Diamond Nexus Review – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Diamond Nexus is one of the well-known jewelry retail companies. Their specialty is producing jewelry made from mined diamond alternatives. The company believes in affordability, no mined stones and quality above everything. In this Diamond Nexus review, we take a closer look at this company and the products they offer.

Diamond Nexus

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CLEAN ORIGIN (The Best Alternative)

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The Diamond Nexus website seems busy at first glance. The site has various features displayed in popping bold teal or hot pink. Their homepage connects to their customer reviews, social media pages, new arrivals, request a catalog and so much more.

The website showcases the hundreds of engagement rings and jewelry options that Diamond Nexus has available. There is a ton of detail in each of the Diamond Nexus product pages. They feature customer reviews, product details and different angles of product images. The features of the website make shopping from the site an easy process.

History of Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus started in 2004 as a division of the Lautrec Corporation. It was based in Milwaukee, the heart of the USA. The company focused on creating a one of a kind type of stone that was not only good for your wallet, but also for the earth.

Diamond Nexus is a forever company. This means that it is part of the Forever Companies; a group of brands connected to man-made stones. Sister companies to Diamond Nexus include Forever Artisans, 1215 Diamonds and 12FIFTEEN Diamonds.

Their diamonds are unique because they are from diamond stimulants. Nexus diamonds are different from manmade or synthetic diamonds. While manmade diamonds only have the carbon element, nexus diamonds use a patented proprietary formula. Their diamonds are also not cubic zirconia, and tend to be more superior to the later. The grading system used for nexus diamonds is the same one as for mined diamonds. These diamonds are lab-grown and have a lifetime guarantee.

What makes Diamond Nexus stand out?

One reason why Diamond Nexus stands out is because of the type of diamonds they use on their rings. Diamond Nexus uses non-mined diamond stones which are actually diamond stimulants. These stones are similar to diamonds in appearance and in some properties. They however have a chemical composition that is different from diamonds. These stimulants are beneficial in various ways. They are 100% conflict free, good for the earth and are a fraction of the price of mined diamonds.

Another reason is the affordability of their diamonds. Since Diamond Nexus uses lab created diamonds, their diamonds are far more affordable than other diamond options. They believe in letting their customers spend their hard earned money on experiences rather than on purchasing rings. This is why their pricing is lower than what you would find from other jewelry retail companies.

Diamond Nexus Refund Policies and Customer Service

Diamond Nexus has a 30 day free return policy. According to their website, if you choose not to keep your jewelry, you can return it for a full refund as long as it is within 30 days. There is a condition that the returns should be new and in their original packaging. They should also be accompanied by the original documentation. There is a $25 charge for a return with a missing item. Additional fees that may be incurred when shipping returns are not refundable. For custom and semi-custom items, there could be a restocking fee.

When it comes to their exchange policy, Diamond Nexus offer a 30 day exchange policy. An item can go through an exchange for another within 30 days of the original order date. There is a limit of three exchanges on an item. Each exchange after a previous one should be within 14 days. If you are still unsatisfied with your product after the last exchange, then you can get a refund. This will however come with a deduction of a 20% restocking fee from the original purchase amount.

Lifetime Stone Gurantee

Diamond Nexus also offers a lifetime stone guarantee. This means that if there is any problem with your stone, they will replace it or fix it for free. They also offer an ‘everything’s covered plan’ for someone who wants to get additional coverage. The lifetime guarantee does not cover missing stones due to normal aging of the ring. Diamond Nexus also offers trade ups to its customers. The condition for this is that the trade up must exceed the original purchase by 50%.


Does Diamond Nexus sell real diamonds?

Diamond Nexus make it clear on their website that their diamonds are not naturally mined diamonds. The diamonds they sell are actually stones that look like diamonds, but they are made from diamond stimulants. Their product is known as a Nexus Diamond alternative and it is a lab created alternative to a diamond that is environmental friendly and conflict free.

Is Diamond Nexus cubic zirconia?

