Forevermark Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Forevermark is a diamond brand from DeBeers, a diamond mining company. This brand has continued to grow and is known also for the fact that they have a grading laboratory of their own. We take a closer look at this company and what they offer in this Forevermark review.

The Forevermark website is neat and easy to navigate. A clean white and black color scheme fills the website, which also features high end photographs of their items. The packaging and how their website is crafted exudes a feel of elegance and luxury. Forevermark by De Beers is truly a brand that has swept across the millennial market.

One important thing to note about Forevermark is that their online shopping option is only available for people who live in China, the United States and HK. Those who make purchases from the United States can have their item shipped to their address. This option is however currently not available for other markets.

History of Forevermark

Forevermark is a brand of diamonds from De Beers Group. One can easily say that De Beers is a giant in the world of diamond mining. The company has a great history in the industry of diamond mining that goes back for over 130 years. They also had control of the diamond market and its prices in the 1990’s. Around this time, De Beers was more or less a monopoly, but this changed over time. The change was due to the fact that the company competitors had just discovered new mines around this time and opened new markets.

De Beers has diversified their business model and transitioned from exclusively handling rough diamonds to focusing on retail sales to their customers. De Beers started Forevermark in 2011 and this was their first step in the world of retail. One should note though, Forevermark is a division within the larger De Beers company.

What makes Forevermark stand out?

One of the things that stands out about Forevermark is that they use their own grading system for their diamonds. GIA and AGS certificates have high value in the field of diamonds. This is because they authenticate the quality of a diamond. Forevermark uses their own system and have maintained the same stability in their testing laboratories. Forevermark is a reputable brand and their grading system is trustworthy. One thing that might be unusual is their clarity range because they sell both diamonds with inclusions and those without inclusions. You will have to observe your diamond from Forevermark in detail before you purchase it. This is a slight stress factor for someone looking to buy an item from the brand.

Another thing that stands out about Forevermark is their hallmark. Forevermark is definitely thinking out of the box when it comes to this. Majority of the jewelry some companies have an inscription of their hallmark at the girdle of the merchandise. Forevermark has instead opted to inscribe theirs on top of the diamond. This is an innovative brand that has utilized advanced technology to inscribe the hallmark in that position. The inscription does not affect the diamond brilliance or sparkle. It is also not detectable by the naked eye. You can only identity the inscription using a magnifier.

The third thing that stands out about Forevermark is that they follow sourcing regulations. In this time and age, people are more aware and want to know about where their diamonds come from. De Beers utilizes the Kimberly process to attain their diamonds. This means that you can trace back your diamond to exactly where it came from to make sure it is not sourced from disputed regions. The Forevermark diamonds are sourced exclusively from regions set up by De Beers.

Forevermark Refund Policies and Customer Service

Return Policy

Forevermark has a 30 day return policy. This means that if you receive an item from Forevermark that you are not happy about, you can return the item for a full refund. The item has to be in its original condition, unused and have all the original shipping materials and packaging. The return also has to be accompanied by the original documents that include the grading report and the inscription card. Each Forevermark Jeweller has their own return policy though, and you will need to contact your Jeweler to find out what their return policy is.

Customer Service

Forevermark may be falling short when it comes to the customer service department. The only way that a customer can contact one of their customer care representatives is through an email given in their ‘contact us’ page. It is safe to assume that the company does not have any live chat options or call options for their customers.

Forevermark Vs GIA grading

A diamond grading report or certification is a document that is given by diamond gemologists who have evaluated the diamond quality including its polish, dimensions, clarity and cut. Forevermark and the Gemological Institute of America are both institutions that grade diamonds. In this Forevermark review, we compare these two institutions in regard to grading diamonds.

The Gemological Institute of America began in the 1930’s. The aim of this was the standardization of the diamond trade and establish a standard of quality for all diamond items. They also wanted to unite the diamond industry. Soon enough, the company became the standard for diamond grading certification. Other grading institutions have been set up such as AGS, but GIA still remains one of the most credible diamond grading organizations.

DeBeers is a company that sought to compete with GIA since they are serving the same purpose as the organization. The company established the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR). This is a laboratory set up for grading purposes. This is also where Forevermark diamonds are graded. There are human graders who double check results to ensure that a diamonds does not fall in between two grades. A difference between GIA and Forevermark is in terms of objectivity. GIA does not retail any diamonds which makes them more objective when it comes to grading diamonds. Forevermark on the other hand sell diamonds, and may lack objectivity when grading their own diamonds.


Are Forevermark diamonds real?

Forevermark diamonds are real diamonds. The company prides itself in the fact that they ethically source all their diamonds. DeBeers uses the Kimberly process in sourcing their diamonds which allows customers to trace back their diamonds back to the exact source. This allows transparency and establishes trust between the company and its customers.

Are Forevermark diamonds good quality?

Forevermark diamonds are goof quality diamonds. These diamonds look great on terms of the cut and setting. One issue with Forevermark for most people is that they grade their own diamonds. While this may not mean that their diamonds are not quality, the objectivity in the grading may be questionable. The company also offers diamonds that have inclusions together with this that don’t. You have to be keen to get the proper clarity for your ring.

What is so special about Forevermark diamonds?

Forevermark diamonds are not the standard diamonds that are available in the market. This brand of diamonds of from the DeBeers Company. Their diamonds are uniquely inscribed at the top. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also rare and sourced ethically. According to the Forevermark website, only 1% of diamonds in the world are eligible to become Forevermark diamonds.

Our favorite engagement rings from Forevermark

Forevermark offers a wide array of jewelry items in their catalogue. The company has jewelry items that include diamond rings, earrings, diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces. They also have a men’s section that offers cufflinks and wedding bands. The brand has several collections, some of which include Center of my Universe, the Forevermark Cornerstones Collection, the Encordia Collection, the Forevermark setting, the Millemoi collection and the Black Label diamond collection. They have a selection of engagement rings that vary in terms of design, setting style and diamond shape. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings from Forevermark that we think you would love too.

This stunning engagement ring features a round shaped Forevermark diamond as the center stone. The ring has a total caratage of .14 carats and is set in a four prong, the forevermark™ setting. The ring is crafted in white gold and has a seamless finish. Read more...
This lovely ring features a round shaped center diamond in a signature four-pronged mount. The ring has a total catarage of .14 carats and has a pavé detailed band. The ring is available in several metal options that include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring features a round shaped center diamond. The center stone is in a four prong setting and on a pave band. The ring is fashioned in white gold metal and is available in yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Read more...
This lovely ring features three precisely set Forevermark diamonds at the center. The ring has a design that is both classic and modern. It has a total catarage of 1.04 - 1.48. The center has an elongated cushion shape that has brilliant cut trapezoids on each side. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features an east-to-west set cushion Forevermark diamond as the center stone. The ring is set in a modern bezel setting and has a total caratage of 0.80 - 1.11. The ring is crafted in platinum metal and on a plain band. Read more...
This loveky ring features a round brilliant shaped dangling Forevermark diamond as the center stone, set in a 4 prong setting. The ring is fashioned in white gold and has a plain thin white gold band. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a center diamond and hidden pavé diamond details that add to the sparkle of the ring. The ring is fashioned in platinum metal and is set on a thin, minimalist band that makes the center stone the point of attention. Read more...
This lovely ring has a round shaped diamond set on a pavé band to create a design that is timeless. The ring has a total weight of .14 carats and is fashioned in white gold metal. The ring has a seamless finish to complete the look. Read more...