Morganite Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


The morganite stone is a pink gemstone that is part of the beryl mineral family. It has relations to some common stones such as aquamarine and emerald. A morganite gemstone often has a light pink look but it can also have a darker shade that inclines towards purple. There may also be morganite stones that have an orange-pink color variation which may vary in color intensity. The color of the stone will depend on its size.

Rise in Popularity

Morganite engagement rings have become quite popular because of their exceptional light appearance and clarity. These rings are a beautiful choice and are clearly a unique option that will make you stand out. They are ideal for the non-traditional bride-to-be who wants something away from the conventional. Morganite has a score of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which makes it generally durable.

Morganite may be a trend today, but it is actually not a new stone. On the coast of Madagascar is where the first morganite discovery happened in 1910. The name is after J.P Morgan, a well-known banker. Morgan loved gemstones and so as to show appreciation to the gem gifts he had offered museums across the globe. Morganite stones are becoming more popular and are available in wide range of rings. To accentuate them and make them even more elegant, stones such as diamonds or other gems can be added.

Choosing a Morganite Engagement Ring

People who love a little dash of color would find the morganite engagement ring an excellent choice. Due to its warm tone of color, this ring offers a great alternative to a colorless diamond or other dark colored gemstones. One of the best aspects of morganite engagement rings is the cost because they tend to be more affordable in comparison to other rings such as diamond engagement rings.

When a person is choosing a morganite engagement ring, they should make sure that they get a stone that has an eye clean clarity. Morganite is a Type 1 stone which means that an original morganite stone will have an eye clean clarity grading. There should be no inclusions that can are visible to the naked eye. The value of the ring will be higher in accordance to the clarity of the stone.

Morganite Colors

The colors on morganite engagement rings also varies, and it is best to choose one that has your color of preference. The color of the stone depends in the size, so if you need a color that is more saturated, you may have to add some carats to get the color you desire. When purchasing a morganite engagement ring, also look at the cut of the stone since this also affects its value. The ring should have a high quality cut and a stone that is also bright and brilliant. Go for non-treated stones too because they tend to be rarer and have greater value.

Best Places to Buy Morganite Engagement Rings

James Allen

For your morganite engagement ring, James Allen is a great store to visit as they have a number of them. They also let you customize the engagement ring you love. Having a James Allen morganite engagement ring means that you can get a fabulously styled and one that is of high quality. There are also other rings available here that you can have a look at.


At Capucinne, there is a vast selection of engagement rings and one of the quality rings they offer is a morganite engagement ring. You may also want a personalized ring according to the needs you may have, and Capucinne can give you exactly what you wish for. An excellent choice from Capucinne would be a morganite engagement ring.


One of the best places to find a quality engagement ring is Netaya. Like the morganite engagement rings, there are several engagement rings to pick from. There are a variety of top quality photographs of the engagement rings on the Netaya website as well as details about them that give you a preview of what they offer.


Jared should be one of the stores that springs to mind first when you hear about engagement ring shopping. Jared has several stores in 41 states, which means that when it comes to engagement rings, they do everything right. At Jared, there is a wide collection of engagement rings from an incredible variety of prominent designers and a morganite engagement ring happens to be one of them.

Morganite Engagement Rings Vs Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are the classic rings that have always been known as the go to engagement rings. If you are looking for something fresh, non-traditional and away from the conventional, then a morganite engagement ring is the ring for you. Morganite stones are not as hard as diamond rings, which means that they may be more susceptible to scratches or damage. There could also be a difference in luster as diamonds tend to have a higher luster than morganites. This means that diamond ring might sparkle a little more than a morganite ring will. All in all, a morganite ring is a beautiful ring that stands out on its own.

Morganite Engagement Ring Metal Options

Morganite engagement rings have exquisite pink center stones that produce an amazing blush tone. This means a morganite stone will look amazing in metal colors that not only contrast it such as white gold, but also those that complement it as well. Morganite engagement rings that are set in rose gold metal exude a romantic and warm feel. A delicate rose gold setting also works as a great option because it makes the exquisite pink color of a morganite to be even more striking and visible. Resulting in an enchanting shine, morganite stones and rose gold metals complement each other.

