Best Wooden Wedding Rings: Does It Fit Your Style?


Written by Rachel


If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring but do not want the traditional precious metal rings, consider the best wooden wedding rings available today.

Are Wooden Wedding Rings Right For You?

Like their platinum or gold wedding ring counterparts, wooden wedding rings are an excellent choice for couples who want a unique piece of jewelry. While they could be usually cheaper than their metal counterparts, wooden rings for men and women allows couples to have a stronger connection with nature. 
Crafted from a piece of wood that grew from a seed to a tree that survived storms, wooden wedding rings are an excellent symbol of strength and life. They are amazing metaphors for relationships of individuals who took the big leap to live as one. 

When looking for the perfect wooden ring, couples should consider several factors. You have to ask whether the ring is made just of wood or combined with another material such as metal. Shop around for the best wooden wedding rings that look good on your skin tone, fit your personality, and match your lifestyle.

Just like traditional wedding rings that you will find in reputable jewelers such as James Allen, Clean Origin, and Blue Nile, your best option is to find retailers and artists who craft their wooden wedding rings following the best standards of quality and ethical practices. Go for retailers that are transparent about their process and offer good customer service and aftersales.

Pros and Cons Of Wooden Wedding Rings

If you are looking into your choice of wedding rings and are on the fence about wooden wedding rings, here are some pros and cons:

Pro: Shows a Connection With Nature

Wearing a wooden ring will catch some eyes, and people will know how you are connected to the nature. Your wooden ring can help you tell the story of its origins just like how you and your partner fell in love and grew together.

Pro: Sustainability

Wooden wedding rings are eco-friendly. There are a lot of rings in the market that are made from recycled wood or repurposed from wood that is often just discarded. Your wooden wedding ring shows that you’ve made a “greener” choice.

Pro: Hypoallergenic

While some people are allergic to metal, wooden rings are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. They’re a great option for people with hypersensitive skin.

Con: Vulnerable To Damage

While wood can give these wedding rings a certain character, that’s also why many couples don’t pick them. While most wooden wedding bands are quite tough, they are still made from wood and can be prone to dents, chips, or scratches. However, wooden rings can easily be reconditioned and repaired if needed.

Con: Not Easily Resized 

If you get wooden wedding rings, ensure you get the perfect fit. Most wooden rings are not easily resized. Most will only allow small adjustments, while others cannot be resized at all.

Con: Can Be Damaged By Chemicals

Most wooden wedding bands are sealed using epoxy or CA glue. These materials can protect the rings well but can still be damaged by certain solvents, sanitizers, or chemicals formulated to remove them. This is why it’s best to remove your wooden ring if you will do some extensive cleaning or other activities that may expose it to chemicals.

Are Wooden Rings Durable?

Any ring has the potential to bend and break. While often considered fragile, the best wooden wedding rings can be worn daily. The durability of the wooden rings depends on the type of wood used, the design, and the care it receives.

You have several choices if you are looking for the perfect wooden wedding ring for men and wooden ring for women.

What Are The Best Wooden Wedding Rings Made Of?

Wooden wedding rings can be made using various materials. 

Solid Wooden Wedding Ring

Rings crafted from hardwood come with beautiful colors and amazing patterns that add to the overall look of the wedding band. Some popular choices include maple, oak, ash, walnut, elm, pine, cedar, birch, and willow.

Some couples also pay attention to the symbolic meaning of the wood used for their wedding rings. For example, oak means courage and strength, while maple represents generosity. Others follow the concept of birthwood, just like birthstones are assigned to birth months.

Bentwood Wedding Ring

Wooden wedding ring makers also use bentwood to form a more durable ring. Bentwood consists of many layers of wood that are bonded together. Bentwood wedding rings are thinner than the clunky solid wood wedding ring, making them ideal if you plan to wear them daily.

Wood Inlay

Some of the most popular wooden wedding rings today are wood inlay rings. These are wooden rings reinforced with more enduring materials such as titanium, tungsten, or ceramic. These materials are cheap and lightweight but make the rings more durable.

How To Care For Wooden Wedding Rings

How you will care for a wooden wedding ring will really depend on what it’s made of and what finish was used on them. Ask the seller for special care instructions to ensure you do not damage the ring. Here are some practical tips to ensure you don’t damage your wooden ring and make them last as long as traditional rings made of metal:

1. Wooden rings can get wet and withstand exposure to regular hand-washing. However, it is best to remove them if they will be exposed to water for long periods, such as when you are taking a bath, swimming, or washing the dishes.

2. Likewise, taking the wooden ring off is best before placing cosmetics on your hands. The chemicals in hair sprays, gel, or hand lotion may affect the ring’s integrity.

3. Remember that while the wooden wedding bands are sealed, they are still prone to scratches, dents, and chipping. If you’ll be hitting the gym or doing other high-impact activities, it’s best to take them off to avoid bumps and impacts that can damage them.

4. Have your wooden wedding rings checked for damages or defects annually. Ask the help of experts to recondition and reseal the wood as necessary to keep them looking amazing.


Wooden wedding rings are an excellent alternative to traditional wedding rings. They are unique and can help you tell a story, but they’re not for everyone.

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