Leibish and Co. Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Leibish and company is a multinational online jewelry retailer that deals with rare gemstones, color diamonds jewelry and natural fancy color diamonds. This company is one of the most reputable jewelry companies globally. The company headquarters are in New York and Israel, with offices globally in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Shanghai. The stones the company uses on its jewelry comes from mines in Russia, Australia, India and Africa. They are sourced from legitimate sources that are conflict free and that company with the resolutions of the United Nations. We take a closer look at the company in this Leibish and Co. review.

The Leibish and Co. website has a clean format that makes it easy to navigate. You can use their filter tool to find stones of a particular intensity, carat, shape, clarity and price. All their diamonds are displayed clearly and the details on their price, availability and specs are clearly indicated. There are also categories on the home page where you can shop by jewelry, engagement rings, diamonds and gemstones.

History of Leibish and Co.

This company is a family business that belongs to the Leibish family made up of Leibish Polnauer, his wife and their children. Leibish and co. began in 1979 and opened its online website for retail in 1995. Leibish, the founder, realized that the internet had a lot of potential as a channel for marketing, sales and service when it comes to reaching a worldwide client base. This company was therefore one of the first color diamond companies to begin retailing online.

The company began jewelry manufacturing in the early 21st century. The jewelry is design, manufacture and marketing is by the company. They use accurately graded and calibrated diamonds. The company manufactures a wide array of jewelry items but their color diamond engagement rings have to be one of their best sellers. The business has continued to grow by providing items that exceed the expectations of their customers.

Leibish and co. attained 100,000 online visits to their website in 2012 which was a great milestone for them. In 2009, they took home one tender diamond, six tender diamonds in 2010, six in 2011, seventeen in 2012, seven in 2013, two in 2014 and twenty six in 2015. As per their website, “In 2016 the company won the first internally flawless Argyle Tender diamond offered in over 20 years!” This shows that Leibish and Co. deals in high quality diamonds.

What makes Leibish and Co. stand out?

One of the things that stands out about Leibish and Co. is their expertise when it comes to gemstones and fancy colored diamonds. Indeed, this company has some of the largest online selections of colored diamonds. Their inventory has a wide range of ideal cuts and fancy ones that come in a variety of clarities, hues and sizes. Their main focus goes to Canary Yellow and Argyle Pink diamonds. They offer high quality diamonds that are certified with the IGI, GIA, Argyle or in-house diamond certificates. Their diamonds are all natural and conflict free and the company holds private ownership.

Leibish and Co. also has a customizing option that makes them stand out. You can design your own ring and have them bring it to life. The first step is to select your setting, then choose your stone and you can then complete your request. Other than the custom options, there are pre-set colored diamonds jewelry available for their customers. The company also offers gemstones that are more price friendly compared to the diamonds. The gemstones they offer include tanzanites, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarine, rubies and other semiprecious gemstones. Furthermore, they have bridal sets and men’s rings too.

Leibish and Co. Refund Policies and Customer Service

Leibish and Co. offers a 30 day return policy and a money back guarantee for their items. For a return to be accepted by the company, it has to have the original certificate given upon purchase and it must be in its original condition. However, customized or personalized jewelry items cannot be returned.

There is a one-time resizing option for rings that do not fit perfectly which can be done within two years. Leibish and Co. also has a free shipping policy where there are items that can be shipped overnight within the United States. They also have a 48 hour catalog where items from here are shipped within 48 hours from the time payment is made at no extra cost. For other items, shipments can take 3 to 5 business days after the order payment has been made. Items cannot be shipped until the entire payment for an item has been made.

Lifetime warranty

There is a lifetime warranty for items purchased from Leibish and Co. The warranty takes into consideration services such as cleaning, loose prongs and rhodium plating. For this, you will incur the shipping and insurance costs. Along with this, they also have an appraisal option where you can get a professional appraisal for your jewelry, gemstone or diamond. Upon request, you can get a GIA appraisal report for free to authenticate your item.