Diamond Nexus diamonds are not the same as cubic zirconia. These are two different materials which also have different features and properties. They differ in clarity, chemical composition and price. One thing that is common about them is that they are lab created, and therefore they are not the same as mined diamonds.

Where is Diamond Nexus located?

Diamond Nexus is a jewelry retail company based in the United States. This company has a workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where their stones are set by hand. Each ring goes through an individual inspection and is detailed by hand, never going through a machine stamp.

Diamond Nexus Vs Cubic Zirconia

While Diamond Nexus diamonds may not be mined diamonds, they are also not Cubic Zirconia. When you think of a diamond that is eco-friendly, affordable and conflict free, the stones that come to mind are nexus diamonds and cubic zirconia. These two are not the same stone. They have some significant differences between them which we cover in this Diamond Nexus review.

One of the differences between Nexus diamonds and Cubic zirconia is the clarity of the stone. A mined diamond is far less porous in comparison to a cubic zirconia. This means that over time, cubic zirconia will turn cloudy as it absorbs oils and dirt. A nexus diamond has a coating material that gets rid of porosity which prevents discoloration and cracks on the stone.

Another difference is in the chemical composition of the two stones. Cubic zirconia’s are made from zirconium oxide, which is a combination of oxygen and zirconium. A nexus diamond is made from a patented coating material and a proprietary formula. This makes it heavier, harder than and not as porous as cubic zirconia. This causes a nexus diamond to look more like a mined diamond.

The last difference between these two stones is in regards to the jewelry setting. Cubic zirconia jewelry can sell for prices that are extremely low. This is because most of them go through assembly line production. Cubic zirconia is also produced from the use of low cost composite materials. Nexus diamonds on the other hand, are set in quality metals and crafted by hand. They are produced by world class jewelers which is a reason why they cost higher.

Our favorite engagement rings from Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus has a wide variety of engagement rings on their website. These rings differ in terms of style, setting, design and metal option. Not only can you purchase one of their featured rings, but you can also customize your own ring. You can come up with a ring that meets your specifications and wants. They also have different setting styles on their rings to choose from. These include the Tiffany style round cut and the Prague halo. Others are the Valencia princess cut, the Gwyneth round cut and the Bali round cut. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings from Diamond Nexus that we think you would also love.

This stunning ring has an oblong stone shaped center stone which is surrounded by clusters of three Round cut accent stones. This design gives the ring a delicate and modern look. The center stone featured here is a 2.54 carat Oval cut Nexus Diamond™ alternative. Read more...
This dazzling engagement ring has a lab created sapphire in the center and diamond nexus alternative diamond accent stones that form the halo. The stone at the center is available in a different range of weights in carat. The ring has a slightly split shank design to make room for the accent stones. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a captivating diamond center stone on a thin accented band. It is set in a dazzling halo of other diamonds with subtle cathedral shoulders that complete the stylish look of this ring. The center stone is a 1.59 carat Asscher Nexus Diamond. Read more...
This ring is a unique mix of traditional and elegant. The accented prongs of the engagement ring lift the diamond center stone above your hand making it the center of attention. The stone in the picture has a 2.06 total carat weight and a 1.49 carat Round Brilliant cut, Read more...
This teardrop-shaped halo engagement ring features a pear cut diamond stone as the center stone. The stone can be found in a range of carat weights which will depend on your preference. There is also a matching wedding band available to complement this wonderful engagement ring. Read more...
This is an elegant timeless ring that has a vintage-inspired style and a sturdy design. The ring has shared prong accent stones that add to its sparkle, It also has subtle cathedral shoulders which effortlessly blend into the setting of the ring. Read more...
This is an exceptional solitaire engagement ring that has a stunning a classic design. The graceful lines on it coupled with The rounded edges of the band make it not only beautiful but also comfortable. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring has a classic feel and a contemporary touch. The halo on the ring has a design that features a split band shank which balances the ring. The profile view of this ring is graced by lower-like metalwork that adds some romance to the ring. Read more...