Edwardian Engagement Rings – Our Expert Guide & Examples


Written by Mariana


Do you love the look of the traditional engagement ring styles, but want to have something that is a little more intricate? Here comes the Edwardian engagement ring. These vintage-inspired engagement rings pay homage to the Edwardian era. They feature gorgeous filigree all over the white gold band and dazzling diamonds. Edwardian engagement rings are very similar to the traditional engagement ring. However, the unique band metalwork adds a vintage twist to them. If you love the look of a dazzling diamond ring but find a simple band too boring, the Edwardian rings are just the right thing for you.

Edwardian engagement rings are the perfect choice for the woman who loves the timeless and vintage look. These rings are a beautiful work of art that feature the airiness and beauty of the era’s jewelry. Furthermore, this engagement ring style adds a unique and timeless twist to the traditional engagement ring.

Not to mention that, nowadays, you can mix and match eras as much as you want. If you love the filigree of the Edwardian era but you want a rose gold band, go ahead! So many jewelry stores allow you to fully customize the perfect engagement ring for you. One thing is certain, the Edwardian engagement ring will never go out of style with the dazzling diamonds and intricate metalwork all over the white gold band.

Best Places to Buy Edwardian Engagement Rings

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus has their own patented Nexus Diamond alternative that is lab-created and environmentally friendly. The company believes in providing affordable engagement rings with great quality. Diamond Nexus provides lifetime stone guarantee to ensure that your stone will not chip, crack, or become cloudy as you wear it daily. The company also provides additional protection that includes metal repairs, periodic cleaning, polishing, and inspections.

Clean Origin 

Clean Origin was founded in 2017 by a team of experts who put quality and ethics first. The company wants to change the way couples experience diamonds and take an environmentally friendly approach to the gorgeous and coveted stone. Clean Origin only has lab-created diamonds which as just as beautiful as the natural ones and are not bad for the environment. For couples who are conscious about the environment but want a dazzling diamond, Clean Origin is the perfect match.


Kay opened its first storefront in 1916 and the company has lived through many changes over the years. However, the love and exceptional service has continued to shine through. Kay has unique selection from amazing designers and offer great customer service online and in-person. Kay also offers lifetime guarantee on their diamonds to make sure that your ring lasts as long as your love, forever.


Zales was first opened in 1924 in Wichita Falls, TX. The company now has over 700 stores all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Zales offers a wide variety of high-quality jewelry for all budgets, free shipping, store pickup, and even a 30-day risk-free return in case you do not love what you got. All Zales diamonds have a lifetime guarantee and are replaced at no extra charge if they are lost. The store also offers fully customized rings and jewelry repairs and services.

Edwardian vs Traditional Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings are perfect for people who truly appreciate the intricate design of the band. The beautiful and classic look of the white gold band with the colorless diamond pays homage to the traditional ring while also giving a nod to the vintage era. The Edwardian engagement ring looks very similar to the traditional engagement ring but the metalwork all over the band makes it look like a true work of art.

Edwardian Engagement Ring Metal Options

Since jewelry companies allow you to customize your ring nowadays, you do not have to go for a specific metal option for your Edwardian engagement ring. The most common metal for rings in that era was palladium, but the majority of jewelry companies have Edwardian-inspired rings in white gold. Both look dazzling with the diamond and the silver band with the unique designs. Additionally, you can go for a rose or yellow gold band for your engagement and it will look just as beautiful as well.

Common Setting Styles for Edwardian Engagement Rings

Since Edwardian engagement rings are so similar to the classic and traditional engagement ring, you can find them in the most popular styles. These styles include the classic solitaire, the three-stone, and the halo. The marquise setting is a more unique and less popular style that looks beautiful if you want your fingers to look longer and slimmer. There is no right setting, it all depends on what you love. Do you love the simple and classic look of the solitaire? Maybe you prefer the dazzling halo.


Edwardian engagement rings are a beautiful option for the woman who loves the vintage style. But what makes an engagement ring typical of the Edwardian era? Additionally, what is the difference between jewelry from the iconic Victorian era and the Edwardian era? The most important thing about choosing an engagement ring is that you love it.

What is an Edwardian style engagement ring?

Edwardian engagement rings are diamond rings inspired by the jewelry from 1900 to 1915, which was when the Edwardian Era took place. During that time, diamonds were the stone of choice for any ring and the band featured unique designs all over the metal. Edwardian rings have intricate metalwork all over the band that is called filigree.

What is the most classic engagement ring style?

The most classic engagement ring of all time is the solitaire that features a single stone held by four prongs. The three stone engagement ring is another very classy style that features a center stone and two smaller stones on either side. Lastly, the halo engagement ring is the most glamourous of the classic styles. It features a center stone with a frame of smaller diamonds that create a dazzling ring.

What is the difference between Victorian and Edwardian Rings?

The Victorian Era is from 1837 to 1900 while the Edwardian is from 1900 to 1915. Since the two eras cover a long period of time, jewelry changed through the years. The Victorian Era, for example, had a variety of different styles throughout the years. Edwardian jewelry was airier, made of platinum and diamond that was very fashionable in that time. While Edwardian rings featured filigree, Victorian jewelry featured bows, flowers, birds, hearts, and even serpents.

Beautiful Examples of Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings are a true work of art. They come in all the most popular settings that you see in the traditional engagement rings with an extra vintage feel. These rings feature beautiful and intricate metalwork all over the band and some feature diamonds on the band as well. Edwardian engagement rings are a great choice for the woman who wants to feel timeless and who loves the vintage look of the rings from that era.

This vintage solitaire ring with dazzling diamond as the center stone, features a unique and intricate band design inspired by the Edwardian era. The beautiful diamond is held in a tulip setting and diamonds accent the white gold band. Read more...
The princess-cut diamond center stone is wrapped in a diamond-lined frame. The beautiful round cut diamonds and metalwork of the band give an homage to the Edwardian Era. To the vintage look, the band features engraving on the sides of the shank. Read more...
This beautiful ring features elaborate metalwork on the band and a low-profile setting. This three-stone style engagement ring features three round cut diamonds supported in four-prong settings. Read more...
This Edwardian era inspired ring features a dazzling design on the white gold band with dazzling diamonds. The four-prong setting allows the center stone to glisten beautifully, adding a vintage twist to the classic engagement ring. Read more...
This beautiful ring feature a delicate band with filigree, typical of the Edwardian Era. The beautiful diamond is in a halo setting surrounded by smaller diamonds creating a beautiful and unique engagement ring. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring features intricate yet delicate metalwork all over the band, adding a unique twist to the solitaire engagement ring. The white gold branches twist and turn and hold the dazzling round-cut diamond in a four-prong setting. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring features a gorgeous round-cut diamond as the center stone. The understated halo makes this ring look unique. The gorgeous and delicate design of the white gold band pays homage to the Edwardian Era. Read more...
The beautiful diamond sits in a four-prong setting in this engagement ring. The white gold band features an intricate yet delicate design with diamonds that make this ring even more dazzling. Read more...
This beautiful ring features a mesmerizing marquise diamond as the center stone. The beautiful and artful metalwork of the white gold band adds a vintage feel to this beautiful and unique engagement ring. Read more...
This ring features three princess-cut diamonds and the center stone features a halo of round-cut diamonds. The intricate and delicate of the white gold band features round-cut diamonds that add detail and shine to this beautiful engagement ring. Read more...