Gemvara Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Gemvara is one of the reputable jewelry retail companies we know today. This company is owned by Richline Group Inc. According to their website, they have served over 70,000 customers and set over a million gemstones by hand. We will dive more into this company and what they offer in this Gemvara review.

Gemvara sources its gemstones from all over the world. They have jewelers who find the flawless gems, handset every stone and craft it with skilled precision. The website clearly states that they do not keep an inventory and create each jewelry piece on order.

Other than the expert jewelers, Gemvara also has jewelry consultants who are available to guide customers through the collections available. They also offer knowledge about the different gemstones and metals.

History of Gemvara

Gemvara is a jewelry retail company that has been around for some time now. The company was founded in 2006 and its specialty is providing clients with jewelry from different parts of the globe. Matt Lauzon is the founder of Gemvara. The company is owned by Richline Group Incorporated which is a Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated Company. In a short period of time, the company did quite well and became popular due to their customization options, handmade workmanship and exclusive designs.

Richline Group Incorporated as a company that manufactures, distributes and markets jewelry. The Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired Richline Group Inc. in 2007. The Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated company is one of the leading public companies in the world. It is led by Warren Buffet as the CEO and it has proprietorship of famed corporations like GEICO Auto Insurance. Benjamin Moore & Co., and Helzberg Diamonds.

In 2014, the company was exploring the idea of opening a brick and mortar store. They opened a temporary physical store in Boston’s Newbury Street for three months. This was more of a pop-up shop to test and see whether the brick and mortar model would appeal to their customers. They found that the store did not gather much traffic during the time it was open and they decided to retain the company as an online e-commerce retailer.

What makes Gemvara stand out?

Gemvara does not hold any inventory and produces by the order. One thing that makes them stand out is that they have a personalizing option where customers can get custom pieces made for them. All their jewelry is actually customizable. You just need to choose a design and they will bring it to life with a wide variety of 10 precious metals and 30 natural gemstones. Their gemstone experts are ready to help you get your dream ring. You can also have your ring engraved by engraving it on the product page or in your cart prior to checking out. This will give you a chance to also see what it will look like once it is engraved.

The pricing options at Gemvara also make it stand out from other online jewelry retailers. The customization options gives couples a chance to get their wedding and engagement rings of choice based on their budget. This means that their prices range from affordable to sky high and what the customer wants is what will determine the price. There are some gemstone rings that go for less than $200 and some pricey ones that go for over $20,000. The price of your ring from Gemvara will be dependent on the gemstone of your choice and the metal used.

One of the things we have to mention in this Gemvara review is the experience on the Gemvara website. The website is clean and easy to navigate. The cool colors give it a calming feel. You can shop from the home page either by category, by metal, by stone, and by either men’s items or women’s items. You can tell from the site that their focus is on wedding rings and engagement rings. Like other online jewelry retail websites, you can find what you are looking for on the site and place an order, then wait for it to be delivered. Other than engagement rings and wedding rings which seem to be their main focus, there are other items as well on the website such as women’s items and men’s items.

Gemvara Refund Policies and Customer Service

One thing that is unique about Gemvara is their return policy. While most online jewelry retail brands let their customers make returns within 30 days, Gemvara gives an exceptional option if making a return within 45 days from the date of purchase. They also give a money-back policy for their custom pieces. This means that if you send your jewelry back to them within the allowed time frame, with the tag attached and in unworn condition, they will take the item back and give you a full refund.

Gemvara also offers a one-year warranty and free resizing. The resizing is free if it is within the first year of the purchase but you would have to cater for the shipping costs. The resizing can take about 3 to 6 weeks. The warranty on a Gemvara item becomes void if the item is worked on by someone else. The company ships for free to customers who are within Canada and the United States.

A Gemvara review would not be complete without looking at the company’s customer service. This is very important, especially for customers who need assistance or want to enquire about something. Gemvara has a great company support system and one can find a live chat feature on their website too. They also have phone support and email support to assist you with your queries.


Does Gemvara sell real diamonds?

