How to Clean Diamond Ring Without Damaging It


Written by Emily


Your wedding ring is likely one of the most costly pieces of jewelry you have ever purchased, and it also carries a great deal of personal significance, so you would want to understand how to effectively care for it. It’s really only normal to want to keep your wedding ring sparkling and shining in the sun after it has been freshly cleaned out and polished. Although you can always take your wedding ring to a jeweler for expert cleaning, it’s also beneficial to know how and when to clean it yourself. Between skilled cleanings, routine at-home cleaning will leave your ring gleaming and in the best condition possible.

There are several different styles of wedding rings, but no matter which one you have, the best way is to clean it with patience and gentleness.  Never scrub your wedding ring with rough bristles or harsh abrasives, as this can harm the surface of the metal, while also weakening and/or destroying the diamonds as well as other gems. If you are not sure how to polish or clean your priceless wedding ring, seek expert advice from a reputable jeweler.

Cleaning the Ring at Home

While some experts recommend having your fine jewelry or wedding ring cleaned by an expert, there are a few at-home methods you can use to keep your wedding ring appearing its finest. One point to remember is that sharp objects should never be used to extract debris or stains from the setting because they can scrape the metal or loosen out the stone. Soap and water are among the best ways to clean your wedding ring at home, regardless of the setting, stone form, or material. You will need a small bowl, lukewarm water, a soft bristle toothbrush,  mild detergent soap, and a soft lint free cloth.

Before you begin cleaning your wedding ring, take a close look at it to make sure it is in good condition. Are the claws firmly gripped? Are the stones in their settings jumping around? If this is the case, we suggest that you take the ring to a jewelry store right away so that it can be cleaned without causing any harm. Apply a few drops of fluid dishwashing soap to a small bowl of lukewarm tap water. Soak the wedding ring for the required amount of time, which will be based on how dirty it is. A few minutes of soaking should be enough. If there is any debris like hand lotion, perfume, makeup, or hairspray, it needs to be removed, dampen the toothbrush by putting it inside the soapy water and gently go through the ring, focusing on tainted areas. 

Clean the stones using a toothbrush with a light bristle. The type that don’t have any plastic bristles are the easiest to use. Children’s toothbrushes tend to be softer, which makes them suitable for cleaning wedding rings, especially diamond rings. Separate this toothbrush from the rest of your toothbrushes and just use it to clean your jewelry. It will remain soft and safe for a longer time this way. Be sure to clean the bottom part of your gemstones, as dirt will accumulate all around the ring’s base and this is where the stone is set.

Rinse the wedding ring gently under flowing warm water and repeat if appropriate. To stop dropping your ring into the sink drain, make sure the drain has a seal or cover before rinsing it out. Cover the bottom of the sink using a cloth or towel for added protection. You may also put the ring in a thin wire sieve strainer. This is to keep it secure when doing the final rinse at the end of the cleaning process.

Using a clean, smooth, lint-free cloth, properly dry the ring. If the wedding ring setting still needs to be cleaned, try using a Waterpik®. You can also use another dental irrigation system to remove any remaining gunk and dirt. If you have a buffing cloth, you can use it to make your gold or platinum ring shine by polishing. Remember to keep your fabric in a sealed bag to keep dust off of it.

Getting a Professional to clean your ring

If you do not want to clean your ring at home, you can always get it done by a professional. If you bought your ring from a reputable jeweler, there is also a fair chance that skilled cleaning is included as a free lifetime service. It’s better to get your ring cleaned where you bought it. This is because the jewelers would be the most acquainted with your particular ring and how to cater to it. Talk to the jeweler who will also be providing the service. You can do this as you search for a place to take the wedding ring for cleaning. Go for someone who has experience caring for jewelry. They should have worked on a ring that is close to yours in terms of metal, stone type, and form.

How often should you clean your wedding ring? 

It is just as crucial to know when the ideal time is to purchase a wedding ring. It is just as important to know the right time to clean it. You can keep your wedding ring in top shape with routine cleaning, but how many times do you do that? Once a week cleaning with gentle soapy water should be enough to keep residue and grime away. Experts believe that you should have your ring professionally cleaned at least twice each year. It could perhaps be more often if your ring has regular exposure to elevated levels of dirt. The wedding ring will look its finest at all times if you clean it regularly. It will also take less time to clean every time.

What not to do when cleaning wedding rings

Avoid harsh chemicals and cleansers

Household cleaners including chlorine, acetone, and bleach should be avoided at all costs when cleaning your wedding ring. Any of the metals on your ring can be broken down by these harmful chemicals. Do not use abrasive products like baking soda, toothpaste, or powdered cleansers on metals, especially gold. They can instantly scratch them.

Avoid ultrasonic jewelry cleaners

Though it may be enticing to clean your jewelry at home with one of the many ultrasonic cleaners accessible, many experts advise against this. Although it may appear to be an efficient process, the system works by agitating the jewelry in a couple of minutes by passing vibrations as well as cleaning solution through the water. It’s obvious that this isn’t the best way to clean your fine jewelry. The violent movement has the potential to loosen the stone. Furthermore, an expert jeweler could check your ring after the clean. This would be to see whether the stone is loose in the setting. 

Signs it’s time to clean your wedding ring

Everyone can acknowledge that we inflict a lot of wear and tear on our lovely wedding rings. After all, we wear them each day without getting them off. They are on us from the minute we put them on, while we run some errands, clean dishes in the sink, and do other tasks that need our hands. However, it will begin to display wear and tear. This is much like everything else you don on a regular basis and makes contact with various items. The last thing you would want is for your wedding ring, the sign of your commitment, to look dull and washed out. If you’ve been staring at your ring and questioning whether it’s time for a clean, look for three signs. These are visible discoloration, cloudy appearance and a dull shine. 

Your wedding ring has really not lost its luster; it is simply getting a block out. Because you wear your ring while going with the flow of your everyday life, it will begin to attract debris, dirt, and oils.  Oil and grease stick on all diamonds and gemstones. They even stick on lab diamonds, and sometimes even essential oils on your fingers will attach to them. This filthy film will cover your stone over time, suppressing light and dulling its brilliant radiance. If you do not clean your ring appropriately, this light-blocking coating will accumulate and become much more troublesome. When you see signs at the beginning, you will know it is time to clean your ring. 

Maintenance tips

While it is critical to understand how to clean your wedding ring properly, it is also necessary to observe these generic measures to avoid premature aging or damages to the ring:

Avoid exposing your ring to hand creams and lotions

Although it’s natural to moisten your hands, resist exposing the ring to hand creams or greasy lotions. This is because they’ll not just make your ring appear dull and cloudy, but they could also cause staining. This is especially valid for platinum and white gold bands. Exercise caution by removing engagement rings as well as wedding bands before applying creams or lotions.

Handle the ring with care

Your wedding ring is fragile. Although diamonds are regarded as a sturdy stone, they could still be weakened, and the metal on the ring is susceptible to scratches and dents if poorly handled. In reality, slamming your hand against something hard enough can loosen the stone setting or even crack the band. If you know you’ll be doing labor intensive tasks or even other operations that might be harsh to your fine jewelry, remove your ring and safely store it.

Keep up with regular maintenance

Whether or not your wedding ring is covered by a warranty, it would be in your greatest advantage to have it checked every year. This is to make sure that it is in perfect condition. Keeping up with maintenance sessions at your jeweler for regular checks will help avoid any existing issues. Such issues are like cracks, chips, or loose stones, for everyone who has a warranty on their wedding ring.