your relationship is ideal and if a black onyx ring is what she wants then that makes the ring ideal. An onyx engagement ring portrays diversity and freedom and is definitely a unique ring for the modern woman. Alternatively, there are other numerous gemstone options available such as garnet engagement rings.

Onyx Engagement Ring Metal Options

For an onyx engagement ring, it is best to avoid white gold since you may require rhodium plate treatment for this type of metal so as to preserve its white shine. The regular rhodium plate treatments may damage your gemstone. Some metals that would be suited for onyx engagement rings are yellow or rose gold, sterling silver and platinum or palladium. Whether your onyx ring is gold or silver plated, it will still look beautiful. Sterling silver is a common color on onyx engagement rings as it brings out the glow on the ring but you can also get yellow or rose gild if it suits your preference.

Common Setting Styles for Onyx Engagement Rings

Onyx engagement rings come in a variety of setting styles with some of the most common ones being the bezel setting and the halo setting. On the bezel setting, the onyx stone has the metal wrapped around it on its entire circumference. This setting is actually one of the safest settings when it comes to securing the stone. The other common setting for onyx engagement rings is the halo setting. This is where the stone is placed on the center and other gemstones or diamonds surround it to create a halo. This setting in your onyx ring adds some sparkle and most times makes the gemstone look bigger than it actually is.

Beautiful examples of Onyx Engagement Rings

An onyx engagement ring happens to be the astrological birthstone for Leo and the birthstone of February. These engagement rings can either be tapered, bypassed or split in a floral or three stone look. Onyx engagement rings may feature diamonds to add to the radiating beauty of the ring. Here are some of our top 10 examples of beautiful engagement rings that we think would be a great choice for you. They come in a range of styles and budgets and will help you pick a ring that meets your needs.

The 18K yellow gold east-west onyx oval cabochon and diamond ring is a sophisticated ring that is great for special occasions. The ring has a 2.5 mm 18K yellow gold metal, 32 round diamonds and an oval onyx of 12.5 carats that is black in color. Read more...
The 18K Yellow Gold Onyx Oval Cabochon And Diamond Ring is a beautiful ring. This bold ring has a striking onyx cabochon surrounded by diamonds. This piece has 52 round diamonds and a black oval shaped onyx that has a total carat of 24. Read more...
The black onyx and diamond accent beaded starburst border bypass ring is a statement piece. This onyx ring is fashioned in warm gold with a 10.0 x 5.0mm marquise shaped black onyx at the center. There are multiple diamonds set in between the bypassing ribbons on this ring which adds some elegance to it. Read more...
The cultured pearl ring onyx and topaz sterling silver ring has a lustrous 6mm freshwater pearl and a 7 x 3 onyx stone above and below the center of the ring respectively. This stylish ring has a shimmering white topaz lining the band to complete the look. Read more...
The Cushion-Cut Faceted Onyx and Diamond Accent Frame Ring in Sterling Silver is an elegant ring that has a mysterious and sophisticated look to it. It has 7.0mm cushion-cut faceted black onyx on the center that is truly eye-catching. The ring has a halo of diamonds around it and a bright polished finish. Read more...
The onyx ring 1/5 ct tw diamonds sterling silver ring has a cushion shaped onyx size 12 that is surrounded by diamonds that have a total weight of 1/5 carats. This stylish sterling silver ring has a bezel stone setting that complements its overall design. Read more...
The onyx shadow frame three ring bridal set in sterling silver is a modern edgy ring. This ring has a 14K rose gold plate and has a 5.0mm rich black onyx wrapped in a petite onyx frame in bezel setting. The smaller stones are 1.0 x 1.7 x 2.2mm and for your wedding, two bands surround the center design to give it an adventurous look. Read more...
The oval onyx diamond accent curved bypass ring in sterling silver is a gemstone engagement ring that is on a different level. This ring has a 10.0 x 8.0mm oval-shaped rich black onyx and sparkling diamonds that adorn the ribbons and complete the design. The metal on this ring is a sterling silver that is white, with a polished finish. Read more...
The oval onyx and white topaz split shank ring has a sumptuous gemstone that is a great compliment to any outfit. This ring has a 10.0 x 8.0mm oval-shaped rich black onyx set on the top of a split shank and is bordered by 1.8mm shimmering white topaz. Read more...
The onyx ring diamond accents sterling silver ring has an onyx that rises above a band of sterling silver. Round shimmering diamonds rise on a second band on this beautiful ring. The onyx is marquise in shape with a size of 8 x 4. Read more...