Leibish and Co. Vs Brian Gavin

Leibish and Co. and Brian Gavin are some of the biggest jewelry retail companies in the United States. This is why we compare these two reputable companies in this Leibish and Co. review. The first thing that you can note from the two is that they are named after their owners and founders. Leibish and Co. was formed by Leibish while Brian Gavin Diamonds was established by Brian Gavin. Another similarly between the two is that they both deal in natural diamonds only. Their diamonds are all mined which means that they have not been enhanced or lab created.

A big difference between the two is that the main focus for Leibish and Co. is on colored diamonds. This company’s specialty is offering color diamonds with their main diamonds being Canary Yellow diamonds and Argyle Pink diamonds. The diamonds they offer are quite rare which makes them pricey too. Brain Gavin in the other hand, does not offer a wide range of color diamonds as their focus is mainly on colorless diamonds. While they do not offer colored diamonds, Brian Gavin prices also tend to be quite high because of their exceptional ‘Hearts and Arrows’ design that gives a diamond perfect symmetry.


Does Leibish and Co. sell real diamonds?

Leibish and Co. has a wide range of diamonds available, with their specialty being in colored diamonds. All the diamonds offered by this company are natural which means that they are not enhanced or treated in any way. Their diamonds are conflict free high quality diamonds which are certified by several bodies.

Is Leibish legit?

All diamonds from Leibish and Co. are certified by either IGI, GIA, Arygle, AFT or their in house GIA gemologist. This means that they only sell authentic diamonds that are of a high quality. Turning colored diamonds unto beautiful jewelry pieces needs skill and expertise and from the statement pieces they create, they definitely have it.

What is a fancy diamond?

A fancy diamond refers to a fancy color diamond that has a yellow or brownish color which is beyond the Z range. Other diamonds that exhibit any other color face up also fall into this category. These diamonds are rare and can be in colors such as red, pink, green and blue.

Our favorite engagement rings from Leibish and Co.

Leibish and Co. is the place to visit for someone looking for a unique engagement ring, especially one that features a colored diamond. In addition, their unmatched expertise, fair pricing and high craftmanship assured you of getting what you are looking for. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings from Leibish and Co. that we think you would also love.

This beautiful ring is crafted in 18K white and rose gold. It is set in a Bezel setting with stones that are a GIA & Argyle certified. The ring has colorless and pink round brilliants that compliment each other in a vintage milgrain style design. Read more...
This lovely ring features a deep brown-orange emerald cut diamond as the center stone. It is certified by GIA and weighs 1.38cts. The ring has 4 F+ color baguette side stones that are in a chanel setting along the shank. The ring is crafted in platinum metal. Read more...
This ruby and diamond designer dress ring is beautiful and is crafted in 18K white gold. The center stone set in three diamond pave prongs is a red trilliant shape ruby that has a weight of 2.02cts. There is a double shank on the ring set with collection brilliants. Read more...
This lovely ring features a diamond side stone and a vivid blue cushion sapphire as the center stone. The sapphire is certified by GRS and has a weight of 3.69cts. The sapphire brilliants on this ring are in a in a closed pave milgrain design and have alternating colors. Read more...
This fancy intense pink round halo side stone ring is extraordinary. The stones on the ring are certified by GIA and Argyle and have a weight of 0.73cts. The ring is designed in an open pave halo and has collection color marquise shaped diamonds that make the outer halo. Read more...
This argyle pink pear diamond halo crossover Ring is simply stunning. The ring has a pair of pink purple pear diamonds that is truly magnificent and have a total weight 0.43cts. The diamonds are also certified by both GIA and Argyle. The ring is set in platinum metal. Read more...
This oval sapphire and diamond "diana" halo ring is exceptionally stunning. The center gemstone of this ring weighs 1.51cts. It is fashioned in 14K white gold and the color brilliants are set in a prong halo. This ring would make a great engagement ring. Read more...
This beautiful fancy red radiant halo diamond ring is crafted in 14K white gold. The center stone is certified by GIA and has a weight of 0.31cts. The ring has a split shank accentuated by side stones and an open pave halo of color brilliants. Read more...
This fancy yellow cushion halo diamond ring is simply stunning. The center stone is certified by GIA and has a weight of 1.04cts. The ring is fashioned in 18K white and yellow gold and it features a side stone shank and an open pave halo. Read more...