Brian Gavin Review – What You Need To Know Before You Buy


Written by Emily


Brian Gavin is one of the most reputable jewelry retail companies in the United States. This company began with a man who wanted to set a new standard when it comes to diamond quality. Brian Gavin is the diamond expert who started and owns this company. Gavin grew up in the jewelry and diamond industry. He is the 5th generation of diamond cutters and this gave him great insight on diamonds and jewelry in general. With over 30 years of experience in creating custom jewelry designs, Brian Gavin creates some of the most unique diamond cut pieces. In this Brian Gavin review, we take a closer look at the company and what it offers.

History of Brian Gavin

The story of Brian Gavin the company starts with Brian Gavin himself. Brian Gavin was born in South Africa into a family of diamond cutters. He is a 5th generation diamond cutter that got training from family. He learned everything he needed to know about diamonds growing up as he worked and his family’s diamond factory.

One of the things he learned was how to achieve exceptional visual balance when cutting which is a talent that came to assist him later as he sought to expand to the United States diamond market. Gavin wanted to expand the family business to the United States which is why he immigrated from South Africa and bought the then Aloha Creations Inc. The company began selling to jewelers across the country and established a wholesale customer clientele that gave them some room for opportunity.

The company had some Hearts and Arrows diamonds from the 1990’s that Gavin was not entirely sold on. He sought to perfect the cut and in 1998, he introduced “A Cut Above” Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Through Alpha Creations. Galvin was the first to introduce this cut to internet shoppers after it was tested in 1999. These kind of cuts were sold online exclusively on in the late 2000. These diamond cuts have come to be regarded as the ‘super ideal cuts’.

Brian Behan began his new company, Brian Gavin Diamonds (BGD) in March 2009 where he started selling the signature hearts and arrows diamonds. The company has continued to grow as their customer base expand. Brian Gavin’s creative energy has unlocked new levels as seen in the stunning custom jewelry creations that he continues to unveil. His followers and fans term him as “the Man, the Myth, the Legend.”

What makes Brian Gavin stand out?

One of the things that stands out about Brian Gavin is the fact that they sell high quality diamonds. All the diamonds and gemstones offered by the company are natural which means that they do not have any lab created diamonds. The cut on their stones is also very high quality and even exceed the standards of the industry. You can search for diamonds on the Brian Gavin website by price, shape, size, color and clarity. Their Hearts and Arrows diamonds are not just in round shapes, but also in exclusive cushion cuts. They have 57 facets and display 8 hearts and 8 arrows, thus the name ‘Hearts and Arrows.’

The Brian Gavin website also stands out because of their designer collections. The designer collection is in three categories: the Brian Gavin Collection, the Designer collections and the Brian Gavin Black designers. Some of the items under the Brian Gavin collection include the 810 collection, Fiorella collection, Olympus collection, Truth collection, Novela collection, Legera collection, Lace collection and the Italian Rose Gold jewelry collection. The designer collection includes jewelry items by Parade, Scholdt, Jeff Cooper, Kelim Jewelry and Nambe Jewelry. The Brian Gavin Black designers include Frieder Lauer, Steven Kretchmer, Furred Jacot and Sylvie.

Another significant thing to note about Brian Gavin is their custom design option for jewelry. They feature a variety of ideas and examples on their catalog that a customer can choose from. A fun fact is, almost 95% of the engagement rings and jewelry they feature in their catalog started as a custom designed piece. Brian has years of experience in creating custom designs which assures you that you are in good hands. He was the first in the industry about a decade ago to being custom jewelry to the internet using computer aided designs programs or CAD. These designs were initially used by engineers who wanted to create a representation of a design for customers. Through these three dimensional representations, a customer can see what the final piece would look like.

Brian Gavin Refund Policies and Customer Service

Brian Gavin has excellent customer service. If you want to purchase a diamond ring but you know nothing about diamonds, their company website has an education section that takes you through the different BGD collections and the 4’s which are the color, clarity, carat and cut. Their FAQ section as well as their blog posts are also helpful in the diamond shopping process. You can contact them via email if you have questions or love chat with one of their experts.

Lifetime warranty and Returns

Their rings come with a lifetime warranty which has you covered in case something happens. You can insure your purchase from Brian Gavin because they have partnered with Jewelers Mutual to make it possible. If you get a ring that you are not happy about, you can return it to them within 15 days of the delivery. You should have your grade report and you will have to pay the shipping fee yourself. Without the grade report, you will have to pay a whopping $200 extra so remember to hold on to your report. 

Lifetime upgrade program

Brian Gavin have a lifetime upgrade program where you can apply 100% of the cost of the original order toward purchasing the new diamond. This cost does not take into consideration the shipping fee and you will need to have your grade report for it to apply. For rings that need resizing, Brian Gavin will do it one size up or down but beyond that you pay for it.

