Black Diamond Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


Black diamond engagement rings are unique and stylish, which is why their popularity is rising by the day. Black diamonds are stones that form naturally from the carbonado element. It is not clear how exactly this element is formed in nature. There is a theory that states it came from a meteorite’s impact to earth. Some say it forms from the extreme pressure that comes from deep in the earth. There are several places where carbonados comes from that include Venezuela, the Central African Republic and Brazil. It is rare to find the genuine natural quality of carbonados used to create black diamonds.

Black diamonds also come from artificial processes. One of the ways is through irradiating colorless diamonds and the other is where they are made in laboratories from simulants. Black diamonds vary in color, from those that are gray in color to those that have a deep black color. Artificially created black diamonds are the most common black diamonds available today. This is done by irradiating natural colorless black diamonds, passing them through heat. Those made from this process have a consistent deep black color. You will also see some dark green flashes on them under some light types.

There are other black diamonds that come from black cubic zirconia named simulant black diamonds. These diamonds are not as hard as naturally occurring black diamonds. They also do not have the fire and brilliance of a black diamond made from treating a colorless natural black diamond.

Choosing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

There is a growing demand for black diamond engagement rings in the market. This is why more and more companies are focusing on producing these rings. It is also why customers should be more cautious when purchasing a black diamond engagement ring if they want an authentic one.

One of the main things a person should have in mind is that they should visit a trusted retailer for their engagement ring. A reputable retailer with a good history is what you optimize for over everything else. Scroll down for our favorite online stores that you can trust.

Check the Label

When shopping for black engagement rings, you should look at the labels on the ring. Lab-created labels mean that the stone is a simulant black diamond. It could also be that a colorless diamond went through heat and turned into a black diamond stone. In this case, it is a synthetic black diamond. To be sure which of the two you are getting, ask the retailer for more information.

Cut and Color

The cut and color of your black diamond will also affect the cost of the black diamond engagement ring. Quality cuts cost more, ranging from $1500 to $2000 for each carat of the stone. You may find a black stone that has a quality cut but do not assume it is a real black diamond. It might be the simulant black diamond, a black onyx stone or a black cut glass. Color also influences the value of the black diamond. Black diamonds that have a deep black color that is throughout the stone have a high value.

Best Places to Buy Black Diamond Engagement Rings

James Allen

James Allen has a wide variety of engagement and wedding ring options. The company allows you to fully customize the ring that you envision by allowing you to select the specific stone type, size, and shape, as well as the metal and the design of the band. James Allen has everything from affordable to luxurious engagement rings.


Kay opened its first storefront in 1916 and the company has lived through many changes over the years. However, the love and exceptional service has continued to shine through. Kay has unique selection from amazing designers and offer great customer service online and in-person. Kay also offers lifetime guarantee on their diamonds to make sure that your ring lasts as long as your love, forever.


Capucinne has a wide assortment of both engagement rings and wedding rings. This jewelry store has some of the most beautiful black diamond engagement rings that you can choose from. These are authentic and high quality rings that you will love. You can also request to have a ring customized to your preferences.


Netaya is one of those jewelry retail stores that bring you quality at prices that are pocket friendly. Having built a trusted relationship with their customers since 1999, this store is the place to visit for your engagement ring needs. Check out some of their high quality black diamond engagement rings.


Jared is a one of the stores that have built a reputation by offering only quality jewelry. With over 274 stores in numerous states, this store has some of the most stunning high quality engagement rings that you can get. They have a detailed website where you can see all the rings that they have available.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings vs Colorless Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the stone choice for many when it comes to engagement rings. When it comes to colorless diamond engagement rings vs black diamond engagement rings, the black rings are an ideal unconstitutional choice to go for. They are a bold sophisticated alternative to colorless diamond rings which adds to your sense of style and elegance.

A black diamond engagement ring makes a statement. It is the kind of ring that will turn heads in a room. This ring would also be great for someone who has a unique personality looking for an engagement ring that reflects this.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Metal Options

Black diamond engagement rings look great when crafted in a metal that contrasts the rich color of this stone. Some of the ideal metal options would be white metals such as white gold. Black is a powerful color that stands out even more when paired with other lighter colors like white gold. Another metal option for black diamond is platinum.

Platinum is a great metal option for many gemstone engagement rings because it is not only durable but it also blends in well with most of them. For black diamond engagement rings, platinum also produces a contrast that accentuates the appearance of the ring.

Common Setting Styles for Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The go to setting style choice for most people is the prong setting. For a black diamond engagement ring, this is where the black diamond stone is held onto the center prong by metal pins.

