Celtic Engagement Rings – Our Complete Guide


Written by Emily


Celtic rings have an interlacing knot work that is their standard feature of identification. These rings are beautiful, which is why Celtic engagement rings are becoming a trend.  The word Celtic comes from the Celts, who are a group of Indo-European people. They are from areas around Anatolia and Europe and their use of Celtic languages is what identifies them. It is safe to say that Celtic art came from the Celts and spread around the world. These people had occupation in most of Western Europe in the past but were pushed back as the Roman Empire grew. Their current location is in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.

The Celtic style that is on Celtic engagement rings is a decorative form of art. It came into development before the death of Christ in the location of Western Europe. This decorative style features swirling curves and lines, abstract shapes, organic shapes and a balanced form. There is little symmetry in this style as it showcases the use of lines that interweave through each other.

People who go for Celtic rings are those who have interest in finding a connection to their Celtic ancestry. Other than rings, Celtic decoration styles are also on other forms of jewelry like pendants, earrings and necklaces. Celtic engagement rings have Irish elements that provide a romantic meaning. The most popular styles of these engagement rings are the trinity knot, the Celtic warrior and the Claddagh.

Choosing a Celtic Engagement Ring

Some of the things you should put to consideration when purchasing a Celtic engagement ring are the style, sentiment and your budget. When it comes to these rings, style is significant. There are three forms of Celtic engagement rings as mentioned, which include the trinity knot ring, the Claddagh ring and the Celtic warrior ring. Understanding the meaning of each of the three will help you make a better decision about the one you want to go for.

The Claddagh is the ‘Irish Promise Ring’. It was a wedding ring from over 400 years ago and it is now also an engagement ring. Those who choose to go for a Claddagh engagement ring often have it made with a gemstone. Some of the common stones used in this ring are diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Trinity knot Celtic rings are also a great option for someone who wants a Celtic engagement ring. It is a romantic choice that is also deeply symbolic.

Celtic warrior engagement rings get their inspiration from the 8th century Ardagh Chalice. This type of Celtic engagement ring is best for the person who wants a fully decorated band. There was a belief among the Celts that this kind of decoration would add magic and mystery to their jewelry. They also thought parts of a band left without a design would provide space for bad energy. The Celtic warrior ring is a symbol of commitment and strength and would make a great engagement ring.

What does a Celtic knot ring mean?

The Celtic love knot, also known as the trinity knot, is a symbol of romance. The use of the trinity knot on Celtic items was a way of showing respect to nature, as the three points on the knot can be used as a representation of the sea, earth and sky. Some also find it to represent the past, present and future.

Can a Claddagh ring be used as an engagement ring?

A Claddagh ring can be used as an engagement ring because it is iconic of Ireland symbols and has its origin from Galway. These rings are a representation of love, friendship and loyalty which is why they are a great option for engagement rings.

Is the Celtic knot pagan?

Based on research by scholars and archeologists, the trinity knot also known as the Celtic knot, first appears as a design by pagans. The Celt people used it, and then it was transformed by the early Irish Christians into a Holy Trinity symbol. This was in the 4th century.

Beautiful Examples of Celtic Engagement Rings

Ancient Celts derived their inspiration from the spiritual and natural world which can be seen from their detailed designs. The styles vary and finding one that your partner will love should not be a challenging task. When it comes to these engagement rings, the options become even broader because you are choosing from Claddagh rings, trinity knot rings and Celtic warrior rings. Here are 3 beautiful examples of Celtic engagement rings that we think you will love. The best thing is, you can customize two of these to suit your personal preferences and specifications.

This beautiful celtic knot ring has pink tourmaline and rubies. The main stone is a tourmaline that has measurements of approx. 5mm. The side stones are rubies that measure approx. 1.5 mm and the band width is approx. 1.6 mm. Read more...
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This celtic heart ring from Kay Jewelers is one of their personalized ring options. You can customize this beautiful ring to suit your taste and wants. It is available in various metal options that include silver, 10K gold and 14K gold. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Celtic Engagement Rings

1. Capucinne

For all your engagement ring requirements, Capucinne is your one-stop store. They have a huge selection of rings to pick from, making sure you get what you’re looking for. Their rings are original and of good quality, which is a reason why it would be worth buying a Celtic engagement ring from them.

2. Jared

For people who want to buy engagement rings, Jared is a leading retail outlet. Jared has a range of engagement rings for everyone, with over 274 shops in various locations. The website platform by Jared is almost as rewarding as going into a physical store is. Their Celtic Engagement Rings are a great choice for someone who wants to go for this kind of ring.

3. Kay

Kay has been an exceptional retailer that sells a large range of wedding bands and also engagement rings. There is an array of rings at Kay including Celtic engagement rings. According to your preferences, you can also get a custom ring. A Kay Celtic engagement ring is an outstanding option.

Celtic Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the interesting aspects of Celtic engagement rings is that they can feature diamonds as the main stone. This means that if you are torn between choosing a Celtic ring and a diamond ring, you can simply combine the two and have a Celtic diamond engagement ring. Celtic engagement rings are beautiful and deeply symbolic of Irishness. Unlike diamond rings which are more universal and not connected to any culture in particular, Celtic engagement rings are an amazing way to continue Irish traditions. They are also non-conventional pieces which makes them unique for a bride who wants something out of the regular.

Celtic Engagement Ring Metal Options

Celtic engagement rings can be fashioned in various metal options. Some of the common metal options used are gold and silver. Silver has always been a go to choice for people when it comes to engagement rings. For a warm look, you can set your ring using a little silver and copper. Sterling silver is a great option because it makes the decorative designs on the Celtic ring to pop and stand out. Gold is another metal option that Celtic engagement rings can be set on. It could either be yellow gold or white gold depending on personal preference.

Common Setting Styles for Celtic Engagement Rings

The type of setting style you choose for your Celtic engagement rings will depend on the type of Celtic engagement ring that you choose. For Claddagh engagement rings, the setting style that is commonly used is the bezel setting and the cathedral setting. In the cathedral setting, the stone is mounted at the center to make it more prominent and the center of attention. The bezel setting on the other hand, is where a strip of metal is wrapped around a center stone to hold it in place. Celtic warrior rings also use the bezel setting. Trinity knot Celtic engagement rings commonly use the halo setting.


Celtic engagement rings are wonderful options for non-traditional engagement rings. These rings are symbolic which makes them special and unique. They also have connections to Irish traditions which makes them ideal for someone who wants to feel connected to their Irish origins. The most common Celtic engagement rings are the ones that feature the trinity knot. It could be because this decoration is a symbol of eternal love and everlasting fidelity and people want to associate that to their relationship. If you are looking for a bold engagement ring that has a story behind it, then a Celtic engagement ring is just right for you.