Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Size (With and Without Her)


Written by Emily


A wedding ring or engagement ring is the standing symbol of marriage and commitment between two people. Getting the right ring size is very important and it starts with measuring your finger the right way. The last thing you’d want is a ring that slips out of your finger because it’s too big, especially if you invested a lot into buying the ring. Getting the right measurement size for your ring is the foundation to getting the perfect fit. 

When you go to purchase a ring from a jeweler, one of the things they will ask you is what ring size you are looking to buy. This is why you should find out what your ring size is before you even get to looking at ring options.  Some jewelers will always help you measure your ring size. If you are buying online you will need to have an idea of how to do it yourself. If you want to plan a surprise proposal, going to a jeweler for measurement may not really be an option.

Proposing comes with a lot of pressure and the last thing you want to worry about is whether the engagement ring will fit. You are already worrying about what you will say, what her response will be and whether everything will go as it should. Ease up your worries by getting her ring size measurements beforehand so that you can be assured that the ring is a fit. Resizing might be an option if the ring doesn’t fit, but it is so much better if it does the first time round. 

Understanding ring size measurements

In regard to standard ring sizes, each half size will match up to a 0.4 millimeter increment. This means that since a size six will be equal to 16.5 mm, then a size 6.5 will be equal to 16.9 mm. Most ring sizes are between size 3 and size 13.5 for adults. 

Ring sizes for men and women tend to vary greatly in standard size given the difference size of hands. The common ring sizes for men are size 10 (19.8 mm), size 10.5 (20.2 mm), and size 11 (20.6 mm). The most common sizes for women are size 6 (16.5 mm), size 6.5 (16.9 mm), and size 7 (17.3 mm). 

A size up is better than a size down. When you are not too sure whether your measurement is accurate, you’d rather take a ring that is a size up than one that is small. The reason for this is that taking metal out of a ring shank is easier than adding onto it when resizing. It means that sizing up a ring will be more expensive than reducing the size. 

Factors to consider when determining band fit

Band width

The band width of your ring is the first thing you need to consider when it comes to ring sizing. Thick rings tend to have a tight fit while thinner band width rings run a bit larger. A ring will have a snug fit if it has more metal going round your finger, which is the case for thicker rings. This means that a thin band width for a ring that is size 6 will not fit the same as a thicker ring of the same size. 

International ring sizing

In both Europe and the United States, ring sizes range from size 3 to 13. The measurement of the ring size will be based on millimetres or inches and according to the circumference or diameter of the ring. The circumference is a measure of the length of the band, while the diameter is a measure of the inner length of the ring. While the same measurement process is used for the ring sizing process, different sizes will run on different scales that may fluctuate by country. 

Finger shape

Different people’s fingers have different shapes, and all these have an impact on the fit and size of a ring. Knotted fingers are where the middle of the finger at the knuckle is widest. This is the part of the finger where the ring has to fit over. Another shape is the tapered finger where the finger widens towards the base. For such fingers, it is essential to have a snug fit so that the ring does not slide up the finger and slip off. The shape of your finger plays an important role in the kind of fit that you go for. 

When to measure ring size

You may not know it, but different kinds of weather can affect the size of your finger. Incredible, right? Our fingers tend to shrink in cold weather and they swell up in warm or hot weather. Other things that can make your fingers swell are taking hot drinks, performing an exacting physical activity, eating salty foods or when you just wake up in the morning.  The best time to measure your ring size is when your body temperature is normal and the best place to do this is at room temperature.  If you have been outside in hot weather, wait for your body to cool down before you measure your finger. 

How to measure your ring size

Measuring your ring size does not have to be a stressful or time consuming activity. Something you need to remember is that the right hand and left hand may have varying thickness so measure the ring finger which is on the left hand. Here are three simple ways that you can measure your ring right at the comfort of your home.

1. Measure your finger using a string

One of the things you can use to measure your ring size is a string. If you don’t have a string, you can use an alternative like floss or a piece of paper. Other items you will need are a pen and ruler. Wrap the string around the knuckle of your finger and mark where the string overlaps using a pen. Line the string on the ruler and take a measurement of the marked area of the string. The length of the marked area in millimeters is the circumference of your ring size. 

2. Measure a ring you already have

This has to be the easiest way to measure your ring size. You can use a ring that you already have in your jewelry collection to determine your ring size. It has to be a ring that perfectly fits your ring finger. For this method, you can use a ruler to measure straight across the ring from the inside. This will give you the diameter width of the ring in millimeters and you can use a measurement conversion chart to find out what the ring size is. Something else that you can use is a ring size template to get the correct ring size from the inner diameter of the ring. Templates are available from the jeweler you have chosen to purchase the ring from. 

3. Use a ring sizer

If you feel that the first two methods will not give you accurate measurements, then you can opt to use a ring sizer. There are numerous ring sizers that you can find online at affordable prices. That means that you can still complete this step at the comfort of your home. You can use either a keyring with different gradients or a thin measuring tape to carry out this step. 

How to measure her ring size without her finding out

For many guys, there are a lot of nerves that come with preparing to propose to their partner.  You want to get the perfect ring for her, but you just don’t know what her ring size is! Well, we can help you out. Here are some ways you can get her ring size without her ever finding out. 

Ask her best friend for help 

When it comes to surprising the love of your life, best friends sure do come in handy. Her friends will be in a better position to get her ring size measurement without her suspecting a thing. If you prefer to use someone else, then her mother or her sister. Just make sure it is someone who will not spill the beans on your surprise. 

Check her jewellery collection 

You can always take one of the rings from her jewellery collection and use it to get her ring size. You can use our three methods above to get the ring size but if you are in a hurry to return the ring, you can always trace it out on a piece of paper and use that instead. 

Compare fingers

If your options are running out, then this one will be of some help. You can compare your finger to hers when holding hands then estimate her ring size. You can do this when she is sleeping so that she does not get suspicious about what you are doing.  


A perfect ring fit will ease into your finger smoothly. It does not come off easily unless you are intentionally taking it off. You don’t want a ring that is too big, but you also don’t want one that is too small and puts pressure on your finger. Measure your ring more than once. You can even do it three times – just to be sure. Remember that you will be spending lots of money on your ring and taking the time to measure your ring size repeatedly will save you a lot of trouble.