The benefit of using the prong setting is that it protects the center stone while accentuating its sparkle.

Another common setting when it comes to black diamond engagement rings is the halo setting. This is where the center black diamond stone is surrounded by other stones round it. Because of the beautiful contrast that it creates, colorless diamonds are often set around the black diamond center stone.

Beautiful Examples of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

There are a wide variety of black diamond engagement rings that differ in style, design, shape and even material. Synthetic black diamonds cost more than simulant black diamonds.

Natural black diamonds are however the most expensive ones, and you should find out which one you are getting so that you can evaluate the pricing. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, your preferences should be the priority so that you get a ring you love. Here are 12 black diamond engagement rings we love and that we think would be a great option for you.

This ring is true perfection with black diamonds that provide an amazing contrast against white diamonds. It has a 0.16 Carat total weight and is set in sterling silver. This bold ring offers a vintage allure for a classic look, has an approx. weight of 4.1 grams and is available in size 7. Read more...
This lovely ring has a round black diamond in 1/2-carat at the center traced in sparkling white diamonds. There are more white diamonds around the band of this ring which is crafted in 14K white gold. The total diamond weight is 1 carat. Read more...
This beautiful ring has a 1/4-carat round black diamond as its center stone. It has swirls of dazzling white diamonds that line the band. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and has a total diamond weight of 1/3 carat. Read more...
This is an stunning ring that has a pear-cut black diamond as the center stone of this stylish ring. There are more pavé-set round diamonds that go round the band to add to its aesthetic. The total diamond weight of this ring is 1 carat and it is crafted in 14K white gold. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring has a round black diamond as its center stone. This center has twinkling white diamonds on its outline. There are more black diamonds lining the 14K white gold band which has a total diamond weight of 1 carat. Read more...
This beautiful ring has round black diamond at its center. There are shimmering white diamonds that surround the center stone. More black diamonds are within entwined waves of the bottom of the ring while others line the top of the 10K rose gold band. Read more...
This beautiful engagement ring features a round black diamond at its center. The ring is crafted in a 14K rose gold band and has a pave-setting which has shimmering white diamonds. More white diamonds are along the edges and the total diamond weight is 1 1/3 carats. Read more...
The black diamonds on this ring give this lovely a contemporary look. There are shimmering white diamonds that line the 10K white gold band for this 3-stone diamond ring. The total diamond weight of the ring is 1/2 carat. Read more...
This ring is true perfection with black diamonds that provide an amazing contrast against white diamonds. It has a 0.16 Carat total weight and is set in sterling silver. This bold ring offers a vintage allure for a classic look, has an approx. weight of 4.1 grams and is available in size 7. Read more...
This sophisticated diamond ring has nine black diamonds that have a total weight of 1.00 Carat. It is crafted in sterling silver. The ring has an approx. weight 3.2 grams and a diamond carat weight 1.00 cttw. Read more...
This elegant ring has a bypass design and has shimmering diamonds that add to its sparkle. It has 42 black and white diamonds that have a total weight of 0.33 Carat. The ring is crafted of lustrous sterling silver and has and an approx. weight of 6.0 grams. Read more...
This beautiful ring has unique trillion black and white diamond clusters. The center gemstone is a natural black diamond that is approx. 4.8-5mm. The side stones are round white diamonds and the ring is crafted in 14k gold. Read more...


Is black diamond a real diamond?

The realness of a black diamond will depend on the type of black diamond. There are naturally occurring black diamond stone that occur naturally and are real. Other black diamond stones may be formed from heating natural colorless diamonds. There are also other artificially produced black diamonds known as simulant black diamonds.

What does a black diamond engagement ring mean?

Black diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning. These elegant rings symbolize strength, power, passion and authority. These attributes make the black diamond engagement ring an excellent choice for an engagement ring, not to mention how unique these rings are. Black is associated with negative things but when it comes to this ring, it’s all positive.

Are black diamond engagement rings bad luck?

Black diamonds are associated with either good or bad, depending on which part of the world you are in. There was a belief in Italy that if a couple that was married touched a black diamond, it would attract good fortune towards them as the stone would absorb all their troubles. In India however, it was believed that these stones would bring death because they look like a spider’s eye.


Black diamonds have outdone themselves, even earning a place as coveted stones on engagement rings. These stones look amazing on a ring and they are also quite durable and long lasting. A diamond has a score of 10 on the Mohs scale, which means that it is a tough stone that can withstand scratches and can be worn every day. The vulnerability of diamonds comes from the fact that they have some fractures that can be weak points for breakages. When cleaning this stone, avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaners and instead go for warm water and a soft brush.