Baguette Diamond Engagement Rings – Examples & Buying Guide


Written by Emily


A Baguette diamond refers to a diamond that is narrow, elongated, and rectangular in form. These diamonds can be virtually square-shaped, although they’re most often long and narrow, with a length-to-width ratio of approximately 5:1. Baguette diamond rings can have tapering edges that curve in or straight edges that form a flawless rectangle. They are classified as either “straight” or “tapered.”

Classical diamond cuts typically have more than 50 facets, but baguette-shaped diamonds have just 14 facets. Because they are mostly tiny, they are frequently side stones in wedding rings, eternity bands, and engagement rings. Baguettes are a type of Step Cut that also comprises Asscher and Emerald Cuts.

The Art Deco era in the 1920s is when the baguette diamond was introduced. The baguette diamond has a historical sentimentality that is very appealing, reminiscing the Roaring Twenties. It was given the name after a French baguette because of its elongated rectangular form. The iconic elegance of this ring is ageless, and it is a diamond shape that can never go out of style.

Care and maintenance for a baguette diamond are in the same manner that you would care for any other diamond. Select a quality setting and keep it clean with jewelry cleaning or warm water and soap. Because baguettes have pointing corners, you’ll need to ensure the corners are covered while they’re set.

Choosing Baguette Diamond Rings

When looking to purchase a Baguette diamond ring, there are several elements to consider. When using them as side stones, among the most essential things to consider is the color. Make sure that the hue of the baguette stones complements that of the central stone. A baguette with a similar color grade would seem whiter compared to that of a brilliant cut. 

Color and clarity

Pick a good color grade that is a bit higher if you’re putting a Baguette beside a brilliant-cut to ensure there is really no obvious distinction. Nevertheless, the color grade must not be too high that it downplays the central stone. The clarity of a baguette does not have to be perfect, but it should be clean to the eye. Inclusions and flaws will be more visible because of the high surface area.

It is also important to think about the Baguette placement in the setting. Baguettes are much more easily broken or displaced in more exposed situations, thus a more secure placement may be better for durability.

The cut

When it comes to baguette diamond stones, clarity and cut are also very important. Baguette diamonds need fewer cuts compared to other diamond cuts. This stone has just 14 facets, which necessitates extreme accuracy. You could get away with a reduced clarity with many other diamond cuts since the numerous facets assist to hide flaws, but this may not be the case for baguette diamonds. 

Best Place To Buy Baguette Diamond Rings 

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Baguette-cut Diamond Rings vs. Emerald-cut Diamond Rings 

You could see a resemblance between a baguette-cut diamond and an emerald-cut diamond. There are however distinctions between these two rectangular step-cuts, despite the fact that they are both rectangular shaped and are long step-cuts. Baguettes contain 14 facets, whereas emerald cuts have 50-58. Baguettes are shorter and thinner than emerald cuts, and they don’t have cut corners. Emerald shapes are renowned center stones and come in greater carat weights, whilst baguettes are often smaller accessory stones. Because a Baguette has fewer facets than an Emerald, it has less luster, and flaws in the diamond stone tend to be way more visible.

Baguette Diamond Ring Metal Options 

Choose a white metal such as palladium, platinum, or white gold for a clean, colorless sheen. Such bright metals bring out the sparkle in the diamond without overwhelming it or changing its color. If you’d like to warm it up, go for a traditional appearance, and yellow gold would be the ideal standard for this. This is a popular choice for solitaires and stones in uncommon cuts such as the baguette shape. If you want your ring’s metal to make a statement, choose rose gold.

Common Setting Styles for Baguette Diamond Rings 

In a 3 stone arrangement, baguette diamonds make excellent side stones. The ideal diamond and setting will highlight the main stone and result in a stunning diamond ring. The majority of rings with Baguette diamonds are placed horizontally, with one on each side attracting emphasis to the main stone. Tapered Baguettes, with the thin end pointed away from the central stone, are very popular in this kind of ring. Channel set baguette diamond rings look great with these diamonds as embellishments. This is a sleek and stylish setting, with tiny diamonds placed into the metal heading up to the main stone.

Beautiful Examples of Baguette Diamond Rings

Baguette diamond rings are available in a variety of forms and styles. Because these rings come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they may be available in a variety of designs. Although most people love certain shapes and sizes of baguette diamonds, the diamond stone you pick for your wedding ring or engagement ring should be based on your personal tastes and interests. Here are some of our favorite baguette diamond rings that we think you’ll adore.

This timeless engagement ring features an emerald-cut center stone and two tapered baguette diamond stones on each side of it. The diamond has an average weight of 0.30 carat, an average color of G-H and an average clarity of VS1-VS2. The band is 2mm wide and is crafted in 14k rose gold. Read more...
This exceptional ballerina engagement ring features 4 diamond center stones that form the center of the ring, with an average total carat weight of 0.08 carat. The vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring has additional Tapered Baguette diamonds that form a halo around the center stone, with an average total weight of 0.47 carat. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features 10 Baguette diamonds in a channel setting at the center. The diamonds have an average total carat weight of 0.70, an average color G-H, and average clarity VS2-SI1. the band of this ring is 2.6mm wide and is fashioned in 18k white gold. Read more...
This fascinating diamond engagement ring features a round, princess-cut, or cushion-cut diamond as the center stone. The 2.6mm wide band of the ring is crafted in 14k rose gold and has 10 baguette-shaped diamonds lining it up. with a total carat weight of 0.70, an average color G-H and Average Clarity VS2-SI1. Read more...
This lovely engagement ring features an emerald cut center stone that is flanked by two tapered baguette side stones on each side. The baguette side stones have an average total weight of 0.30, an average color G-H, and an average clarity VS1-VS2. The band is fashioned in 18k yellow gold and has a width of 2mm. Read more...
This brilliant engagement ring has a sophisticated feel to it. The beautiful and stunning inner halo is composed of alternating baguette and round diamonds. It is also encircled by an octagonal frame of only round brilliant diamonds. The 2mm wide ring is crafted in 14k yellow gold. Read more...
This exceptional engagement ring features a center stone of your choice, flanked by two tapered baguette side stones on each side. The diamonds have a 0.30 total weight, Average Color G-H, and Average Clarity of VS1-VS2. The 2mm wide band of the ring is crafted in platinum metal. Read more...


Are baguettes real diamonds?

Yes, baguettes are real diamonds. A Baguette diamond is a diamond that is narrow, elongated, and rectangular in form, with only 14 facets.  Because they are typically tiny, they are frequently utilized as side stones in wedding rings, eternity bands, and engagement rings.

Why are baguette diamonds so expensive?

When looking for a baguette diamond ring, you may find that it may cost as much as a two-carat or even three-carat diamond ring. Since baguettes are more challenging to cut from the rough diamond stone and get sizes that match, they may end up being rather costly.

Do baguette-cut diamonds sparkle?

If you do decide on a baguette diamond as your center stone, have in mind that it will not be as dazzling as other trendy shapes like emerald or round cut diamonds. Inclusions, as well as color defects, are more noticeable on baguette diamond rings because they don’t shine as much.


Baguette diamonds are much more susceptible than other diamond cuts hence break more easily. They’re usually long and flat, having a lot of exposed surface area. Should the diamond be struck, it is more likely to shatter, break, or come free. They are particularly prone to damage because of their square corners. As a result, Baguettes are frequently placed in channel settings, in which they are more protected. They serve mostly as accent diamonds, and they look great with nearly any cut. Baguettes are a less expensive alternative to framing a band with high-quality diamonds for adding volume to a ring. Brilliant-cut Baguettes diamonds do exist, and they may compete with any other common diamond cut.