Black Wedding Rings for Men – Everything You Need To Know


Written by Emily


Black rings date back to the ancient Greeks, who made rings out of quartz called black onyx. The Romans utilized black onyx to make rings for official seals. Wearing a black ring today is more of a matter of function and style. Black wedding band interpretations, on the other hand, vary greatly. It is ultimately up to the wearer of the ring to decide what it means to them. One man may wear a black wedding ring that he thinks it’s fashionable. Another may wear a black wedding ring as a stand-in for a more costly band that he wouldn’t want to be damaged or misplaced.

Making a statement with black wedding rings is easy! Black is one of the few colors which never goes out of fashion. Black wedding rings are timeless, tasteful, and maybe a little bit cutting-edge. They are ideal for a classy and contemporary guy who has an eye for style. If you are looking for something truly one-of-a-kind and personal, black rings for men and women are where to start. They are bold and make a point.

Black wedding rings feel sassy and sophisticated.  Black diamonds, for example, are opulent. In some societies, they are thought to bring bad luck. In others, they are thought to attract happiness and prosperity. Although black diamonds are an expensive black stone, smoky quartz, and black onyx are less expensive but absolutely stunning alternatives. Black rings can be also made of a variety of materials. They include gold electroplated with black rhodium, titanium, ceramic materials, stainless steel, tungsten and zirconium. 

Choosing a Black Wedding Ring

One thing to consider when choosing a black ring is the durability. Black rings are far more resistant to wear than platinum or gold rings. Tungsten, Titanium, and Zirconium are highly hard metals that are impossible to damage in daily use. Coated rings, such as black titanium, which is actually silver titanium plated with rhodium or black gold, may need to be refinished even as the coat wears away. Ceramic rings are often very tough and resistant to scratches. However, if they fall on a surface that is hard, they will shatter. Iron is comparatively soft and scratches easily. It could be slightly more resistant and durable than black gold, like many other gold colors.

Another consideration is the allergens in black rings. Since they don’t contain nickel or copper, almost all black rings are far less allergenic compared to 14 karat gold rings. Copper and nickel are the most prevalent allergens in jewelry. The exception is black gold, which, like many 14 karat gold bands, can contain metal alloys that are potentially allergenic. There are individuals who are allergic to the rhodium plating that makes metals look black, so test a few before deciding on a wedding ring. It’s worth remembering that such an allergy isn’t as frequent as nickel allergies. If you’d like a black ring but are worry about being allergic to rhodium, ceramic bands are really a perfect allergy-free alternative.

Resizing should be another consideration when buying a black wedding ring. Black gold would be the only black ring which can get a resize. Afterwards, the gold must have a recoat of black rhodium. This makes the process more complicated and costly compared to yellow gold. Fortunately, all of these rings are inexpensive, so replacing them isn’t as costly as purchasing a new platinum or gold ring.

Best Places To Buy Black Wedding Rings 

James Allen

James Allen provides a large array of wedding and engagement rings. The company allows customers to completely personalize the ring you want by encouraging them to choose the stone form, size, and shape, as well as the metal and band design. From budget-friendly to high-end wedding rings, James Allen has it all.


Beautiful, high craftsmanship rings using ethically sourced materials can be found at Zales. The company offers the finest jewelry at such an affordable and accessible price, allowing those on a budget to buy sparkling rings for a fraction of the cost. Zales has spent decades focusing on creating exquisite jewelry that will last at affordable prices.


Kay initially opened for business in 1916, and now the company has passed through several transformations since then. Their outstanding service has continued to shine through. Kay has a one-of-a-kind range from exceptional artists and offers outstanding customer service both online and in real life. Kay also promises their gems for a lifetime, guaranteeing that your ring is high quality.

Black vs. Diamond Wedding Rings

Black wedding rings are a decent choice if you’d like to get a shift from the conventional silver band as well as white gold wedding band. Although the black diamond is more costly than any of its colorless equivalents, it gives the standard wedding ring a special and stylish touch. If you choose something more inexpensive, onyx is a lovely and sturdy stone which will still give your wedding band a unique look. Black metal is also strikingly stunning and distinct.

Styles that go well with Black Wedding Rings 

Since black is such a neutral color, the wedding ring can be made in a number of metal band colors, each of which complement the dark colored stone beautifully. Besides that, black rhodium bands are attractive and go with anything. With a colorless diamond as well as a silver band, this edgy wedding ring choice adds a new edge to a typical wedding ring. 

The prong setting is the most popular because the black diamond is so stunning and sparkling. The diamond is elevated in this atmosphere, rendering it the center of attention. Geometric settings influenced by the Art Deco period are also available, which look spectacular on their own but even more so when combined with a formed wedding ring. Black wedding rings are also available in a variety of band designs, ranging from conventional to split-style.


Black wedding rings are for the stylish and sophisticated woman that wants a wedding ring that goes with every dress. You can personalize the ring by choosing dark metals or gems from a range of choices. The options are infinite, if you prefer the musky look of black quartz or the elegance of a black diamond. Since black is such a versatile color, it can be worn by any metal band.

Examples of Black Wedding Rings

Black wedding rings have a darker, edgier, and contemporary appearance.  Wedding bands are among the few pieces of jewelry that men are pick out for oneself. Many men and women have selected black engagement and wedding rings since they are fashionable.

They are also one-of-a-kind, and have a much more dramatic appearance than light metals such as platinum and white gold. Here are some of our favorite black wedding rings that we think would be a great choice for you too. 

This Comfort-Fit band for men is crafted in black titanium and has a measurement of 6.5mm. The ring has a finish that is classy and gives it a modern sleek look. The ring has a high polish finish to complete the look. Read more...
This wedding band for men is simply sleek and unique. The ring has a black ion plating coat and a decorative etching to complete the look. The ring is 8mm wide and is fashioned in stainless steel. The black ring is in standard size 10. Read more...
This wedding band for men features a row of black diamonds that surround the band. The ring is sleek and is fashioned in black ion-plated stainless steel. The total weight of the diamonds is 1/6 carat. The black diamonds have been enhanced permanently for the black color. Read more...