Gemvara offers some diamond engagement rings which are available on their website. One thing to note is that they do not sell mined natural diamonds instead, all their diamonds are lab-created diamonds. One should also note that this company does not offer loose diamonds for sale. They only sell diamond rings and jewelry.

What cut of a diamond has the most sparkle?

The ideal cut on a diamond that creates the best pattern for light return and makes it sparkle the most is the round brilliant cut. This is the most classic shape of a stone and it features 58 facets. It also happens to be one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings because it brings out the best sparkle in a diamond.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

The average carat size for the stone at the center is just more than 1 carat. For engagement rings, a ring that has a diamond at the center of the setting has an average total carat size of 2 carats. Depending on your budget, you can have a higher or lower carat size.

Gemvara Vs Brilliant Earth

Both Gemvara and Brilliant Earth are go-to companies for customers looking to get antique-style engagement rings. Gemvara has some of the best vintage and antique design engagement rings that you can find. They use lab-created gemstones and colorful gemstones to set their rings. The best thing about Gemvara is that you can customize your own engagement ring and they will bring your vision to life. Brilliant Earth also has an impressive collection of engagement rings. A similarity it has with Gemvara is that they can also customize your ring as o’er your specifications. Gemvara uses lab-created diamonds for its rings while Brilliant Earth uses recycled precious metals and conflict-free diamonds for its rings. 

Our favorite engagement rings from Gemvara

Gemvara has a wide variety of rings that you can choose from. Some of the gemstones they feature on their rings include aquamarine, amethyst, black diamond, blue topaz, blue sapphire, citrine, emerald, white diamond, green tourmaline, pearl, garnet and so many more. You also have a diverse range of metals to choose from including 18K white or yellow gold, silver, platinum, 14K or 18K rose gold, and 14K or 18K yellow gold. Their rings come in different designs and styles that you can choose from. Here are some of your favorite engagement rings from Gemvara that we think you would also love:

#1 - Ivy Ring

This lovely ring has a London blue shaded of topaz that stands out. The center stone is round in shape and the ring is set in sterling silver. The round cut of the blue topaz looks great on this ring as it makes a classic statement which makes this ring a great option for an engagement ring. Read more...
This elegant ring has a pear shaped morganite as its center stone. The primary metal and the center stone setting metal is 14K rose gold. The width of this ring is 2.00mm and it weighs about 0.58cts. The morganite adds a warm feel to this lovely ring. Read more...
This stunning ring has a lab grown diamond as the center stone. It has some black diamond and lab created diamonds as accent stones on the band. The ring is fashioned in 14K white gold and you can change the stones to your stone of preference. Read more...
This stunning is is exceptionally crafted in 14K white gold. The center stone is a lovely pear shaped lab grown diamond and the accent stones that are beside it on either side are black diamonds. This ring is beautiful and would make a great engagement ring. Read more...
This statement is simply unique and sophisticated in its own way. The ring has an emerald cut diamond ring as the center stone. There are other black diamonds and colorless diamonds around the band to accentuate the center stone. The center stone is set in 18K yellow gold and that palladium is the primary metal. Read more...
This elegant ring from Gemvara features a round shaped lab grown diamond as its center stone. The ring has two black diamonds on each side that accentuate the center stone. This ring is fashioned in 14K rose gold and would make a great engagement ring. Read more...
This lovely ring features a beautiful round cut ruby as the center stone. Rubies are the gemstones of the heart which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring. The ring is set in 14K white gold with lab grown diamonds as the accenting stones on the band. Read more...
This beautiful ring features some of Gemvara's lab grown diamonds. The center stone of the ring is a 6mm colorless lab grown diamond and the accent stones are black diamonds. This ring is fashioned in platinum metal and the center stone has a round cut. Read more...
This ring is simply lovely. The ring has a lab grown diamond as its center stone. Black diamonds are set in a halo around the center stone to create a contrast that makes the ring look amazing. The ring is fashioned in palladium metal and is great for an engagement ring. Read more...