Colored Engagement Rings: What Color is Best for You?


Written by Mariana


Finding the perfect engagement ring colors for you is one of the most important and challenging steps towards finding the perfect ring. Will it be gold, silver, or rose gold? Would a purple, blue, yellow, or white stone work better for you? Should it be a solitary or in a cushion frame surrounded by dazzling diamonds? Will the color of the stone and band be complimentary, or will the stone be the center of attention?

Engagement ring colors can come in a variety of combination, which can be overwhelming when choosing the perfect one. can be a lot easier once you understand which diamond tones work best for the different metals. Furthermore, once you get an understanding of the color combinations that look best together, you can make a decision on whether you want the stone to be the center of attention or if you want a more balanced ring. Depending on the warmth of the tone of the stone and band, your skin may compliment it or it might just look muted on you.

What Color Should an Engagement Ring Be?

Engagement ring color for the band is most often gold, platinum, and silver. Most engagement rings are made of gold and platinum because these metals are durable and easy to work with. Some people prefer the warmth of yellow or rose gold rings. Others would rather have a cool-toned ring, such as white gold, platinum, or silver. The color of the diamond is very important when picking the metal for the band. Because diamonds are very reflective, they will reflect the color of the band and prongs that support it. It all depends on whether you want the diamond to be the star of the show or if you prefer the ring to have a more balanced look.

What Types of Engagement Ring Colors are There?

The engagement ring band and stone can come in a variety of combinations. Whether you want a yellow gold ring with a classic diamond on top, or if you want the sophisticated look of a black diamond surrounded by dazzling white diamonds. There are so many engagement rings on the market, that the one that fits your expectations is surely out there. Here are a few rings to give you some ideas on what is out there.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Emerald aquamarine ring
Pale blue aquamarine engagement ring

Aquamarine’s blue-hue can range from very pale to deep blue and can be found in a variety of sizes. The gemstone has high clarity and transparency, meaning that it sparkles more than most colored gemstones. This engagement ring from Jared makes the emerald aquamarine the center of attention, the white gold creates a harmonious look, and the diamonds on the bend and prongs glisten even more with the reflection of the aquamarine.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black diamond cushion frame engagement ring
Black diamond platinum engagement ring

If you prefer a more sophisticated and unique look, a black diamond engagement ring is just the right choice for you. This cushion frame platinum engagement ring from Zales is a showstopper. White diamonds surround the beautiful black diamond, truly dazzling anyone that looks at this masterpiece of a ring.

Purple Engagement Ring

Purple amethyst rose gold ring
Purple and rose gold engagement ring

A color that has been synonym of royalty and elegance, purple engagement rings look beautiful and are perfect for woman who is just that, a queen. The color is also a symbol of wisdom, peace, pride, and independence. This Amethyst rose gold engagement ring from Jared is a unique find for the woman who wants to feel like royalty when wearing it. The band is rose gold, petals surround the beautiful round stone, and dazzling diamonds flank the amethyst.

Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamond solitaire ring
Blue diamond solitaire engagement ring

The blue diamond is an extremely rare and unique stone that looks beautiful, it is completely natural. The diamond can come in a varying array of tonalities, from the lightest pale blues to the most intense navy blues. This simpler solitaire engagement ring from Zales features a white gold band. The beautiful round blue diamond is the center of attention in the four-prong setting.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Classy yellow gold engagement ring
Danhov Abbraccio yellow gold engagement ring

For someone who enjoys the look of the classic diamond with a yellow gold band, this Danhov Abbraccio engagement ring from James Allen brings a little twist to the classic style. The unique design of the band is handcrafted and shows beauty and strength and makes the classic diamond the center of attention.

What is the Best Color for a Diamond?

The best color for a diamond depends on your personal style. Diamonds have a color scale that begins at D and ends at Z. The clearer the diamond, the closer to D on the scale. When the diamond is closer to Z, it will have a yellow or brown tint, making it look warmer, which are best suited for yellow or rose gold bands. White diamonds are extremely rare but trade professionals call white diamonds the ones that lie in G and H sections of the scale. If a G or H diamond is well cut, the stone will appear colorless even if it is not in the clearer part of the scale. Furthermore, if you have a warmer skin tone, it is best to pick a warm-colored stone, rather than a cooler one.

With the many types of ring colors out there, you can also look into designing your own.

Should an Engagement Ring be Silver or Gold?

The metal chosen for the band depends on your personal style and the color of the stone. If you want to create a harmonious ring, make sure that the engagement ring colors are complementary of each other, keep an eye on the warmth of the stone and metal. Warm toned metals are yellow and rose gold and look best with diamonds with yellow undertones. White gold, platinum, and palladium are cool toned metals and work well with diamonds on the cooler side of the scale. However, these metals also work like a blank canvas and can enhance the color of yellow toned diamonds, depending on your preference. When it comes to skin tone and the metal, rose gold works for all skin tones, while yellow gold works better with warm skin tones, and platinum and silver look great on cooler skin tones.

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