Garnet Engagement Rings – Best Places To Buy & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Garnet is a name that comes from the Latin term Granatum that means pomegranate. This is because the color of the garnet crystal looks like the seed of a pomegranate fruit. The garnet stone is an Aquarius birthstone and a Capricorn zodiac sign. It is also a reflection of the energy of the month of January which makes garnet engagement rings ideal for January babies.

Garnet stones have created a place for themselves since the ancient times. They were believed to hold the power to protect a person from getting wounded and many wore them in battle. Thought to represent truth and commitment, garnet was a sacred stone for many communities and cultures. These stones also improve a person’s energy and are believed to boost success achievement and reaching goals. Garnets come from different parts of the world such as the United States, Brazil, India and Sri Lanka.

Garnets are a great option for someone who cannot buy a ring with ruby since it has the same properties at a price that is much more affordable. There are a number of other engagement ring styles that you may be interested in if Garnet is not your top choice. This stone comes in a wide range of colors that include black, purple, brown, pink, yellow and green. It can even be found in a colorless or translucent variety and there are also those varieties that change color based on the lighting. On the Mohs scale, garnets have a harness that is between 6.5 and 7.5.

Choosing a Garnet Engagement Ring

Nothing says romantic than a deep red garnet engagement ring. Garnet engagement rings are available in a broad range of colors other than the common classic red. Most garnets have red hues to shades that look like rubies to others that are more brownish burgundy like. The color of garnet that you get for your engagement ring will mostly depend on your color of preference and it can be as diverse as green and orange.

Going for a garnet engagement ring that is rich in a beautiful color would be ideal. The garnet ring should have little extinction which means that it should not have dark patches that lack light return. It should also not have windowing which means that there should be no patches that have little color or that generally have no color. Color and clarity is very significant when it comes to a garnet ring. Look at the physical properties of the ring before you purchase it and make sure that there are no internal fractures or crystals and inclusions that can be seen.

Tone is an important factor to consider when choosing a red garnet ring. If a dark tone on a red garnet is too dark, it will look black. Investing in a quality cut is important. Garnets also look great when surrounded by a lighter color that contracts the color of the stone. This would be an important consideration when choosing a garnet ring.

Best Places to Buy Garnet Engagement Rings

James Allen

One of the best stores to find a high quality engagement ring is James Allen. Like the garnet engagement rings, there are several engagement rings to pick from. There are a variety of high quality photographs of the garnet engagement ring on the James Allen website that offer you a taste of what they have. In 360 ° HD, you can rotate the ring and magnify it to reveal all the information on the ring.

Since 1999, Netaya has become America’s trusted brand for jewelry. They have the most dazzling rings and a wide range of rings that vary from engagement rings, wedding bands and even anniversary rings. Netaya brings you quality at a price range that is quite affordable.


Jared is a leading retail store for individuals who choose to purchase engagement rings. Jared has a number of engagement ring types for all, with over 274 stores in different areas. The Jared website platform is just as satisfying as walking into a physical shop is. For somebody who wishes to go for this sort of ring, their garnet engagement rings are a perfect choice.


Zales has been an excellent retailer that provides a wide variety of wedding bands as well as engagement rings. At Zales, there is an assortment of rings and a garnet engagement ring should be at the top of the list. For your ring, you can even build a custom design according to your specifications. A garnet engagement ring from Zales is an exceptional choice for both value and price.

Garnet Engagement Rings vs. Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been the go to rings when it comes to engagement rings. A garnet ring however feels like a fresh of breath air as a non-traditional engagement ring that is durable, and beautiful. The most commonly used garnets for engagement rings are red in color which means that this rich color will look amazing in a number of settings.

What’s more, the red color has always been linked to the heart and love and what better way to express love for your partner than to get them a garnet engagement ring. A garnet ring is a ring that your partner will truly cherish.

Garnet Engagement Ring Metal Options

There are a number of metal options for garnet rings and the right one for you will depend on the look that you are going for. Yellow gold is a great for the orange or brown tones of garnets and creates an antique look that is absolutely stunning. White gold is also another option that makes the stone color on a garnet stand out and.