Common Setting Styles for Morganite Engagement Rings

A morganite stone looks amazing in a delicate setting that makes it possible for light to enter the stone and allow the ring to radiate. The setting however needs to be strong enough to keep the stone secure. One of the most common setting styles used on morganite engagement rings is the prong setting. This is where the stone is held onto the prong by metal pins. Most times, v shaped prongs are used to make protect the morganite stone from breaking or chipping off. The halo setting is also commonly used. This is where the stone takes the center and other stones like diamonds or gemstones surround it to form a halo.

Beautiful Examples of Morganite Engagement Rings

Morganite engagement rings are trending, and with good reason. These beautiful rings have become more common as many brides are opting to get a morganite engagement ring over other types of rings, including diamond engagement rings. There are numerous designs of morganite engagement rings that are available and with all these options, it shouldn’t be a challenge getting one that you love. One example of a morganite engagement ring is the three stone morganite diamond ring that is very popular among brides-to-be. Here are some of our top 10 examples of morganite engagement rings that we think you’ll love too.

This ring has a bezel set halo round its center morganite stone to provide a soft and delicate look. The are also diamonds that flank the center flower motif to make it even more elegant. Read more...
This ring has morganite center stone shaped in a square facet. It has a calibration of 5 X 5 mm and a weight of 0.62 ct. It has a rose gold bezel and a white gold band. Read more...
This is a modern halo ring that has an octagon shaped morganite stone at the center. It is surrounded by a floating halo of diamonds to give it a touch of elegance. Read more...
This exquisite heart-shaped ring is set in sterling silver. It features a 7 mm heart-shaped morganite that has thirty-six pink sapphires surrounding it, for a total weight of 1.00 carat. Read more...
This ring as an 8mm morganite top quality center stone and two 3.5mm malaya garnet side stones. It has a prong setting on a 14k/18k yellow rose white gold metal. Read more...
This is a gorgeous pear peach morganite and diamond engagement ring. It is set in rose gold and has a beautiful lace band to complete the look. Its carat weight is approx. 0.11 ct. Read more...
The center morganite stone on this ring is set in a swirling intricate design that has a tilt and flow lines wrapped around it. This ring is not only beautiful, but also very classy and feminine. Read more...
This ring has a square halo morganite stone that emphasizes the amazing sparkle of the gorgeous morganite pink stone. The ring has a width of 1.8mm and is set in 14K Rose Gold. Read more...


Is Morganite a good stone for an engagement ring?

A morganite stone is a great gemstone for an engagement ring. Not only does it have an intricate pink beauty, this stone has a scale of about 8 on the Mohs scale which renders it durable. It can be worn daily which makes it a good choice for an engagement ring.

Is a Morganite ring tacky?

A Morganite ring is definitely not tacky. Morganite engagement rings are what you go for if you want to steal the scene and become a trend setter while you’re at it. Morganite rings are the perfect shade of blush to remind you of the blush waiting for you as you walk down the aisle.

Can you wear Morganite every day?

An engagement ring that has the morganite gemstone can be worn every day. Morganite falls on a score of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which means it is a durable gemstone. As long as it is handled with care, a morganite engagement ring is a good choice and can be worn daily.

What does Morganite symbolize?

Morganite symbolizes divine love and the power of divine love. This stone is a reflection of unconditional love and is believed to attract and maintain genuine love. The morganite stone is also believed to attract peace, inner strength, compassion and joy.


A morganite stone takes all the attention on a morganite engagement ring. Morganite engagement rings are coveted for their captivating tones and exceptional clarity. They are a great new alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. These rings are the true epitome of femininity and beauty and are assured to help you make a statement. Clean your morganite engagement ring regularly to keep it shining and cute. The best part of a wedding is that you get to decide what you want, and what better way than to get a morganite engagement ring that is unique for you.