Who is Brian Gavin?

Brian Gavin is the founder and owner of Brian Gavin Diamonds. He is the cofounder of and was its executive vice president from 2001 to 2008. He is a diamond expert that is respected in the jewelry and diamond industry. His expertise has seen him become an acting supervisor at one of the world’s biggest diamond grading labs. He has written a paper “Hearts and Arrows- How they are formed and how they are graded,” which was presented in Moscow Russia at the International Diamond Cut Conference.

Are hearts and arrows diamonds worth it?

The Hearts and Arrows diamonds from Brian Gavin are definitely worth it. These diamonds may cost more than the average diamond in the market but they are worth it. These diamonds are above standard quality diamonds which are also unique, which is why they cost more. Their diamonds are next level and have perfect symmetry, and the price matches that.

What is the best color in diamonds?

Colorless is the best color in diamonds. Completely colorless diamonds are generally the highest quality, with the lower quality ones having a tint that is slightly yellow. The color of a diamond is measured by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) color scale that goes from D to Z starting from colorless to light yellow or brownish.

Brian Gavin Vs James Allen

Brian Gavin and James Allen are some of the most reputable jewelry retail companies especially when it comes to diamond engagement rings. A Brian Gavin review would not be complete without a comparison of these two companies. One of the major differences between Brian Gavin and James Allen is the inventory. Brian Gavin does not hold much inventory but this is because they do not believe in virtual inventors. They have all their diamonds in-house so as to focus on quality. James Allen has a very large inventory, with over 200,000 diamonds. They don’t stock all their diamonds and have vendors all over the world.

Another difference between these two companies is in terms of the diamond view. Brian Gavin provides 360° views for their rings on video and also have images of the item from different angles. James Allen also has a 360° view option for all their items but their images are also in HD. For James Allen, there is a Superzoom which allows you to check every single detail on a stone before you purchase it.

Another significant difference between Brian Gavin and James Allen is the price of the products. Brian Gavin diamonds are at premium pieces while James Allen tends to be one of the most affordable jewelry retail companies in the market. Brian Gavin diamonds are quality cut and above market standard which is why they prices are high.

Our favorite engagement rings from Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin offer a wide range of engagement rings that feature natural diamonds and gemstones. Some of the shapes they have for their diamonds are emerald, princess, oval, cushion, round, pear, hear and marquise. These stones are both in fancy and standard colors and shades. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings from Brian Gavin that we think would be a great option for you.

This coralie engagement ring is modern and stylish. The ring features a shank of shimmering diamonds and a signature cushion halo. The total weigh of the spiral halo ring is 0.23 carats. The ring can be crafted in 18K rose, yellow, or white gold or platinum. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features a 2 diamond melee in a three stone bezel setting. Any finish of your choice can be applied to the ring. The center stone can also be a diamond of your chose. The diamond melee is approx. 0.50 ctw. Read more...

#3 - Alice Ring

This lovely Alice Engagement Ring is set in full plain bezel. The ring is available in a variety of finishing that include brushed, sandblast, bright and "German finish". The ring is fashioned in 14K White Gold and you can choose the center stone diamond of your choice. Read more...
This Serenity Ring is absolutely stunning. It features a diamond melee that has an average total weight of 0.06 ctw. The ring is fashioned in 14K White Gold and it has a top width of 2.4 and a bottom width of 2.4. You can add an engraving to this ring. Read more...

#5 - Elsie Ring

This Elsie multi-shape halo engagement ring has a diamond center stone fashioned in platinum metal, but is also available in 14K or 18K rose, yellow, or white gold. The top width of this ring is 1.7 and the bottom width of the ring is 1.6. Read more...

#6 - Lena Ring

This stunning engagement ring features a simple split shank that has a north/south half bezel, The ring price is for diamonds up to 2 carats. The center stone for this ring is also customizable and can be made in the shape or size of your choice. Read more...

#7 - Duet Ring

This ring features a 2 stone bypass setting that is modern and sleek. The least diameter stone size for this ring is 4.1mm. The unique setting for this ring is fit for 2 matching diamonds. The catalog images for this ring depict 2 x 0.50 ct diamonds. Read more...
This lovely ring is set in a traditional 4 prong solitaire. The ring is crafted in 14K White Gold and top width of 2.6 and a bottom width of 2.0. The price given for this ring is only for diamonds up to 2 carats. Read more...
This beautiful ring features an elegant cathedral style solitaire. The ring has a 0.50 carat diamond as the center stone and a Brian Gavin Signature melee that is 2 x 1.8mm. The ring is fashioned in 14K White Gold and is absolutely stunning. Read more...