It can provide a red garnet with a lending warmth and a modern feel to it. Orange garnets go well with yellow gold metal while white gold is the best option when working with a green garnet.

Common Setting Styles for Garnet Engagement Rings

Garnet rings look amazing in a variety of settings. One common setting for a garnet ring is the prong setting. This is where the garnet stone takes the center on the prong and is held in place by a metal pin. A v-shaped prong is an option for people who want to keep their stone from breaking or chipping.

Another common setting for a garnet ring is the bezel setting where the garnet stone is center and is left uncovered making is more visible. The tension setting is another common setting for a garnet stone where tension between the metal holds the stone in place.

Are garnets good for engagement rings?

A garnet is an elegant stone that is also quite strong. A garnet ring is a great option for an engagement ring because they can maintain a good state even if worn every day. The garnet gemstone is eye catching and also tends to be quite affordable. For people who have always wanted a ruby ring but found it too pricey, a garnet ring is a great alternative.

What does a garnet engagement ring mean?

Garnet exudes the energy of creativity, joy and passion. It carries a sensual energy that exudes nourishment, power and vitality because it holds the spirit of the fire element. It was also believed to have the power to protect a person from being wounded in battle and to hold the energies of truth and commitment. They also help clarify a person’s purpose and build their self-confidence.

Are garnets good luck?

Garnets have a spectrum of energies that make it a good option for people who believe in energies. They are believed to protect a person from negative emerges and to improve one’s health and vitality. Many people like garnet rings for good luck, with some even adding the rock to their talismans.

Beautiful Examples of Garnet Engagement Rings

The price of a garnet stone is about $80 for each carat and prices of the garnet rings will always depend in the cut and clarity of the ring. There are hundreds of designs that you can choose from when it comes to a garnet ring. Go for one that is either inspired by antique or one that is vintage. Vintage type rings are more glamorous than the antique ones if you are looking for the Hollywood feel. You can also purchase a ready made one or custom make your own to the specifications of your choice. Here are some of our favorite choices:

This delicate infinity ring is ideal for an engagement ring for the love of your life. The 14K yellow gold infinity garnet birthstone ring as an oval shaped garnet with a total carat of 0.25. It has dimensions of 5x3mm and eye clean clarity. Read more...
This oval garnet and diamond accent birthstone ring has a deep color that makes it absolutely stand out. This ring as two round diamonds and one center stone oval garnet that has a total carat of 0.60. The width of the ring is 1.2 mm and is set in yellow gold metal. Read more...
This oval garnet and diamond ring looks amazing. It has a delicate modern look that makes it quite elegant. The oval garnet has a carat of 1.00 and fine clarity, with dimensions of 7.0x5.0mm. The ring has18K yellow gold metal and a width of 1.5 mm. Read more...
This engagement ring has a diamond studded beaded halo that goes well with the garnet gemstone. The bezel setting on this ring adds an amazing dash of color to make it suit your all day look. Read more...
This ring has a cushion-cut rhodolite garnet that marks the center and is surrounded by sparkling round diamonds. There are more diamonds that go round the white gold to make the total diamond carat of this ring 1 carat. It is an absolutely stunning ring. Read more...
The garnet & white topaz ring 10K white gold is an elegant engagement ring that has a cushion-cut garnet that is at the center of a round white topaz. There is more white topaz that surrounds this garnet to make the ring even more stunning. Read more...
This magnificent ring has a 10 x 8 oval-cut natural garnet surrounded by shimmering diamond accents. The 10K yellow gold metal and the prong setting completes the stylish look on the band. Read more...
This ring has a cushion-cut garnet that is surrounded by shimmering round natural white topaz gemstones. It has a10K rose gold metal and additional round natural white topaz gemstones and a prong setting to make it look magnificent. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a 10.0 x 8.0mm oval-shaped regal red garnet and shimmering diamonds that cover the width of the ring. The gemstones and diamonds on this ring are both natural and the prong setting simply completes it. Read more...
This elegant ring has a vibrant pink garnet that grabs the eye. It has seven round pink garnet stones set in a cluster and white zircon round it. The ring metal is sterling silver and the total carat weight of the ring is 0.40. Read more...