How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?


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Deciding to take the next step in a long-term relationship usually involves engagement. It is a fun and exciting moment for couples, but shopping for an engagement ring can also be daunting. Whether you’re looking for a ring to surprise your significant other or shopping together, questions like how many carats an engagement ring should be will pop up. 

Couples or at least one-half of soon-to-be engaged partners don’t have to stress out about all the small details. Everything from how many carats is a good diamond to the average carat size engagement ring can be found here.

To help you choose the perfect engagement ring, it’s always good to know what everyone else considers up to par with their standards. Although, in the end, how many carats should an engagement ring be is up to you and your partner’s personal preference, style, and budget, it’s still good to know which carat sizes are popular across the world of diamond rings.

The Average Carat For Diamond Engagement Rings

The truth about the average carat size engagement ring is that there isn’t one. To be more specific, it varies depending on geographical location.

In the US, a 1 to 1.5 carat engagement ring is considered average, whereas 0.6-carat rings are the norm in the UK.

In other parts of Europe, the average carat size is even small at a surprising 0.5 carats. The only way to find your perfect ring is to go shopping with reputable jewelers such as James Allen or Clean Origin.

The next most obvious question engagement ring shoppers ask is which shapes are the most popular. Aside from asking how many carats a good diamond has, it’s also important to consider the overall engagement ring style. Of course, the most popular cut to this day is the traditional round diamond. It is a classic that goes well with everything making it a top choice. Up next is the Princess Cut because who doesn’t want a ring with Princess on its name? 

There are many other diamond shapes available in the market. Check out the latest trends or collections from reputable jewelers to see which shapes appeal to you and your fiancé. 

The Truth About Carats 

Now that you have some idea about the most popular shapes and what the average carat size engagement ring is in different parts of the world, it is normal to ask, what does a diamond’s carat even mean? It is a common misconception that a diamond’s carat rating refers to its general size.

When in fact, a diamond’s carat rating is based on its weight. This means that just because a diamond has a larger carat doesn’t mean it’s superior to a smaller one. 

Sometimes a 1.5 carat engagement ring is better, more beautiful, and far superior than a 3 carat engagement ring. It’s all about the quality, and not the weight when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Don’t get too hung up on diamond sizes, sometimes, it’s about clarity, cut, and overall rock quality.

What’s Considered Big? What’s Considered Small?

Too many people get stuck on buying a “big” diamond for their engagement ring, just to show off. The thinking of bigger is better doesn’t really apply to engagement rings. People who don’t bother to ask how much you should spend on an engagement ring tend to buy the biggest diamond they see such as 5 carat diamond engagement ring. Just remember that a big diamond isn’t always the best, especially if your or your partner’s fingers are small and dainty.

As far as small diamonds are concerned, there are 0.25 and 0.5 carat diamond rings. For those on a strict budget, Zales offers amazing budget-friendly engagement rings that are still high-quality.

3 Tips On How To Get The Best Engagement Ring For Your Money

It is always important to take a breath and ask how much you should spend for an engagement ring. After all, you don’t want to start off your engagement in debt with a ring you can’t afford. Again, regarding how many carats an engagement ring should be, the final answer is always up to your personal choice. However, it doesn’t hurt to have tips to use as a guide to making sure you get your money’s worth:

Tip 1: Have A Preferred Shape In Mind

With a handful of different diamond shapes to choose from, not narrowing down your preferences can make the final choice a hard one. The price is different depending on the cut, so traditional round and princess cuts are more expensive, but pear shaped engagement rings and marquise are cheaper.

Tip 2: Settle On The Right Carat Size Beforehand

Now that you know more about diamond carats and the average carat size engagement ring, you can make a better buying decision. Think of your budget and which carat size you can afford. Don’t overspend on a big diamond if there’s a smaller one with better quality.

Tip 3: Always Buy Certified 

There’s no better way to ensure that your engagement ring is the best quality possible than to buy from a certified jeweler. Diamonds, especially those with a higher carat, need to be certified by experts, or there is a risk of the inexperienced buying fake diamonds. Play safe and choose highly-recommend retailers such as James Allen, White Flash, or Brilliant Earth.

There’s also no harm in getting the ring authenticated if you’re planning to give your partner a family heirloom. It’s best to know what you have before giving it to some you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

Bonus Tip: Shop Around!

Of course, don’t buy the first ring you see. It’s always best to shop around, ask different jewelers about their opinions, and even bring a close friend or relative when looking for the perfect ring. The more time you give yourself to think and make the final decision, the better you will feel about your engagement ring choice. 

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