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Buying an engagement ring is the craziest buying decision you’ll face.

Most men have never bought jewelry. But they’re about to spend the most money they have ever spent on a piece of jewelry. And it’s for someone else. Oh, and it’s usually a secret.

So if you are feeling lost, that is OK. RingGoals.com was built to help you through this process.

We’re here to help.

Hi, I’m Jim. I created RingGoals.com because I found the process of buying an engagement ring confusing.

The process of buying an engagement ring was convoluted, confusing, and simply had too much information. And it was expensive.

In my engagement ring buying process, I did ample offline and online research and educated myself about different ring types, diamonds, and designs. This website distills that information into an easy-to-follow engagement ring buying guide. I want to help others knock the engagement ring-buying process out of the park.

Here are some of the questions we help to answer on the site:

  1. What kind of ring would my finance love and be proud to wear?
  2. How much should an engagement ring cost me and why?
  3. How was I going to finance and insure the ring?
  4. What are Lab Grown diamonds and are they legit?
  5. Can I buy an engagement ring online?

We hope you find the answers you need.

If you’d like to get in touch for some 1-1 guidance, please reach out to us below.

Founder, RingGoals.com

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